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I ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLE BY AUCTION, AT BODORGAN, On Wednesday ana Thursday, the 16th and 17th days of November, 182o, SEVERAL FIR POLES, SYCAMORE, BE ECU. and other TREES, and SAM- PLINGS, cut down, and made into sm ill Lots, fit for general purposes and great many of the lat- ter are we!l adapted for Wears. The Sale to begin at It o'clock each day. Anglesey Hunt. THE COMPTROLLER hopes to be fa- f_ voured with the Company of the Members at the Bull's Head Inn, in Beaumaris* ou Mon- day Evening, the 7th day of November. 'I SIR DAVID ERSKINE, BART. COMPTROLLER. N.B. Balls on Tuesday and Thursday— Procession and Ordinary on Wednesday. Pwll-y-crochon, October ~2lth, IS,,15. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TH AT Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for making and main- taining a Rail-Way or Tram-Road, with proper works and conveniences for the passage of wag- gons, carts, and other carriages, from the extre- mity of a certain Piece of Land called Frith Maenferain, part of a certain Messuage and Farm, Called Maenferain, situate in the parish of Festi- niog, in the county of Merioneth, to Portmadoc, and the harbour thereof, in the parish of Ynys- cynhaiarn. in the county of Carnarvon; which said Rail-Way arid Tram-Road will pass. or ia intended to pass, from, through, and ill'O tile se- veral parishes of Festiuiog, Maerstwrog, Llan- decwyil, Llanfihangel-y-traethau, Ilahfrothan, rthd LllllHlanwg", or some of them, all in the said County of Merioneth and the several parishes of Vspytti levari, Penniaclino, Dolwyddelan, and Yriyscynhdiarn.. Or sttrtie of them, ii, the said tidunty of Carnarvon. i: Dated this tenth day of Odfbher, One Tliousaiki, Eight Ituadred. and Twenty-five. H. U. WILLIAMS, Solicitor for the Bill. Baiigvr, Carnarvonshire, ■" TO BE LET, For a Term of Fonr OT Seven Years, And Entered upon on the Thirtieth of November Hext, THE MANSION-HOUSE OF GORPIIWYSFAj WITH a. GARDEN, well stocked with Fruit Trees and about Thirty Acres of Pasture LAÑ U, in the highest state of culti. vation. The House is situated within a quafter of a mile of the stiipefidous Suspension Bridge, (now nearly erected, and shortly to be opened for com- munication) over the straits of Menai; and con- sists on the ground Floor, of a North and South Entrance Hall Drawing-room, 25 feet 9 inches by 20 feet 0 inches; Dining-room, 25 feet 1} inches by 17 feet 11 inches; Study, 23 feet 0 inches by 13 feetS inches Kitchen, (with a com- plete hew Fire Rtjnge) 18 feet by 18 feet; Ser- vants' Hall; Butler's Pantry, Brew-house. Laun- dry, Stiire-rooiiis, &c. with extensive Cellaring below. Nine excellent and commodious Bed- rboitlS, find Two Water Closets on the first floor and Five godd lied-rooms in the Attics. The Out-buildings consist of an excellent Six Stalled Stable, a commodious Coach-house, and other suitable conveniences. Mr. Richard Owe-n, the Gardeiier, at Gor- phwysfa, will shew the Premises; and further particulars may be had on application to Mr. JOHN IIUGHES; Sblicitoi-; Bangor. DENBIGHSHIRE Freehold Estates. TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, At the Eagle* Inn, in the Town, of Llnnrwst, itt the County qj Denbigh, 1 on Tiu'stii't!, the (i I h ddil (if December next, between the oj three afid Jour o'clock ia the Keening of ifie same day, in the following or such other Lots as shall be thell, agreed upon, and subject to conditions then to be prodvberl— Lots. Tenements. Tenants. Acreage. A. R. P. 1. Bedw Robin Humphrey Jones 14 0 0 2. Bryulhydd Hugh Jones 17 2 17 3. Tan-y-bryn David Wynne 2 33 4. Pant-y-fynnon Hugh Williams 7 3 27 o. Gh-aig, &c. Mr. J.Davies.