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ANGLESEY RAGES, Held at Llangefni, Wednesday 2Uii August, IP-J. The Anglesey Cup, value. £ '50, for horses not tho. rough bred, hona-fide, the property of residents I in Anglesey or Carnarvonshire.—Two -iiiiie heats, HEATS. I R. B. Williams, Esqrs. b. g. Burnby, lOst. 121b.,crimson atid black 1 I J. N. Carleton, Esqrs. ett. g. Ferryman, I lOst. 12lb. black and crimson 2 dr. The Ladies Purse, value £ "50, for all horses, bOlla fide, the property of residents in Angle- sey or Carti-ailvorisliire, J. N. Carleton, Esqrs, ch. g. Ferryman, lOst. 121b. crimson and black. 1 1 T. Griffith, Esqrs. bl.m. Jack, lOst. 'i2lb. red and black. 2 2 A severely contested race. The Poney Cup, hettts. Mr. Morgau's bl. m. Mona, 9st. Mb. black and yellow 1 ) Nioulsdale's b. in. Faiiiiy, 8st. lllbs. blue and black 2 2 Fifty Sovereigns clear, for all horses, bona fide, the property offarruers in Anglesey or Carnar- vonshire.— Two mile heats. Mi". E. Griffith's b. h. Carnio, I, and-yellow. I 1 Mr. Moulsdale's b. in. list. 1 lib. blue and 2 2 Mr. Robert Spencer's gr. g. Prince Wil- liam, veil and black. 3 dr. The Llangefni Tradesmen's Cup, value £ oQ, for all Horses not exceeding 131 hands. Mr. Bhenton's ,.b. g. Bangor, 7st. I lib. crimson and grey. 2 1 1 'Mr.. Moron's ol. in.. Mona, 7st. Jib.. black and. yellow. ° Sir. Owen's b. gr. Spanking Jack, 7st. 51b. yellow and pink 3 3 2 The races only terminating at six o'clock pre- sents our entering into particulars this week. The day was remarkably line, we counted NINK open TSarouehes, filled with -elegantly dressed ladies— •and the course was crowded to excess, all appear- ed highly gratified. The Anniversary Meeting of the Society of. Ancient Druids. isunavoidably^ postponed untiil Tuesdav, the 30th August, 1825. Tuesdav, the 30th August, 1825. There will be a. Ball at Beaumaris, on the evening of the Druid s Meeting, videadvt. We are happv to learn that the Magistrates of Bangor have exacted the penalty of £ o, with j Costs, from a publican of this city, for allowing tippling in his house at a late hour on Sunday evening; many individuals also have been fined at the complaint of the Church-wardens and Con- stables, for appearing in the street on the sabbath in a state of intoxieation. Voltaire, in one of his letters, says," the world. Illy friend, is one great shipwreck,and each man's motto, save yourself if you can." DORMANT SEEDS.—Crops of white clover spring up in appearance spontaneously, on the applica- tion of to dry heaths or barren soils and raspberry bushes start up where fir-woods have been burned do wn, though not a vestige of either could previously be discovered on the spot. A steam-carriage, upon principels which scien- tific men consider as a to operate suc- cessfully, is in a stfte of great forwardness in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh—It is expected to perform about twelve miles an hour, under -ordinary circumstances, at a moderate expense of ftiel. Jack Bannister praising the hospitalities of the Irish, after his return from one of his trips to the the sister kingdom, ..whs asked if he had ever been at Cork, No," replied the wit, but I have seen a great m=my drawings of it." At Exeter Assizes, Mr. Bird, the barrister, having used Ill ill, to a witness, Mr. Justice (raselee said, Mr. Bird, while I sit here. 1 will not allow any witness to be in- sulted. I will not Setter any sarcasm to be thrown out against a maa who is giving his evidence with propriety SUPKiifOlt C PTE VPN ICS 5 OF WATER PrtWKR » The following article from the Edinburgh Philo- sophical Journal is applicable to Wales:—-The facility of erecting a almost on any spot, seeuisto have diverted the public from at- tending to the vast utility of steady water-falls, The action ofwnat iseaHed a twenty-horse power is just equal to the impulse given by 100 cubic feet. But theyearly cost of all engine of that dimension is, under the most favouraslo cir- cumstances, estimated at .iflOiJO. which is there- fore, the annual saving procurred by such a fall of water. The perpendicular height of the pro- posed reservoir above the sea we found barometi-1 cally to be 881 feet. Estimating the quantity of discharge by the water of Leith, when full, at 1200 cubic feet every minute, the whole force thus evolved by the decending stream; if rightly husbanded ami" directed, would be equivalent to the action of lOG steam-engines of twenty- horse power. The annual value the different falls that could be procured along the river, when equalized throughout the veiii-, by the supplies furnished in the dry seasons from the reservoir, must amount at least to 10(5,009.— Put this large saving or income is not merely the properties of machinary es- tablished in the vicinity of our northern metro- polis, but wouldCtwti-ihnte most, materially to the wealth and prosperity of the country. It would create, for the use of the State, as great a store of labour as could he produced by the annual expenditure of half a million. A" object, tltereforv, of such vast mordant, seems to claim .ha special patronage of the patriot and legis- lator. As many individuals do not seem to be aware of the enactments of the New Combination Laws, we insert the following abstract: A JUDGE'S OPINION.