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- JET STF,,A)l V,L,


JET STF,,A)l V,L To the EDITOH Q/ the NORTH WALES GAZETTE. Ma. P.niroii, .Ti! accounts given of the loss of lives occa- sioned by the sinking of the Comet Steam Ves- sel, is strikingly melancholy. Sixty or seventy passengers lost within a quarter of a mile of) the shore, ill -,i moderate moon-liglit nigh I., is dreadful to contemplate particularly when you take into consideration (judging by the accounts published) that they might most of them at least have been saved, if the vessels had been provided with suit- able boats, and good old-fashioned English Jack Tars. I, Sir, have gone some thousand miles by Steam Boats—I have admired the astonishing in- genuity of man, who by these unnatural means, (if I may be allowed the expression) forces a ves- sel on in spite of wind and tide, but at the same time I have always lamented hÚ temerity; for I have constantly observed, that in-this kind of Vessel, dependant upon machinery, at all I,iable to and helpless' i/t -the extreme i whenever accident does occur, there is less appa- rent care taken in regard to boats and sailors, than on board an other vessel of the same.mayniliide.— Examine four out of and you wilt fihd one ordinary boat, and a crew not having to boast two, or at most three ie re- maitider not deserving that honourable appela- tion.) It seems as if anytlfi% would do for a Steamer. NoV, Sir, my oiii-nio,,i is, ttikt, cluing the injury these Steamers ri(i to e Trade of England, that ancuManrl niolsi iyllltitble nursery, of our of them cirnrdo, Is. to take especial care uot Anly to provide at least, three good and sutficient bo^ts to i) tit at.all! ti.'ftes -.t&> gj ve the prefgr, ence to exjierienixd 'seamen, who' ^buld .• be able to render; effectiyu assistance in case pf n'efed* and not piit4he ji^lm .to'jar'boardv when starboaVd' might saVe thd lives, of the passengers, which inexperienced man may verj probably do, when gurprtsed by ueexpected danger. AVJiy.have all Steamers-staunchions on each, quarter, and'alsb one over the stern; for boats, if they do npt mean to carry them ? I sincerely wish it were imperative upon th^m to do so. In the lainentabre instance now bafore us, the moment one boat> was upset, all hopes of escape was crl lost; had there i),een three" boats instead of one. .the same confusioncot}\d not.liaye^aken place— .and many, many valuable, li ves, might have lieep. preserved,, tf tius subject was ofice:talfen. :into serious consideration, I should hope that the lives of SO or 100 people would never, be allowed to depend for safety on one hoat-Nay, 1, have been informed that frÚm500 to 700 people^have actu- ally been? conveyed froin Ireland in one Steamer this very year repekteftly with one, and at most two small bdats on board. Surely the interests of the Proprietors them- selves ought to point out thejmproprietv of this—■ If it does not, I would recommend His Majes- ty's Ministers 10 take it into Consideration. -• FLEETWOOD WILLIAMS. '2dh October, IS*i.3. > Would there be any difficulty in bringing le- gislative authority to bear upon thij point ? j poll Stage Coaches are not aUov^fel tOf tdrry ibovt a -certain 0 it tsidft- T6* 'pfeftetft" accidtçWhY might hot Steahi V^ejs be eoiiir peUed to carry a celi-,taiii, boats accord- < ing to the tonnage and number of passengers— the lives of His- Majesty's' subjects ,ar<j equally.' concerned in both cases. J



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