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.■CARNARVON QUARTCR, SESSIONS. 1 THE KING ON THE PROSEOUTtOfr OF A. SMITH, v. V, WILLIAM JONES, LABOUREK, frOR PIPLOIIY. Mr. EVANS stated thec'ase in nearly the follow- ing words. He stated that the prosecutor vvas a" travelling Shopkeeper, and" attended .1alfi and .)narkets in this and the adjoining countries^ The J prosecutor on the day stated in the Indictment^ haxl .ftxfJd'his stttli in thistow'!t,aod'he'solllt\tJl1Ie' in thejday, perceived the-prisoner behind his shall; he also saw1 him about four o'clock much intoxi- cated soon after, tfie prosecutor had padke4 his e"- h cated soon after, tfie prosecutor had padke4 his goods up-, ft person eatne and asked hrm whefliter he had lost any*goods, when he said; he had nat but on counting, he found he had, and was soon informed that a person representing hjmself a sailor, Wiis selling goods tike the prosecutors; con- tables were then sent in all directions to apprehend the,prisoner, who found him in the state before- mentioned; lipoti. being interrogated where be had had the goods, he refused to answer: he was however, ultimately rescued by the crowd, bitt was afterwards reta-keir. The prose'culór,i'ftcbg- nized soirie cotton Vvrappei-s sold by the prisoner to several persons, as Well oLs, handkecrhiefs.— The JULY would perceive there was a count for stealiflg prbperty belonging' to persons unknown, which if ft;nt identified, as mi £ ht he ict this case. made ttm prisoner equally culpable. He called upon the Jury to do their duty, and protect a man licensed by law to sell his goods, fefld not tok be prejudicial because the prosecutor Was an, 'ds"I(t¡t,n;kSht,y (twed as much justice to him as ;lf tie hud fieeir « natfve of ttieir own country; .ajul Jioped thatHhe esattiple ttvey tyouht'shOW by their verdict, would be a warning to others com- mitting-a devastation on peoples property. •Adam Smith, prosecutor— t am a hawker, and expose my goods to sale at Carnarvon and Oilier places,-I did soon the 17th August, last; they consisted of Shawls, Muslins, Wrajipers, Ac.— I saw the prisoner that day in the town of Car- narvon—saw him first' betiind my own standing, and about two o'clock, he was close to: my stall, and touched a piece of Muslin which feU in the gutter-I told him to keepoff, he said hei, would t saw him afterwards, in about two hours, at the same place, triaiiititl. the same motions to ..wardspnv goods. The prisoner never asked me tlie price of any article, and I did not then find that any of my goods were losti packed up my goods about eight o'clock that night, and went to my lodgings, where 1 was informed that thev thought some of my goods were missing; I then only found that six handkerchiefs were missing. but suspected that there, was a grt-at deal more I saw the prisoner afterwards at Porthmaur. when Nelly said, this is the person that was selling goods like yours;' I then asked him where he had them, he did not answer, but muttered some- thing; I told him then, I would go for a Consta- w ble—the prisoner ran away. The wrapper fwhich was here produced,) which the goods were en- closed in, was my property. Mr. Conolly's writing in pencil, was on some of them. I did not see. him write it. 4 believe the goods i Irad from Jane-Martin, are mine. I swear they are, and to be part of the same goods which I exposed to sale on that Saturday I lost the goods which Peter Morgan gave me. There were goods of mine delivered at Emma Williams's, (goods ,produced) -I believe them to be Part of the goods which were in my stall—these odd goods are mv property. j Cross-examined by Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS.— I did not say that I bought those that inoriting I think the goo<\s w-erf, in my bundle on that day my Stall \fas near the Atigel-I.Ile prisoner ap- peared to be drunk at two o'clock—the next time I saw him was about four o'elock—I efttjlt: tell whether lie was more drunk then than before- the third time I saw him was at Poi-tliinaui--iia had no goods with him then-he was drunk 8,t 'e:l,-k¡m. _i..s il.^ I sa%v the prisoner 27th August last- he asked me if I would buy handkerchiefs from him—he then took from under his arm a cjuautity of handkerchiefs, which he had bought trom the Irishmen for 15s., and asked me if 4 w I sell -thern-I "aid, 'I would try, if they were honest;' then went and gave them toEmha Wiltlams^they were then in a wrapper (goods ,pi,odue,t,d)-i am sure these are the goods I took to VInlna Williams, Cross-examined.—I saw him in Red Lion-at. about 8 o'clock — the prisoner sold them publicly :-he did not carry them in a way as a thief Would —he gave me the goods at Porthmaur; he tojd me he was not afraid or selling them;—prisoner was very drunk. Re-examined—I lapped the goods liP, in the wrapper. Ann I'VilUams. -I'll e prisoner came to me ami- asked me if I would buy a handkerchief; I gave him 20d. for one, and lOd. for atiother-I took them to Mr. Evans's Office; (goods produced)-' I think they are the same. Cross-examined.—iThis was about 4 o'clock — the prisoner carried them qtii.te pubiiel -iiot at y all like It thief, as they geuerally sell underhand- wl in a sly way. Margaret Williams.—I saw prisonprat Pend-itch and bought.a handkerchief from hiin.-I gave the handkerchief to another person—I am sure the cMie flow produced is the same I bought from him. ^ross-examified.—Carried the goods quite pub. lie., and was very drunk. Margaret Jo»e», saw the prisoner on 27th ti Y,ia'st-lie was very druiik-I a-ske(i him to deliver a bundle which he had under his arm, for safety—he did so, tnd-I delivered them to Eiurua Williams at the stall-be-did not thm know what he.was doing, being so drunk. Cross-exaininedi^I am sister to the prisoner— lfa v, the bundle to Emma Williains, beddiuse She cameYor it. Em:tÚL'J¥¡Úiams.I keep a Lodging-house— th»Mprosecutoi" lives with ine-I know the last witness, she is a-sister to prisoner—she gav,eilll:ë a bundle, which I gave to Mr. Evans in the same state as iirien I first got it. did not seethe prisoner kt nil b dtvai d Rob< 1 an Constable—'I know tfis last w 1 tness^^ lecoilect her giving me a bundle. which I delivered at Mr. E vans's i-ti" the same ^tate as^ When I received it—here the' case Closed. Prisoner said nothing in his de, fence, but tliat he was very drunk. 4'^u"vtaer Of. Witnesses, most respectable Wem called as to, character, who gave him an Undeniable one -jColonel Edwards summed up.. The prisoner was found guilty, and sentenced to 3 month* hard labour. [Jmes Cooke was tried for stealing a gun, and found guuty, and sentenped to 2 mouths hard Jabocr. Only one parish apppar was tried. It is confidently reporicu, mat Mrs. Patterson,







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