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Carnarvon Hunt WILL commence on TUESDAY EVEN- ING, the 25th of OCTOBER instant, when the Comptroller hopes to he favoured with the Company of the Friends to the Meeting. £ Cf* Balls.an j Ordinaries as usual. LORD NEWBOROUGH, Comptroller. RICHARD BUI T' EI.EY WILLIAMS, Esq. Deputy. Cdynllt'fon,Mh October, tS'25. IJanrwst Hunt WILL commence on ttu- 25 th of v 7 October instant, when the Comptroller hopestp be favoured with the Company of the Friends to the Meeting. THOMAS HUGHES, Eiq. Comptroller. PRICE JONES. Esq. Deputy. N. B. Ordinaries and Balls as usual, Denbigh, Ist October, IS^J. NOTICE IS HEltEBY GIVEN, THAT the General Annual MEETING of the Flint, Holywell, and Mostyn Turnpike Districts of Roads, will be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Roberts, of the Bell and Antelope Inn, in Holywell, on Tuesday, the 25th dav of October next, at the hour of eleven in the fore- noon, for the purpose of Auditing and Settling the Accounts of the Treasurer. Surveyors, and others employed by, and under the said Trust, and for such other business as may then and there occur. FRANCIS JONES, Clerk to the said Trustees. NOTICE^ GIVEN, THAT A GENERAL MEETING OF THE Deputy Lieutenants of the COI'NTY OK AN-' GLESEY, will be held at the Bull's Head Inn, in I Llangefni, on Friday the 21st Day of October, next, for the pin-p se of carrying into execution he Laws now in force relating to the Militia. W. P. POOLE, Clerk of.(ieneral Meetings., Pencraig, Sept. 301 r NOTICE IS UHUKliY r¥lHAT A GENERAL MEETING of the Deputy Lieutenants rtf the Couim" OF CAR- NARVON, will be helll at tik- Jury Roorti, Carnar- von, on Friday the 2Sth Day of Octobet1. next, for the purpose <if carrying into executiori the Laws now in force relating to the Militia. W. P. POOLE, Clerk of General Meetings. Carnarvon, Sept, 30, 1825 —— TO THE Royal Family. Foreign Wines. CHARLES WRIGHT, Wine Merchant, next to the Kiiu/'s, and opposite to the Hay market Theatre, Opera Colanade, Hay. market, London, HAS MADE A STILL GREATER AND the GREATEST POSSIBLE REDUC- TION IN PRICE of the following Wines, which he warrants genuine as imported, FINE OLD PORTS, Vintages, 1S1.9, 1S20, andlS21, high-flavoured, fruity, full bodied Wine, 60 Guineas per Pipe. HH ERR\ pale and brown, shipped by the first Houses i.n pain, same mire per hftt. pcr- froill Docks to tlics purchaser ■direct. FINE OLD PORT, excellent SHERRY, and good and superior-direct MADEIRA, all at 2t.s. Gd. per dozen, by way of sample. Fourteen Dozen of any of the above Wine, full-sized bot- tles, package, Sic. well packed in a good Port Pipe,all included for a remittance of £ 20, or half Hogshead, at ^10. CAPE MADEIRA 16s. per dozen. m ilC?GNAC BRANDY (Ofard and Mar- S B R>8.™* ■ PR IALLON- FI,,E FINE-AP- PLE RUM, lis. 6d. pPr gal|on. C. W. begs to announce that he has just re- turned from CHAMPAiGNE. where he selected a large quantity of the very best Wines fro™ Vignerons of At, AVISE, and plery. so long ce- lebrated for their richness, body, and fla,vour.- This importation is confidently warranted as of the finest quality. Mousseaux non Mousseaux, rouge et blanc, 63s. to 72s. per dozen. Claret, Sauterne, Vin de Grave Chabli, and all that chll- racterof French Wines, 36s. per dozen, the finest imported, 03s. to 7"29, per dozen. J.,isbon. Moun- tain, Madeira, (W. I.) Teneriffe, &c. 27s. per dozen. Fine old crusted Port, 30s. per dozen. All other Wines, Spirits, &c. in proportion.- Remittances must be sent ivith orders, (ld posta ge paid (or not attended to,) and if the greatest sa- tisfaction is not given, the whole of the Money will be returned. P.S: Portugal Grapes, now landing in Jarsitt he finest condition, at Reduced Prices, General Ordination. f 'I'UÈ LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR in- JL tends holding a Public ORDINATION in the parish Church of Lilandeoai, in the county of Carnarvon, on Sunday, the ISth day of De- cember next. -t Candidates for Holy Orders, are desired to send their Papet-s, viz. (Title, Certificate of Age, Siquis, College Testimonials fpr three years, signed by three Beneficed Clergymen and if ap- plying for Deacon's Orders, a Certificate of hav- ing attended Divinity Lectures,) to his Lordship, at the Palace, Bangor, on cr before the T ,"l1ty first day of November nex-t, and persona'Ty ?i>at- tend at Bstasfor, on the W tiliiesday matniti j ilfext preceding the day of Ordination. JOHN HUGHES, DEPUTY