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ANGLESEY. Freehold Property TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At theIJoHse of Mr. Collier, called the Bull Inn. situate in the Town of Llanerchymedd. in the county of Anglesey, on Wednesday, the 3 1 st day of Anyust, 1825, between the hours oj* 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternooon, subject to the claim of Doner of the Wife of one of the Vendors, aged 72, out of one-third ofthe Estate; and to aJt Annuity of £ 25 for the Lifeofa Widow, aged 50, out of the other one-third of the Estate and also subject to two-thirds of an Annuity tj )tOOfor the Life of a Lady, aged 81, out of the said Estate, under such conditions as shall be tltfnprodticed, and in the following oil such other Lots as shall be then agreed upon, unless disposed of in the mean time' by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given. LOT 1. T WOundivided third parts of all that Capital Messuage, Tenemeiit and Lands, with the Appurtettarices, called PLAS-LLANDYFRYD- OG, situate in the parish of Lladyfrydog, in the said county of Aviglegey i the'entirety thereof containing 43ta. Jr. 37p. (including the pieces af, Land called GYDROS) and now in the holding of JoliN DAVID, and DAVID JONES, as Teiiatitsv,, from year to year. LOT II. « Two undivided third parts ofall that Messuage Tenement, and Lands, with the Appurtenances called GrAER, otherwise GARRECr-Y-NOG- YDD, situate in the parish of Llanflyfi-ydog aforesaid, the entirety thereof, containing 150a. Or. I tp. and now in the holding of DAVID ED- WARDS. as Tenant, from year to year. LOT III, Two undivided third parts of all that Messuage, Tenement, and Lands, with the Appurtenances, called GYFYNGWEN, situate in the parish of Llandyfrydog aforesaid, the entirety thereof con- taining 13a. 2r. 2p. as the same is now in the holding of THOMAS LLOYD, as Tenant, from year to year. N. B. The Land Tax affecting the above Es- tate hath been redeemed. The above Farms adjoin each other, and are conveniently situated for Lime and Sea Sand for Manure, and within 2 miles ofthe Market Town of Llanerchymedd, and t miles from the Town and Port of Amlwch and surrounded by the Es- tates of the Marquis of Anglesey, Lord Boston, Sir John Thomas Stanley, Bart., and William Prichard Lhoyd, Esq. 10:3- The respective Tenants will shew the Pre mises, and fnrther particulars may be had of Mr" HOBERT PRICHARD, Solicitor, Llwydiarth Esgobv* Anglesey, at whose Office a Survey of the same may be seen. ANGLESEY. RAC.E.S, 1 rfpo BE RUN AT LL'A.NQEFN! COURSE H on WEDNESDAY, the of AU- GUST, 1825.. KARL OF UXBRIDGE, M. P. > R. i' GRIFt I FH, of Cavre-GR•>. STEWAR'&S. IIwyd, Esq. The ANGLESEY, CUP. value £ 30, for HOI;St. not thorough bred, bona-fide. the property f residents in Anglesey Cariiarvonsh' J'wo mile heals. Three year oHs.9 Four ditto")0 4 Five ditto 1011 Six ditto and Aged .11 1 Mares add Geldiiigs allowed 31 bs. The PONY CUP, value £ ')()., for Horses no thorough I)re(.t, ,iii(i not exceeding it hands and I inch high. bred in Anglesey oi- Carnar- vonshire, and bdllg (1t the time of, naming, bona-fide, the pioperty. of residents.—Mile beat. ,v St. lb. Three year olds. 8 0 Four ditto .9 0 Five ditto Q 7 Six ditto and aged. 9 ii Mares and Geldings allowed 3Vbs. The LADIES' PURSE, value £ o(), for all Horses, bona-fide, the property of rtisidents in Anglesey or Carnarvonshire.—Two mile heats. 1, st. !b. Three year olds.. 7 4 .Four ditto g 7 Five ditto 9 0 Six. ditto and Aged.9 4 Mares and Geldings allowed*sibs. FIFTY SOVEREIGNS clear, for all Horses x not thorough-bred, bona-fide, the pro{)ert of persons following the occupation of Farming in Anglesey or Carnarvonshire.—Two mile hints. 