&cv 18 3 3 (}. Ffrithoedd ? », „ „ Ceftigwyn J M|S-Jones 29 2 9 7. Troed y R'hiw Mrs. Roberts 0 2 38 8. Morfarhyd y Edward Parry, Pwll, Cambwll, David Jones, (77 21 and Gwerglodd-^ Mrs. Roberts, ( hendre, } and others. ) 9. Gwern Bowis William Davies 45 0 31 10. Pennant-ucha David Davies S23 38 11. Newlnclo-i sure attached C Ditto ditto 173 2 1 to the last Lot 5 The above Farms is detached, and are situate in the parish of Eglwysfach, in the County of Denbigh. The several Tenants will shew the Premises, and further particulars may be had on reference to All-. JOHN Hutiuijsf Solicitor Bangor To be Let, Furnished, OR IF FOR A TERU, UNFUIINISTIED, And Entered upon in SPRING next, or 13th MAY, riNITAT much-admired Mansion, called TY- J- NEWYDD, in the parish of Llanystvncjjry, in the county of Carnarvon, consisting of Two goOd Parlours, Five Bed-rooms, Garrets, Ser- vants' ITall, Kitchen, Braw-house, Cellar, and Dairy, with other attached Buildings there are also good Stabliilg; Coach-house, Cow-houses, Barn, and good walled Garden. The House stands on gently rising ground. from which the south aspect commands a most pleasing prospect of Cardigan Bay and the Me- rionethshire hills. The Market and Post Town of Pwllheli is distant eight miles six from Tre- madoe, and eighteen fron Carnarvon. The T- nant may be accommodated with 42 acres of Land. Applications to be made, if byletter post paid, to Mr. JOHN JONES, on the Premises. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT application will be made to Parlia- j ment at the next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for making and maintaining a Rail-Way or Tram-Road, with all the proper works and conveniences attached and belonging thereto, for the passage of Waggons, Carts, and other Car- riages, from" the extremity of a certain Waste or Common, called Moclwyn, situate andlyillg in the several parishes of Ffestiniog and Llanfro- then. or one of them, in the County of Merioneth, to Port Madoc, and the Harbour thereof, in the parish of Ynyscynhanarn, in the County of Car- narvon which said Rail-Way or Tram-Road will pass, or is intended to pass, from, through, and into the several parishes of Ffestiniog, Maentwrog, Llanfrotiien, Llanfihangel-y-traeth- au, Llandeckvvyn, and the liaiiilet or Naiitiiior, or some of them, in the said County of Merioneth and the several parishes of Beddgelert, Llanfi- hangel-y-Penant ,Peiiraorfa, and Ynyscynhanarn, in the said County of Carnarvon. Dated this Nineteenth day of October, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Twenty-Five, A NEW SHAVER oft, SECOND EXPEIITMKNT. A MONKEY —who shaving ifrst tried on himself, And cutting h is jowl—the nuiihicvous elf Resolv'd to embrace opportunity pat, Alid operate next on the beard of the Cat! The place of a Mirror adapted to suit, There stood in the ro(nn then a high polished rióot; In which Warrens Jet, of pre-eminent hue, Dlsplaijd the fine forms of refection o view. Nt»v ticking poor Puss, to the bright Boot he bore hil"; The Monkey, her Shadow then, gleaming before her, And answerd her struggles with chatter and' blnll's Her phis while he s6(ij)(1, from, her ears to her nose. The Cat, thus essaying in vain at resistance