REGISTRAR. Bangor, 4tlt October, 1825. To be Let, Furnished, And JSntered upon in SPRING next, or 13th MAY, THAT much-admired Mansion, called TY- NEWYDD, in the parish .of Llanystyndwy, in the county of Carnarvon, consisting of Two good Parlours, Five Bed-rooms, Garrets, Ser- vants' Hall, Kitchen, Brew-house, Cellar, and Dairy, with other attached Buildings; there are also good Stabling, Coach-house, Cow-houses, Barn, and good wall Garden. The House stands on gently rising ground, fro n which the south aspect commands a most pleasing- prospect of Cardigan Bay and the Me- rionethshire hills. The Market and Post Town of Pwllheli is distant eight miles; six from Tve- madoc. and eighteen from Carnarvon. The Te- nant may be accommodated with or without 42 acres of Land. Applications to be made, if by letter post paid, to Mr. JOlIN JONES; on the Premises. I* ■ A NEW SllitVER orii ■•' ■ ■ SECOND EXPERIMENT. 11 ,lIm.JXE' -ldó shaving ifrst tried on hinlself, A Ad cutting his jowl—th# mischievous elf Reside'd to emit race oppoetuttily pat, And operate next on the beard qf tlte Ccit Ttu*place of a Mirror adapted to tuit, There stood in the room then a high polished Boot, In which Itarreits Jet, of pre-eminent hue, Displayd the jint forms of reflection o view. Now seizing poor Puss, to the bright Boot he bore her, The Monkey, her shadow then gleaming before her, And answerd her struggles with Chatter and blows Her phiz while he soap'd, from her eats to her nose. The Cat, thus essaying in vaitt at i-esivtomee And mewing, in pitifid plaint, for assistance, ivith wonder the sawe operation now sani Performd in, or shewn by the Jet of ælqt In front of the Boot then, as if to crpta ? it The method of shaving, how best to rittain it, The act interspei-siikqiiiith, grim awl grim nice, The Ape clear'ti the Cat qf each hair on h^r face And strange though it seems, yet tlteft-otiesanze cle TV Q. much more success/id with Puss than himselj The Shaver adroitly concluding his scraping, The Shav'd with the loss of her whiskers (scaping. The Monkey, in triumph, the parlour n ow sought And Cat and bright Boot to a company brought., Who saw what this Barber had then been about, And hail'd his essay wilt a rapturous shout Of tnirthful surpi-ise-tlte strange incident backing The merits oj IFai-rrn's unparallel'd Blacking. This Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking ]>«:PAnun BY Robeii Warren 30, STRAND, LONDON AND SOLD BY Bangor. DENMAN, P Ilhel HUGHES Denbigh ••»EJIVV\RI>S Beaumaris, BHOAUHRAD Llanerchy- ) ROBERTS medd. J GRIFFITH PARRY Llairtvvst. JONES EDWAOS GRIFFITH Conway. _.GAHNER Bo(ledern. ROBERTS ROBERTS Cai-itarvait. ONVIIN JONES JONKS Abergete. ROBERTS ROBERTS HUGHES LLOYD DAVIDS PARRY St. Asaph DtviFs Tufis OWEN Amlwch. ROBERTS HUGHES ROYSSSTON ROBERTS lIolyhead. .J ONES Uolywell.MORRIS OWEN Llansaintfd. WILLIASIS HUGHES Baltt, DAVIES RICIIAR Chester. POOLK Pentrtmoylas- THOM AS, And Sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, Grl, 10d. 12d. and ISd. each. Also PASTE BLACKING, in Pots, 6d. 9. Is. and 18d. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling bottles of Liquid £ 3*A3K FOR WAFTHEN'S BLACKING. Carnarvonshire and Anglesey LID npHE GOVERNORS of theDlSPENSARY ■ are respectfully requested to meet there on TUESDAY, at tw-o o'clock, the 25th of this month, to appoint a President, Treasurer, and Committee for the ensuing year, and to inspect thp-Accounts of the Institution. ROBERT PUGHE. October I I th,, 1825. P#&iAi)i.q poi-iodit!a liy with the Magazines, Imper- Price 12s. 6d, or Royal Mo. Pi-ooffts, 258. PORTRAITS AND MEMOIRS OF the MOST "USTIOIIS^PERSONAGES OF By EDMUND LODGE, ESQ. NORROY KrNHOF ARMS, F S. A. Publishing in Parts the first of 'evAry'alternate fa<* P(a'1 staining Five Plates, en- Memoirs fcw»*"y»e, with Biographical D-°" °' I,,ust«ous English Por- an Biography, comprises the History fof nie Country, in Memoirs 0f the most illustri- ous English Mobility and great officers of State. The subjects are from the highest au- thorities in the land. the original pictures being preserved ,n the galleries of thenobilitv, descend- a"f "f'he Perso»« represented, or in the public collections, and are painted by HOLBEIN, RUBENS, VANDYKE, LELY KNELL E R, And other great masters. "We have perused the Biographies with as much interest as we have looked at the Plates with admiration and we know not when we have ex- perienced a stronger influence than their combi- nation has exercised over our