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fLonfcott, SA TURDA Y, OCTOBER 29.. THE French Papers to the 26th arrived test night; theyconfirm the rumoured rais- ing of the seige of Missoloaghi. ltedschid jPaelia has certainly abandoned his position, and resigned the works, which, at a prodi- gious cxpenee to his Government, he had erected before the place, to he occupied by those for whose destruction they were pre- pared. Such a termination of the cam- paign, though it carries perhaps less eclat than a victory in a general engagement, affords, nevertheless, a much better ground for congratulation than a dozen triumphs in the field. his notorious that the consump- tkll (If men in a Le icigiu,, army is, for the time, he seige lasts,, greater by far than in IP any other description of war. Soldiers who have learned by experience to calculate the chances of danger, rate three days in the trenches before a fortified town as equivalent to one day itt ,i general action; and of course a month in such a situation as cempreheuding the dangers of lOpitched bat- tles. 'We remember the consumption of 80 or 90,000 of the Istarpoiuted and bravest ttoopsever sent into the'field, by Napoleon is ftreor six months before the lines of Tot res V-edras but. it is. not only in the actual destruction of their enemies that the tlreeks may exult upon the defence of Mis- slj^nghi, nor yet is it the mere preservation ol a city in which they ought to rejoice: it is, the proof they have had of the sufficiency of their own power) when properly directed, .c :d the lesson as to the direction of it, -,i cb they derive from the experience of tnolonghi, t\\&t bold out to t hem a just j md for the most encouraging hopes. ? is doubtful whether the Turkis* com- rt u 'der shall beable to effect aretreat J destruction, even if effected, can add to the inestimable fact already esta- hi ted that the whole power of the Otto- ma Empire has, (luring eight months been foe to make a serious impression upon an inconsklerable town garrisoned by a imiilful of J)rare ineu,-afuct, which should Hi war be renewed, will raise, np rivals to mtf-soloiighi is every town of Greece.


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