And viewing, in pitijul plaint, for assistance; With wonder the saire operation now saw Perfornid in, or shewn by the Jet of eclat! In front of the Boot then, o, if to explain it The method of shaving, how best to attain, it, The act interspersing with grim and grimace, The Ape clear <1 the Cat of each hair on her face And strange though it seenis, yet the frolicsome cle Was much mdre successful with Puss than himself The Shaver adroitly concluding his scraping, The Shav d with the loss oj her whiskers escaping. Ihv Monkey, in triumph, the parlou r now sought And Cat and bright noot to it company brought, Who saw what this Barber hAd then been about, And háil"d his essay n'ih a i-aptiti-otts shout OJ mirthjnl surprise—the strange incident baclcitig The merits oj Warren's unparalleled Blacking. This Easy Shining;and Brilliant Blacking pitKPAUiii) nY Robert Warren 30, STRAND; LONDON: AND SOLD IIY Bangor. DENMAN, HUOIIES Beaumaris; LLROADIIICAD ROBERTS PAiiiiv JONES GRIFFITH Bo(?Pdei-n.. *IZOBERTS Carnarvon.. OWEN JONES ROBERTS LLOYD PARRY TUFF* Amlwch. ROBERTS ROVSSSTON IIolyhead .JON F. S OWEN IIlKiHES IliciiAn PwUhdi.Vu,i JAMS Denbigh .ENVVAUDS Llancrchy- ) medd. | GRIFFITH Llanrwst.THOMAS EDWADS Conway.GARNER ROBERTS JONES Abergele.ROBERTS HUGHES ÐWIES St. Asaph. DAVIES < ) U'K X HIH;¡¡ES ROHERTS 1107 Uailsaillljd. \V ILI.J A.MS Bala .DAVIES Chester. POOLE Pent rev oylas— THOMAS. And Sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, 6:1. lOd. 12d. and isd. each. Also PASTE BLACKING, in Pots, 6d. 9. Is. and lSd. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling, bottles of Liquid {^ASLV FOR YYAUREK'S BLACKING CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY Y <\ i li US JIT a General Meeting of the Governors of the CARTXARVOXFTHINIS and ANGLE- SEY DISPEXSARY, held at tlte Ditsepeit- sary, on the 2bth of Ot-tober, 1825, hnngvhe. Sixteenth Annicersary of the Jitititution THE VERY REV. THE DEAN OF BANGOR, IN THE CHAIR. THE ACCOUNTS of the INSTITUTION were examined and approved of. RESOLVEO, That the thanks of the Governors be presented to the President, Treasurer, Chairman, and Gert- Lli-tilen of file Coiiii-iiittee, for their support and attention to the interests of this Institution. That the thanks of the Governors be presented to Dr. MASON, for his disinterested and long con- tinued attention to this Institution, and skilful and humane treatment of the numerous niedical patients applying for relief. "Iso to Mr. ROUKRTS, of Bangor, and Mr. WILLIAMS,of Llangefni, Surgeons, for their con- stant care and professional assistance. And to Mr. PUGHE, House Apothecary, for his cardul and punctual discharge of his duty; and that his Salary be increased from XSO to 100 Guineas, to remunerate him for his additional trouble, and to meet the expences of his weekly attendance at the Branch Dispensary, at Llan- geftil That the night Hort. Lord Boston he requested to accept the situation of President for the ensu- ing year, and that the Lord Bishop he requested to cOTrlnHlnicate the same to his Lordship. That Sir David Erskine, Bart. be requested to accept the situation of Treasurer. That the Gentlemen of the Committee he con- tinued in their office, and that the name of C. Gil- more, Esq. be added to their number. That the absence of the Lord Bishop is most sincerely lamented, and the Meeting beg to ex- press the high sense they entertain of his Lord- ship's ilni-eiiiitled attention to the welfare of the Institution. JOHN WARREN, Chairman. The Very Rev. the Dean of Bangor having left the Chair, the thanks of the Meeting were present- ed to liim for the unremitted attention he has given to theinterests of tke Dispensary. That these Resolutions be inserted in the Wales Gazette. Signed, by brder df the Meeting, o ROBERT PUGtiE, ——— SEC it ETA nr. STATE OF THE DISPENSARY ACCOUNT, ON THE Twenty-fifth of October, 1825. 