minds.Literary Gazette. The plan of the work is admirable, and the execution ot it throughout, is entitled to equal praise. The Memoirs attached to these engrav- ings are, indeed, very models of taste and imita- tion. Dibdui s Library Companion. %Vith the purest feelings of congratulation, do we hail the appearance of this new, commodi- ous, and most reasonable edition of a Work, which, on the score both of Art and of Informa- tion, will hand dowr» Ui« Illustrious Worthies of this country to the latest post erity.Literai-_# Musenm-. This is a jiidicionsand beautiful Work;, whe- ther we refer to the execution and authentic cha- racter of the eiigraved portraits, or the literary uierits of the BiOgrftphicai and Historical Me- moirs, The Book will beesteemed, notels aneof pictures only, hut of Biography and History, and will enter in no obscure Cfearabter. into the gene- rtti stoi-k of uur National Literature.'—La Belie Asserditee. Printed for HARIMKG. I'RI^HOOK:, and LEPARD, Finsbury Square, London. Sold by every Bookseller in Wales, by whom Specimens of the Work will be shown upon ap- plication. THE LONDON GENUINE TEA COMPANY, 23, LUDGATfi IIILL, LONDON, I'hc only Establishment of the kind in the Kingdom> THE pretensions of most of the petty imi- tators of this Establishment, (which has long since been at the head of the Tea Trade) having subsided, the Company have only to state that their Teas so decidedly preferred, and uni- versally drank in every City, Town, and Village in the Kingdom, continue to be packed in lead, in Pounds, Halves, and Quarters, and in larger parcels and the i fit-, oiiiv aittliorized Agents in this District.—The Company's Teas are admitted to be upwards of One Shilling per b. better than those through any other channel. Miss DAVIDSON, opposite the Post-Office, Bangor. ABERYSTVVITH P A. Bowler ABERGELR L. Davies BRIDGEND. *>• Thomas B R EC 'N. W. Duncan, Jun. CARDIFF. W. Bird CARDIGAN C. Lewis CAHM ARTHEN F.Bagna 11 & Co. DITTO T- Warren COWBRIDGE T. Liewel vn, Jun. ultt(,,Kiiowp"i,f NI. Davis Potter HO I.YWEMi. J.Jones LLANELLY D. Davies LLANFYLLIN J. Davies LLANkWST J. Jones MERTHYR TYDViL. J. Phillips L%IoN"rGONI E,RY Waidson MOLD Mrs. Sarah Birch NEATH J. Benlley N EVVTOWN J. Jone s NARBr,rll It. Bi,-iytiiwait PEMBROKE I. Bai-cia), DITTO. (PATER DOCK) J. & T. Moore RUTHIN R. Roberts SHREWSBURY R.Jones SWANSEA F. Fagg TENBY J.Stevens .TRI,,DEC,AR NI. Jones WREXHAM H. Loat DITTO R. D. Evans N" Applications for other Towns imme- diately answered, if post paid. All Letters and Accounts must be trans- mitted'to HI. Fleet-street, free of cxpence. The Advertisements and Remittances are invariably sent to the Printers, POST PAID, and the Tea Com- pany will not therefore be put to any charge when a settlement is requested. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the GENERAL ANNU VL MEET- ING oftheTRUSTEES of the PORTH- DINLLAENandN ANTHWYNANT ROADS, will be held at the Town Hall, in the Town of Pwllheli, ori Wednesday, the 2ttli day of OC- TOBER instant, at the hour of eteven in the fore- noon, for the purpose of Auditing arid Settling the Accounts of the Treasurer. Surveyors, and others employed by, and under the said Trust; and for such other business as may then and there occur, GRIFFITH JOSES, 1 Clerk 16 tk-e TRUSTEES. NOTICE IS HEFTEBY GIVEN, np HAT Application is intended to be mads to 1 Parliament in the ne*t ensuing Session, forle«re-tt) briag La a Bill for making and main'- taining a Rail-Way or Tram-Rost^. with proper works and conveniencies for the passajgl of wag- f gons, carts, and other carriages, front the extre- mity of a certain Piece of Land called Frith Maenferam, part of a Certain Messuage and Farm, called Maenferam, situate In the parish of Festi- niog, in the county of Merioneth, to PortmaddCj and the harbour thereof, in the parish of Ynys- cynhaiaro. in the county of Carnarvon which said Rail-Way and Tram-Road wilj [lass, or is intended to pass, from, through, and into the Se- veral parishes of Festiniog, Maentwrog, Llan- decwyn, Llanfihangel-y-traethau, Hanfrothan. and Llandanwg, or some of them, all in the said county of Merioneth; and the several parishes of Yspytti Evan, Penmachno, Dolwyddelan, and Ynyscynhaiarn, or some of them, in the said county of Carnarvon. Dated this tenth day of October, Oue Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Twenty-five. II. R., WILLIAMS, Solicitor for the iSill.

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