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NOTIGEIS HEREBY GIVgN, THAT application will be made to Parlia- inent at the next Session, for leave to'bring- in a Bill ftirmaking and biaiiitaiuiivg a ltail-Way or Traiii-Road w th ali: the proper works and conveniences attached and belonging thereto, for the nassage of Waggons, Carts, and other Car- riages, from the extremity of a certain VVaste or Common, called Moclwyn. situate and lying in the severat parishes of Ffestipiog and Llanfro- then. or bnebTJth^in, iu* t"neCo8nty of Merionetb, to Port Madoc," and the Harbbur thereof, ill 'tlfe parish of Ynyscynhanarn, in the County of Car- narvon which said Rail-Way or Tram-Road will pass, or is intended to pass, from, through, and into the; several parishes of Ffestiniog, Maentwrog, Llanfrothen, Llanfihangel-y-traeth- au, Llandeckvvyrr, and the hamlet of Naiitino'r, or some of them, in the said County of Merioneth and the several parishes of Beddgelert, Llanfi- bangel-y-Penant, Pentnbrf'a, and Y nyscynhanarn. in the said County of Carnarvon. Bated tICis -NiripiL,.Oiith day of October, One Thousand, Eight Hundred,iand Twenty-Five. WONDERFUL CONTINUATION OF GREAT LUCK! !—On Tuesday last, the ISth of October, the State Lottery was drawn, when, as usual, R(Stt's ''goo(I,Ftii-I tine was pre-eminent, as he 8haredand SoidTHREE of the TWEN- TY THOUSAND POUND FRIZES, viz.- No. 1V&62, Class A* 000 in 9 Shares-No. 2.2^1, e'àssA.'I.OOØ. iii 9 Shisres —NO. 11,510, Class; 15, in Whole Tiukfet.r-> They wore distributed as fallows 11,519. ^20.00ft, WholeTicket. Clapham Gom, Part ef 2,271.. 26,000..»>,to Rlandford.; Part of 2.271. j £ 2O,0OO.to Cheltefituutt. Part of 1,06i. 4^20,000.to -Edinburgh, Part of 2,271. £ 20,000, .to Gravesetid'. Part of -1,062.<^20,Opt),to Greenock. Part of 2,271. ,20,000.to Hitchm. Part of 2,271.i;20,0Ut».to Inverness. < Part of 2,271. ^20.000 to Lincoln. Part of to LoughtOO. Part of 1,062.0020,000 to Morpeth. Part of 1,062 < £ "20,000 to Norwich. Part of 2,271. < £ 20,000 toSoutbLambeth. Part of 2,271, £ 20,000.to Surry Square. Part of 1,062. £ 20,000. t o S wansea Part of 2,271.20,000.to Worcester. The remaining Shares were Sold in London, not registered. BISH also Sold the followiogCariilal. all drawn same day as the THREE Prizes of < £ 20,000 9,750.1,305 .Whole Ticket. 12,511. < £ 515 .Whole Ticket, No.316 -.i.WholeTicketi 4,897. £ 217 In 9 Shares. I. 0^217 In 5 Shares. This continuation of great success makes him regret Lotteries are so near their final termina- tion however, he is happy to say a New Scheme -r, is made (and which is nearly the last) to he de- c'ided all in One Day, 6th iand it iis:T one of Btsu's favourites, as it contains if-S&JOilO- Prizes, and when that is the case Jttis.OHices are more than usually fortunate. He Sold the FIRST £ 30,000 ever drawn-the LAST 130-000 ever drawn—he Sold THREE ^30,000 Prizes In last Ten Months. There never have been but two in- stances of Three < £ 30,000 Prizes in One Schrifte one time BISH Sold ALL Till-, and the other time he Sold Two out of the TBREK and he has Sold more than half of all the £ 30.000 Prizes that have ever been, which has made it almost proverbial to class his name with