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COMPENDIOUS NOTICES. His Majesty, unattended by any iiiilitary es- córt, ca:Ul! t this tOlViJ Thursday. to iilspct th new. building of the palace in St. James's park, dined at IveW., and 'returned' to Windsor ii, tlie- evening.— Duke of York returned to Nevvmarket yesterday, after a week's shooting with Mr. Tfhornhill at Riddl-esworth* and at Euston Park. -I,ol.(i Chancellor dined with His Majesty Wed- nesday.—Orders for the Court going into a fort- night's mourning for the King of, B.ivaria gazet- ted Saturday.—King of the Netherlands has ap- pointed a Consul General for Chili.A vessel from Buenos Ayres brings news that all was peaceable there, (he Brazilians having retired from the roads of the Itio Plate.— Present state of Greece unpromising, owing, as is said, to speculation in the late loan—the army murmur-: ing for arrears or pay, the navy mutinous for in- crease 01 Wagtis. and the Government complain- ing of wantof funds—French journals now pay great attention to Irish affairs-statistical details respecting Church property, and the proportious of Catholic and Protestant population are noticed with accurate minuteness.—An American fleet. commanded by CoiniiiOdore Rogers, consisting of the North Carolina, of 104 guns, the Constitu- tion frigate, and the Ontario corvette, arrived aii NapolC Iihult. and welcomed with great en- Aliusiiisisi by. Greek Authorities, who had gone, Oil board: the Commodore.— Llo yd s Hooks ex-, hibit disastrous accounts of loss and damage done to the shipping by late steam- packet (see last page) sunk within 183. yards of shore, in 171failtoilits prol)osel; to raise. her—the body of Captain Sutherland found Tues- day, and buried Thursday;,with military honors.. —The Herald yacht from Quebec brings informa- tion lhaUencorl1 vessels were loading-there, for England, but the crop was liglit,, iind hence no. Urge exports were Lowtlier a 11 aw Lndiaiixan of first class, launched'at Def^t-' ford Saturday.—Ilecta, Captain Parry, paired Gravesend Friday, for De'ptfoid —N > improve- ment .jn the British Funds last week.—-Consols- heavy, at ST^Eye.ry description of Snaresilown —A;newilfouiance, by late Airs. J^adcli'ffe,* au- lei flit, J[})lê'¡Îcsof'(j'do!}jlïQ_, Ronicthcc of^'thr Forest, & £ c." ^b;o.uY to be I)u o a good look', out.— Marquis of DourttV; s&rt to^ Duke' of .Wellington", when pj.rtjte,' 'isbe^- come,a .Candidate for Hants'.—C?olbrit?l*M'acqurai of Ridgiiotit Park, intends offering' himself-fcrr' BedfordsiiirC, in opposition to Marqais of Tavis-' tock.~CoN^ENiEfJT BitioTrtV.—-TWo Frfnch Cures lately refused rites of, biirial two young women, on the ground that one had not beenihar- ried in .church, and the grave of the other was too near the windows of his own house !—Fever has been- very rife in Bucks and Beds lately, to which great numbers had fallen victims—Ayles- bury. gaol has not escaped—It is frequently ac- companied with c$eliriuiK.—Five hundred men now constantly employed on the imprbvementsat Wind- sof .Castle.—A JRW THE UKTTER CniiisTiAN;—A monstrous caricature exhibited iii shop window, witli inscriptions, A God for a shil- ling Jews and''Christians be.hoVd* your God and other impious designation: indigiiahtly torn topiecesFriday,nndthewindowbroi;HnbyMr. Moses EH.as Levi, of Sloan-streei—Mr. Levi takt. 6 to Guildhall, paid 17s. expenceis, and threatened an indictment for a blaspliemous libel. -A gang of swindlers, under the Captaincy of a 'Mr. Stanley de Courcy Ireland, mid a Mr. ..Pohsonby, have been carrying on some swindHng pra.nks .in G loucester-place—their houses' ijitted up wi,th every material for carrying on a snccess- .ful'war. On tradesmen, &c.— a letter.' said t'o be from Mr. Martin of G.alwayi" coiifirniatory of Iheland's respectability,' srlenced iill'suspicioil in I the landlord—the parties Were accidentally blown, and decamped without beat of drum, to the serious loss of many resp«^r4bie tradesmen, t;


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