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TO BE LET, FURNISHED. FOIL THE BATHING SEASON, OR VEARIIX, V jk Neat Marine COTTAGE RESIDENCE, )f\_ situate in the pleasant and fertile Village of Aber, within six miles of this City, and about eight from Conway consisting of two parlours* kitchen, back-kitchen, and pantry, on the ground floor, with convenient cellaring, and four good bed-rooms—the Fufftiture is entirety hew, aM of the best kind. The London Mail passes daily within a field of the House. Every accommo- dation afforded to a respectable tenant. For particulars, (if by letter, post paid)apply to lr. LEWIS, Bull's Head Inn, Aber. Travelling to TpWE BEAUTIFETL AND FAST-SAILING STEAM PACKE T, Prince Llewelvn, EOVVARD OWEN, COMMANDER. Of 200 tons burthen, and Jilted with Engines oj 75 Horsepower, .CIAILS from Bangor-Ferry, for Liverpool, £ 3 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ♦ Mocflings, at eight o'clock precisely. WILLIAM CRITCHLQVV, AGENT. •' ■- Beaumaris, l&th August, 1825. BANGOR CATHEDRAL. A List of the persons, who have Subscribed the fetilargedaccomunodaiiuiis within the Cathedral Church. S. d.' Amount of Subscriptions already ad- • vertised.w 2M7 40 Morgan Jones, Esq. KHwendeage, Cardigan. • • «■• • • • • 3i) 0 0 Mrs.Stieph.erd,Atidovt?i 30 () 0 Mrs. Waldo, Basingstoke. 90 0 0 Uishop of Chester. 10 0 0 Mrs.Watts Russell, London. 10 0 0 liln, lph-it ip Pusey, ioniton 10 0 0 J. Hniith, Esq.M.P.VVoodhaUWare, 10 0 0 :}niv!Oli¡'eLl\dý. õ 0 0 Kev. C. Bond, Essex.5 0 0 W Cnrdnle, Esq. Loudon.. 5 0 oj Mrs. Vipkms, Holyhead. 5 W 0 ¡ John Evans, rsq;{;arnarvolI. 5 U 0 Rev. Mr. Hutching, Liverpool. 5 O 0 J. Price, Esq. Denbigh 5 0 (I R-V. E. TheUall 2 0 vi iteV. Mr. Jones, Head .Master, Kit- thin. ■■ '2 t'l 0 Mr. Jon^s, Vicar of Llanfair.■ 2 0 0 [ F. ? £ • Thomas, Dublin 2 0..0 Mf. Baxter, "Penrhy-.11. i H) 0' All. Williams. Llanfair 110 Mr. Videon, Palace. Bangor j 10. Mr. ifpeiretr, Holv hrnrt. ..» 51 ,X> Rev. Butler CwHign t I 0 Key. Mr. Owen. Second AlaMer, Ruthin • I If 0 Mrs. Bulgin. 1 0 (J i Mr. Bicknell, Peiiriiyn Anns 1 II 0 Mr. Morgan Lloyd, Vaynol.,1 U 0 j Mr. Jones, Tyn Llwyn, Pentir. I 0 0 Peter Maurice, Esq. Llanrng. 1. 0 0" D. MauriCe, Esq- ditto;v 1 0 0 R. T. Maurice, Esq. ditto, I 0 0, Mr. Owen Owalls, PenH.I.; I 0 0 VVII!ttiti, Che%- WIOSSI-S. Cole ,Ilalll ter. v.i. 9 0j Mrs. Toinlinson,Chester. 1 0 0j Rev. H. S. Loiidop: 10 (J H. Goring, Esq. Oxford 1 0 0 I Mr. William Hughes, verger. 1 0 0 Total 1* 0 Kev. Mr. Cotton, (Seconil Donation) > towards the gr&at bell clock, draw- ing plans, postage,* copying and printing circular letters, draw:ing- I contracts, surveying journeys, Stamps, stationery, stoves, lamps, and other necessary expenees. v;flOO 0 0 The Vicars have the satisfaction to inforfii the public, that this most desirable, work has been at length GOiiti'acted: for, at the sum of ex- public, that this most desirable, work has been at length GOiiti'acted: for, at the sum of ex- ceeding the amount of subscriptions by X I1*5 2s. Oil". The deficiency, therefore, including the many unavoidable incidental expenses, cannot be rated attess than ^800. As the work is now imme- diately to-be comntenced. the Vicars eaniesl ly re- quest the Subscribers who have not yet paid in therr Subscrtptions, to remit them without delay, to the Bank, at Carnarvon. Jr. it. CO,TTON, V,,ARA J III AM S VI( AHS*

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