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h prevails, we are informed, at Pro-sent thioug, 0'!1 rjince, a pdni,, jerror of, Jpsuiiism. ,11 p "it, Of all topics, it is the most awkward or perilous that coula be touched on in. a mixed eompanv. The Je-wit' instantly ^excites fear and tiembling-- or a,violent sortie against the crimes and dangers-oft he. order pn«tand present. Such i, tho-hatred and terror with which ihe Liberals. are indued by the Jesuits, that comrar.v to t}i,eir own tinorjes, they.take part with the Anti-Ca- tholic vde otthe B.itish Cahinet. There are even ,t!»ose who go the t< n rih of ttHticipatiivg another .ie\olu_fion from the mfursiot^ and pretensions oT .the Jesuits. It must be admitted that there is in all ibis something too disinterested to he h tical—something too tar ilboVr hmatiMsni awd. ignorance, to be put e delusion. The utmost that can.be said is, that the prevailing se„ti„(et)t ii exaggerated. Persuyycostjiuve^id e«peciallj fjttars und stui{ents.r l«»*e within few yeijr^ incieased vastly, both in tlit capital, and the p'ihcipal towns of the departments. Iris tltey ai e met in the streets at every turning, and seen grouped, like rooks, with their Mack' sordid uniforms, in the fields outside the barrier, At' Rouen they have multiplied excessively, under IT" Y" the auspices of his Eminence the Cardinal Arch- bishop and at Amiens they ha ve a large College in which there are some EngjishaOd Irish students. Another curious circumstance relating to the Jesuits. is the hatred dome them by ;th« rest of the French clergy. The Priests cannot keep their tempers, if the Jesuits be hut named. The latter were so wall aware of th» odium attached to their name thit they abandoned )!. aod assumed that of Pertsffle la Fat—Father s of the Faith. But the otd name stfeks to them, and will not be allowed to drop. Even the costume has been materially changed by ihem-butlt wllI l1?t.do" —Sir Edward Code's qnaint instance of Uouirie verse, as it is called, seems expressive of the ge- neral feeling towards thein— '«' Cor thi restat idem, Non ubi preesto ftdetti," Th« two objects upon which they seem parti- cmarty inteilt at present, as far as their, designs ate: public, are getting the education of youth Into theiV hands, and recovering andaoquiringproper- ty both, certainly, very» usual and advisable, modes obtaining power overtheir fellow crea-^ tuxes.—Morning imper,

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