ZA(y,ooo Prizes therefore he expects to have an uiliisu- ally great Sale for the FOUR THIRTY THOU- SAND POUND PP. IZES., to be all Drawn in One Day, 6th December. Tickets and Shares Are Selling at Bisii's Lucky Offices, 4, CornhiU, and 5», Charing Cros«, London aud by Ins. Agents liy.tbi'8-r.miii.ty, TO THE PUBLIC. ONE Hundred and Fifty Years have passed since Lotteries Were first established in this Country, but their final doom is now fixed by ACT OF PARLIAMENT, And all Lotteries must expire for ever in a comparatively few Weeks. CAHHOLIij 3- Contractor> > Begs gratefully to acknowledge the kind- ness shewn, to him for many years by a serous Public, and in submitting ttusV;' FAREWELL SCHEME He begs to assure them it has been his anx- ious study to render it worthy of general ap- proval. ,¡ All the popular attractions of late Lotteries are not only ri,taiiie(i I t ("ka, ROLL feels much pleasure in being the first Contractor that ever presented the Ptiblie-with FOUR GRAND PRIZES QF £30,000 ,f ,i' 3 u ql r £ 30,000 1 30. ALL TO BE DRAWN In Qne Day 1 -8CUEl\fg.Alftêrlitrg MoricYA. 2 ..6L..«.30,100 Money. £ 60,200 3..30,010 Money. 60.02(1 2!• • .n .1,200 Money. ,2,400 2-••••• • • •Money 1,09t) ,10*••.••• •••• Money .2,000 22.1.V •••» 55 Money. 1,210 60.•••• • • • • • • Money ..1,500 O BLANKS, as each of the above, i and every other Number, will have >130,000 £ 5 Money being > 13,000 Numbers. df258,#P- Ttvo Tickets of each Number. All to be decided in One Day, 6th DECEMBER. Ticket and Shares are How on Sale at CAR- ROLI.'s. the Contractor,,Offices, 19, Cornhill;, 7 Chariiig-Cross and 26, Oxford Street, Lon- don; where he sold, in Four Months, Four Prizes of £ 20,000 andlately. Four Prizes of £ 30f()Q0-! Iu the Lottery drawn Slstof May last, a Prize of £ 10 000 I and Six other Capitals f Ticket and Shares are also selling by CAR- ROT,'I.'s ACi F!,NTS iii the Country. J, Ormancty, Stationer, Lord-street, Liverpooi. J J. Gore, Stationer,-Castle-street, Liverpool, LLANEROH YMEDD HUNT WIT.L take, plac<- on 'TU'ESD A.V, Vii'e 1st of NOV-'EMREU, in^t- wuen »he-( oniptto'.ler hopes to be favoured with the t/oinpauy of the Friends of-the-Meeiiii! W. P. I.LOYl). Esq Com ft frolic JONES IIIAN'FO N, 'ut" q, ftT j\< xt of Kin. TffE NEKf of KTV to JOHN LEWIS, JJL deceased, (a native of IV-, who went to reside at Birmingham, as a Ciirpeiit^r an(I Builder, about Fifty Years ago. wiit ht-ar of Some'thuig to their Advantasre on A.pp!icati«ir (if ';»/ letter post paid) to Mr. Enw-vao OVVKN. Soli- citor, Dolgelley, Merionethshire. Anglesey Hunt. '.ii.. fttpt U- v voUfed with It the Bull's Head fun, iti Ht')mt)Tf!nt. AD imott- Jay Evening. the 7th ,tIy of Noveifltoer.< Slit DAVID EUijKlNE, Bvr-T. etÀ1f1'RQLt-r;fL >>. on i'nesa« v ami T^njrsday— Pl'OeesslÓh ant;, Ordinary,pp- Pwli-y-croclion, 4 October Milk, 1325. f MICHAELMAS QUA RTElt SESSIONS. Cof'mty of Carnation, y THE JUSTICES assembled at the GENE- RAL QUARTER-'Sli.SSUWS of th«- PE ACE, held at the. County Hall, in the Towiv of Carnarvon, in and for the County aforesaid, on Thursday, the day of. October, 1825, did, then and there fix and adjudge the following Rates of Composition, to he paid in Lieu of Statute Labour, throughput the County afore- said, for one Year, commfincing frow the day of Such Sessions above-mentioned In Lieu of p Cart and Team of Two? q Horses—^day In Lieu of One Labourer—%»< day. 0 1 6- liy the VoUrts RICHARD A. POOLE, CLERK or TrtE PeidB. ..I. DANIEL PARRY, OfCarnarvon, (Brother to WiUiam Parry, late Carnarvon aforesaid. Slate Merchant, deceased ) and DAVID HUOHES, Of the mme Place, RESPECTFULLY inform b^ildetcs MERCHANTS, aird others.