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HonKoit, SATURDAYi AUGUST 27. WE received last night by Express the Stoilc of Monday, and the Journal des Dehats and other Papers of Sunday. The Etoile contains among some vague 0 accounts a review of a translation of Dr. Lyall's introduction to his work of Mos- cow. After paying England some compli- •mewts, as being the country wjioseiaterests., are the most actively disseminated through- out the world, and of course the most cu- rious to inquire, and the most competent to iftdge, how affairs are conducted all the world over, the Journalist goes at great length into the system of military coloni- zation which has been adopted in Russia. After satisfying himself, (as indeed any person who had taken the trouble of think- ing pn the subject would have seen in a moment) that civilized countries have ne- cessity of such colonization, and need not fear its effects if adopted by other nations, lie makes the discovery that soldiers and passions are the chief cause of revolu- tions, but when ideas -and orators prevail revolutions are slow. This passes for deep reasoning in Paris, where, neverthe- less, they enjoyed, only thirty years ago, all the fruits of "des idees et deso rate ury. and one would think had got enough of them.

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