—An action of ejectment was tried at Durham, on the 1st inst, in which a. point of law raised by Mr. Pollock, wfts over- ruled by Mr. Baron Hullock, his Lordship ob- serving that the point must be decided elsewhere. Your only remedy is in a Court of Equity," said his Lordship, and I for one, would not ad- I vise yon to go there." At Worcester Fair, on MondaYt the supply of fat cattle and sheep was unusually short, and nearly all were readily sold at from 6kd. to 7d per lb. The demand for lambs was much greater than the supply, and the whole were sold at 8d. per lb. Scarcely any thing remained unsold, except store cattle and ewes; of the latter there was a large shew, but no buyers, as very high prices were asked, though considerably lower than have lately been obtained this is attributable to the want of keep, in consequence of the late drought. At Doncaster fair on Friday last, there was but á. very moderate show of horses, without much demand, and at lower prices. There were very few horSeS ofa superior description. Good fresh stock sold at an advance upon our last fair. The wool market,, which terminates on that day for the season, was largely supplied and sold readily at about Is. per stone higher. Hog wool iHs, half hog and ewe 93s. Northumberland greased wool lis, per stone Scotch wool 9d. per pound; locks lid, per pound. GOOD flit farmer, who came up to town to visit his brother, who kept a shop in— Street, having given some ofienceto his sister-in- law. who bequed herself upon her gentility, by something that did not accord with her idea of good manners, she pertly tolfi him tlutt he was very ill bred, and did not even know what good breeding was. 1 Why, look ma'am,' replied he, 'as for thati 1 consider myself quite as well bred as you, for all your fine airs: nly mother had seventeen of us in sixteen years and thot I take to be very good breeding. GARDEN ROBBERIES.—-An association of the respectable inhabitants has been formed at Wol- verhampton, for the purpose of pr()seent¡!1 all who may violate an act lately passed, and which took effect from the first of the present month whereby any person entpring into an orchard, gar- den or nursery ground, or into any hot-hoiise, green-house, 01' conservatory, and taking, remov- ing. or carrying away any trees, plants, shrubs, or roots, or any fruits or vegetable productions-, &c. shall he deemed guilty oi'felony, and punish- ed by transportation. Attempting to force any workman to depart from his hiring, before the end of his engage- ment.—Returning any work in an unfinished state. Endeavouring to prevent any workman from hiring himself or going to work or compelling any person to belong to any club or union, or to can- tribute money or to pay any fine thereto, because he was not a member, or did not comply with the rules or orders thereof.—Badenvonring to force any master to alter his mode of carrying oil his business, or to limit the number of his apprentices or description of workmen. The infringement <»f any of these is six months' imprisonment, and JJ'lOfine. An attorney in Yorkshire is said to have had for a client a gtjnilemari of lare property, who had taken stieli all unreasonable .but rooted dis-'j like to his family, as to have given direi.-Sioiis to this attorney to make Ids will, bequeathing all the pronertv tn himself, t nt. first declined to obey, and recommended the solne otilel- Tiie, client, said, if he did, he should leave his «-: • i i:> to that person. Upon this the. attorney made the will in the way desired and upon the death of the testator, which happened not long after, called the family together, and surrendered the. whole of his right to them. This noble conduct, immediate- ly procured him the palronagc of the whole neighbourhood, by which lie ultimately became a much greater gainer than lie would have been under the will. NOT v. N'OTT. — A gentleman of Maudlin, whose nallle was Nott happening one evening to be out, was returning late from his friend's room in rather a merry mood, and, withal, not quite able to pre- serve his centre of gravity, in his way he at- Iracfed the attention of tilt, proctor, who demand- ed his name and college. [ am Soil of Maud- lin" was the reply, hiccupping. "Sir," said the proctor, in an angry tone, "1 did not ask of what college you are not. hut of what college you are. I am Nott of M uuUin," was again the broken reply. The protector, enraged at what he now considered contumely, insisted on accompanying him to Maudlin, whither having arrived, he demanded of t))e porter, whether he knew the geiitlein ;0." —" Know him, sir," said the porter, yes, it is Mr. Mott, of this college." The proctor now perceving his error iii Ito[ under- standing tiie gentleman, and, laughing heartily at the affair, wished him a good night.


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