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THE NOTED litiliUAMI. THE following account of the present residence and mode of living of this noted character (who, it seems, has taken up his abode permanently ill Russia,) is extracted from the Portfolio of Litem- ture of Saturday lut:- Captain Price, of the Ramilies trader, was at St. Petersburgh in June last, and having business with a msrchant at Volsky, a village about sixty wersts up the Banks of the Neva, he rode there on a fine English blood horse. Having transacted his affairs, he mentioned to the merchant his desire to dispose of his horse, and intention of returning by a boat down the Neva. The merchant gave him a note to Count Leonwich, a Hungarian nobleman, who had a seat in the neighbourhood, and was a great sportsman, and moreover, a member of the new racing club at St. Peterburgh, and very likelv to become a pu chaser of his horse. Captain Price was introduced to him in his garden, and instant- ly knew him to be the far-famed Baron Bergauii the paramour of the late Queen Caroline, of un- fortunate memory. Captain Price formerly commanded a vessel that traded to the port of Trieste, and there he knew Bergami intimately, from having sold him severat times ale and porter for the use of the Princess, who then resided at Pesaro—he used to dine with Bergami whenever he went to the house. He now addressed him in the Italian lan- Jfartge, and after a tittle equivocation on Hrg- IBI"* part, he acknowledged his old acquaintance, ttira invited him into his house but cautioned him not to make known who he was to any of the Russians, who all took him for a Hungarian, which his great size and strength made appear very plausible. Captain Price remained with him to dinner, which consisted of two courses, served upon silver plate, and cooked after the Italian fashion. His wife and daughter dined with them the latter was on the eve of being married to a Swedish nobleman. The wife ap. peared sixty years of age. whilst Bergami did not look more than fifty. Captain Price thougnt the daughter very handsome. Their dinner was splendidly luxurious, though it was evidently Ids common mode of living, as no prepai-atkms wertt made for one they did not expect. The house was elegantly furnished, but not a book was to be semi in it. Whilst they drank their claret and hock, the young Lady played several airs upon the harp, and sang with a tolerible voice. Bergami said he had sold the Baroni, near Milan, for ZI3,000, and purchased the estate wheee he then resided, and also the title of Count: he wore the st¡'r, and also another Ger- man order -not that of St. Caroline. The house was full of guns, fishing nets. and sporting mate- rials of every -in the hall lay seve- ral pointers, and greyhounds, and on perches Were a jai-ge assortment of hawks he had a ken- nei of fine fox-hounds, and a stud of 12 horses.— Upon a heap of stones near the chateau was a staff. bearing the ftusslanflag-a distinguishing mark to show he was an officer of justice for he held a situation similar to that of all English Jus- tice of the Peoce, to which there is a salary at- tached of two hundred roubles. Captain Price saw him exercise his authority over a drunken fellow who was making a noise in the streets.of I I Vol sky he ordered him to be gagged, and put hi the stocks, which was done in a most savage manner. Bergami wore the Russian uniform, green and olrl-a gold lace cap and feather a sword by his side. and pistols in his belt; lie ap- pearerl to have twelve or more domestics, and in the litwn before his door, four feaialeS were em- ployed milking cows. He was much leased with lh« horae, for which he paid inorethan was demanded. His es- tate appeared well çultivatedand thickly wood- ed he had several fish ponds, or small takes, on the borders of which were little wooden huts, filled with nets and lines. He appeared likw a r little prince, but withal quite Unostentatious.— He said he would have liked to see England, had lie not been afraid of his life by venturing thither. Captain Price assured him no one there would in- jure him; but he shook his head in doubt, and smiled. He attended the Captain to a passage- boat, and saw him embark on the Neva, bidding him a most cordial farewell. When they had sailed some hours, the Captain observed his name on a large hamper, and upon opening it. found it to contain six fine large bear hams and several rein deer tongues he remembered praising those things at dinner, and Bergami took this handsome way of gratifying his appetite. He asked Cap- tain Price if the people in England ever said any thing about him; for he had heard it was be lieved he had left his wife and family in Italy to starve, and gone himself with all his fortune to America.

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