3 per Cent. Red. Stock, ^1900 0 0 Arrears of Subscriptions.. £ 26 4< 0 Amount oflinlance of last Report.; 15 S 7 Donations & Subscriptions received } .Jn~ n since •iolh of October, 1821 Dividend of Stock received Aprils „P ](. n 13th$^ u> v Received from Sale of Trusses 2 17 0 Part of Apprentice's Fee 5 0 0 Totat.£3bD 4 4 DISBURSEMENTS. £ s. D. Medicines. 4 7 10 4 of' Ditto 4 13 4 Trusses. 42 5 0 House Apothecary's Salary SO 0 0 Attendant. 9 2 0 Coals 5 10 8 Printing and Advertising. 15 10 (j Stationer 3 6 Painter 11 7 0 Portrait of the Lord Bishop. 3 10 0 Expences incurred in fitting up the> n Dispensary at Llangefni S 0 House Apothecary's Horse hire. in attending the Dispensary at > 7 2 0 Llaiigefni.. 5 Sundries ] J, 10 7 PurchaseofiflOO 3 perCertt. Red > n. „ stock .5 9d 610 £ S'Y.) IS 2 Balance in the Batik .j?0 6 2 Total. 4 4 STATE OF THE MEDICAL REGISTER AT THE Dispensary, Bangor, As also of that of the BRANCH DISPENSARY LLANGEFNI FROM 0 _o The Twenty-fifth of October, 1S21, to the 25th of October, 1825. Patients on the Books 25th October,) 1824. Medical Patients since admitted 1063 Surgical ditto. 98 Supplied with Trusses. 110 Vaccinated. 617 Total 2062 Discharged since last return. 1917 Remaillonthe Books Iii) Total. £ 2062 ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ S. D. Mrs. Heyland.. 110 Rev. II. Williams, Shaiuberwen 1 0 0 ■ "1-"b Royal Exchange Of O ASSURANCE, OF HOUSES AND GOODS FRQJrl FIRE: (Established by Roya\Charter in the Reign of King Geor^t? the First). For Assuring BnildifJgs, Goods, Corn, Live- Stock, K-c. troni Loss by Fire, and also for the Assurance of Lives likewise em- powered by Act of Parliament, to grant and pntthåseAIHlllitis. 7- Mr. JAMES DAY, HAVING been appointed Agent to the said Corporation for Carnarvon, and parts ad- jacent, begs leave to inform his F riends and the Public, that he is ready to receive Orders for New Assurances, and also Premiums on such As surances as have already been made. The Company have determined to reduce the Premiums in the three ordinary Classes of insu- rance, (except in special Cases,) viz. 1st CLASS. 2d CLASS. 3d CLASS. to I s. 6d. r Cent. 2s. 6d. r Cent. 4s. 6d. Cent, being upon the greater proportion of Insurances an abatement oft23 per Cent. per annum. Persons assured by this CORPORATION are not subject, as in the Return System, to any liability or calls to niake good losses which may happen to themselves or others, nor do they depend upon an uncertain Fund or Contribution, the CAPITAL STOCK of this CORPORATION being an unquestion- able Security to the Assuied in case of Loss or Damage by Fire. N. B. tfire Policies arc issued free of E,tpen.e to the Assured, where the Annual. Premium amounts lo 6s. or upwards and all Pdyifients Jo'r Losses or Damages by Fire, are made by this Corporation without Deduction. + 4- t FARMING-STOCK may be insured at Is. 6d. per Cent. per Annum. „% LOSSES hyFIRE occasioned by UGHT- NING, WILL BE MADE GOOD. (q Printed Proposals may be had by applying to the said Agent. t

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