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„TAl-AWIDEXT. -W itliiri the last few (Jays nflcrrrrfd ,ii iias plunged* the family of—Gibtiorisv Esq. India-rqad, Into the deepest/ sfiwe ataiffictiort. Mr. James Gibbons, the son of 4'he alw>ve geHjleman, accompanied by ms^jpo-- tlier^ weift oiii 'for Hfhe purpose ofenjoyuig a (Jay s sporting, when, fiirbiis%.some1iiea«Jtious maitage- meUt, his fow-liBgl- piece went i>ff, and lodge* is contents in MrVi&ibbons's body. He was imtse- diate 1 y removed"10 his father Ss wliere he liogeied for i few davs, at iehglh expirwl, p ,n An inqnTsition has been since taken^t;the Com- mercial Coffee-house, Poplar, before J. >V. Unw^ii, the Coroner, on view-of the-dec«awd^ jf'ury„«oTOl«tiH|f of (he most respeUnble parishioners, after being empannelled, u, view Wie body: It presented srng Spcc(aele.> The principal part •_ n.? together with the waddmir, having arm-ptf, and passed through the. shoulde., left a wound of rather an extensive nature au _'l orifice of which was nearly of the a oennv-niece. Many ofthe shot, which w» rt or the description usually tenned No. 4., off the shoulder bone, leaving an openin, thi(Hig_ which the finger might be introduced, and the- felt. On their return from this melancholy, though necessary part gf tilair dut,y, tbe following eu r dence was produced as accounting for the me-j lancholy catastrophe j William Gibbons examined—I am brother to the deceased, and was ill COltIlHHry with liima't lit)otlt (),Clocli ill itie fol-elloon Ott 'iat F day week; we were then in the garden opposite, 111(0 parfsh church. The deceased had then a loaded fowling-piece with him for the purpose of shooting, .liestopped for a few moments, and rested j its but-end on his toe, and placed its muzzle tinder Itis left arm. Tie was not in this position very IOIl,wht'n wl\s¡ilnnudl hyHw IlHlIll't'¡lOrt of ¡'J¡" g'nfi, aiid the (Iw.eased exclaiming, Oh, ihy Goil, 1 atri shot; run, William for assistance- I illlln(¡}iált'\I:y nUl 'for It surgeon. In the irwai-i. time he was conveyed to an adjoining house, frorrf: whence, after (he surgeon had seen him, he was removed to his father's. He lingered until last Monday, when he expired. wit., -,Illy person near 'him at the time? —No one was nearer than myself. it' n i-tir- o -far were you froni liim-^Close to his elbow, v Juror—Can vou swear thai no one puiled the trigger, and thus caused its discharge?—I caii. 1 ul-o r '-NVhat kind of a gun was it?—A very •good one, Another of t'll ej ii ry liere observed, tlmf the gun was not his own property, but that hehad merely borrowed it for the day's amusement. ■ The witness, in reply to some furl her questions, said that the deceased had loaded the gun himself,: and had since the. accident dectarettailtt it Was- onlv half cocked. .Mr. Ilenf'y Baall evamined-I am a surgeon, and reside in High-srteel, Poplar. On EI'idy week last I vvas called on to attend the deceased; hAd received a wound in the shoulder whicli l dressed. I cmilinuedto attend* him nhtil he died. 1 have no doubt the woulldh receiveel was the cause of his death. V. TlieCoroner here suipmed uptheevidence, and the Jury, without hesitation, returned a Verdict dt Accidental Death." "—



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