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Os Sunday last arrived his Majesty's 1. V. sloop of "r the Sparrowhawk. Captain Ro- bert Smart.from the A-te(lit,rr, Id 6ir, tnean station to be paid off. She.left Smyrna the 7th, and Malta the 21stot September, The last information' received at Smyrna of the uni- ted Turkish, Egyptian and Algerine fleet, was, that they had all; gone to Alexandria, under the command ot the Captain Pacha, to obtain a reinforcement of troops. Alalto- met Ali, the Pacha of Egypt, had shewn himself so lukewarm in the cause of the Porte against the Greeks, that it was uri- de-slo'otl the Captain Pacha had hecu in- structed to docoy him oil to his ship,and 51 1'111' C( d, .i c 1, either to be or earned off.to Constantinople, lho.sh.ps were iVll in a bad State, and at Alexandria means could not be found to tn,om' 1 "e I .XH'MI force ot the Greeks was re- »THETIT' fleet, in their Mmn to recotmncce Imstih- ties in tlie: contest for (lie possesion of tl>e Mown. TlieEgvptiiM tercein .the Jlorea, under Ihraliim Paciia (sonot tlie V jeeiuv ot U,v-t), is^iimatoJ at 10,000 men. lie had lost great numbers by sickness,, and lus stragglers mid foragers are constant y en -off by the neighbouring partisans. All the sick left it with the troops sta- tioned there for their protection, have lately been massacred to a man. The l urks-re- cently made an irruption-into Livadia, but being blockaded by the. Greek ships, these operations were necessarily suspended. A great number of French offlcew arc in the employ ol the Tmk> and Egyptians.- A few Kngluh. ,r, < in the Greek service, and only one in the KgyptiaTi, a surgeon, who was sent out to the Greeks, in charge of a large, ipiantity of medicines, provided for them by some Quakers in this country he had-been subsequently induced by large re- ward to enter into Ibrahim Pacha's service. -—The Sparrovvbawkcottveyed to Zante the English Captain Trelnwney, who look re- fug" with his brother-in-law Odysseus, front the revenge of the Greeks, in the fortified cave on the summit of Mount Parnassus. A treacherous attempt had been made by two fellows, employed by the Greeks, to as- sassinate him, for, having betrayed their cause. He was shot in the back; one ball passed out; in the front ofhis shoulder, by which he lost the use of his arm, and another passed through his neck and came out of his mouth. 'It

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