- that they have sncceeded the said William Parry in m. ahove Line, and trust, that by assiduity atid un- remitting attention to the'wishes of tht)se'w'*a ttiay favor them with their commands, to havfe-a. attars of that li- beral patronage experienced by theiv Predecessor. Letters, and other Communicatioaf. t^Hded to on being forwarded to either. „, '— ■ Ball;irr, Cal-nar TO BE UETT, For a Term of Four or Seven Yean, Altfl Entered npoil on the Thirtieth of November next, THE MANSION-HOUSE OF GORPHWYSFA, WITH a GARDEN, welt stoekytl with ,1' Fruit Trees and aheut Thrrty Acres of Pasture LAND, irl, the highest stateculti- vation. < The House is git-alatei wHhin a C)fa mile of the stupendous Suspension Bridge, (riorw1 nearly erected, aud shortly to-be opened for com- munication) over the straits of an(i sists oh the ground-Floor, of a North atJftSOlth Entrance IlaW Drawing-room,'25 feet 9 inches by 20 feetii inches; Dining-room, So feet it inches by 11 feet 11 Miches; Study, 23 feet ft incheshy 13 feet 8 ijiches; Krtcfcen, (with a com- plete new Fire Range) IS feet by 18 feet; Ser- vants' Hall, Butter's Pantry, Brew-house, Laun- < ,try tore- root)ts, &e. with extensive Cellaring below. Nine excellent and commoidious Bed- rooms, and Two Water Closets on the first floor; and Five good Bed-rooms in the Attics., The-Out-buildings consist of an excellent Si* Stalled Stable, a commodious Coach-house, and ot her suitable conveniences. Mr. Richard Owen, the Gardener, at OpK phwysfa, will siicw the Prcixiiscs, particulars may be had on application to Mr. JOHN IIueHEs, Solicitor, Bangor. DENBIGHSHIRE Freehold Estates. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Eagles Tntt., in the Town qf Llanrwst^^itif the Couafy of Denbigh, on Tuesday, the 6th day of December next., between the hours of Ihree and fmr o'Mc i* ike E^&Mf tke same, day, in- the following or such other Lois ds shall agreed .upon, and subject to conditions to be pi-o(luced- Lots. Tenements. Tenants. ■' "A. 'fe. -p. [. Bedw Robin Humphrey Jones U 0 0 2. Brynrhydd IIu«h Ja«f»^t -g J 1Jn- 3 Tan-y-bryn David Wynne 19 if 33 4- Pant-y-fyuuon Hugh Willie 7 3 2/ 5. Graig, ftc. Mr. J.DavieS.&C. 18 3 H 6. Ffrithoedd ? Mrs; Jones 29 2 *9 7. TroefySw K^r'-v ,« «' »#'> 9. Morf«rby<ly 1 Pwll, Cambwll, f R^ >77 I a)id Gwerflodd- C Mjj ^"• £ 0 "SwcrnBo«i/»-i»i»»D.»i«s i5 Ml': 10. Pennarit-ucha t)avid Davies Hit 3 3S 11. New Inclo- i o V' sure attached > Ditto ditto V73 2- .V ■' to the last Lot > The above Farms is detached, and are situate in the parish of Eglwysfach, ill the Coaoty of: ^Ths/'several Tenants will shew >the.Pr#mis.es; and further particulars may be had on •re1feie^i^ lo Mr. JOHN HUGHES, Solicitor BANS:ORJ


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