1 1 St. 1])^ Three ym*olds. in a Four ditto j 1 4 Five ditto • JI Six ditto and Aged. 12 I the Worses torun for the above 5Q Sovereigns, must be Anglesey or Carnarvonshire, bred.ttr •' have beoii in ttieposseslil- lof the owner, at le»s:t, .one year, No Race for the Fifty Sovereigns, unless three Horses start—if two appear at the starting* post, the owner -of each will receive Five Gui: neas if only one, the owner will receIve Seven Guineas." The LLANGEFNI TRADESMEN^ CUP value ^50, for all Horses not exceeding 13 hands and a half high.—Mile heats. st. lb. Three yearolds. 7 5 Four ditto 7 8 Five ditto' 711 Six ditto and 'aged. 8 0 Mares and Geldings allowed 31bs. To start at a quarter before 13.—-During the day, several Matches will be run. ° ilorses to be entered with Mr. Jared Jackson, Clerk of the Course, at Llangefni, the day be- fore the Race, between, the hours of 11 and 4, and to pay 2s. 0d. The Stewards request that, in all practicable cases, Gentlemen be prepared with Certificates of the age, &e. of the Horses, at the time of entry the height, age, Sfe. of Ponies to name 1 their riders and cotpurs arid, to have,shot weight r tri f in readiiless, if their riders, are- tQO light. 6;3- Ordinary at half-past õ o'clock—LitUje^Ts. Gentleinert 10s.. Subscriptions are received by Mr. SPARROW," at Holvhead; JOHN JONES, E, sq. Solicitor, EVca"t(- maris G. B..RP°^' Esq Solicitor, Amltych TnoMAS )A", Esq. Carnarvoii and ,Mr. ,1 JOEN HDSHES, Solicitor,. Barrgoy. h — — TO CONTRACTORS AND Road Makers; — IN pursuance of an Act of Parliament, made arid passed this present Session of Parlia- ment, intituled, An Act for making and main- taiuiiig a Railway or Trutn Road, from or-near a eertain Slate Quarry, called Gloddfa'r Low, in the parish of Llandwrog, in the county of Carnarvon, to the Town and Port of Carnar- von, in the sapne county. Notice is hereby Given, That a Plan and-Specification of the said intend- ed Railway or Tram-Road, are left with Mr, HALL, Engineer, Barigor, and uf-my Office, situ.&' ate at Penrhos, i'i the coiutty Carnarvon, for I.collittv i, the inspection ot any Person or Persons desirous of becoming .the Contractor or Contractors,-for making and competing (except the Iron Rails) the said Railway orTram-Road, and the Bridget thereon, which extendsr ten miles or thereabouts, who are"Requested 011or before the First day of Se^temtif'r next, to sVnd me proposals In writing, sealed up" wiUmdoraed Xan/fle Rati-Way" for > making ahd coinpM'fhig' the saiue. R. IVit.I,IAMS, Clerk to the Company. N. B. Piickets'sail frOui ,I.iverpool?fo r Bangor-Ferry, ^hich is distant^ from CaraarTon about 8 miles; three days every week. I'enrhos, near Carnarvon, £ 1st August, 1825. University of Dublin. 'l< THE LECTURE^ W ANATOMV;I»H^- SIOLGY, arid.SUR0PR Y, commeriCe tlte first Mondaj in November/ and continue daily until May. 'TERMS. First Season Fpbr Giuneai- C Second Ditto Three Ditto. Third Ditto.Two Ditto. Two Courses of six jMonths ^.re now admitted in the London Colleg;e of Surgeons, aS equiva- lent to three Courses of four Moiillts each. The ANATOMICAL DEMONSTRATIONS" and DISSECTIONS-commyice th.e'third Mon- day in November, and coiitiai^e daiiy Until ApFil4, Terms, including Subject?for Dissections, First Season.Six (BuineaS. v; Second Ditto Four Ditto. on Third Ditto.Three Ditto, TheI.ECTURKS oiri MO.RBrD. ANATOMY and PATHOLCKJ X commence the first Friday in February, ami continue twice.a«week Ulitil May^ TERMS. ^irst Course.Twi rGuinea^ Second Ditto.(Uuiepitto.^ The Pupils attending the above Co-a .rst's, the use of a Medical Library, without-expense i and the- daily opportunity of studying the Anato- mical Preparations, Plates, pd Surgi.cal JjwtrjJ* ments, in the M Itsetlnl. The Lectures imi Anatomy, phyV.oipgy gthd r Surgery, are free to Medical Officers of the A,>my and Navy..o.c Apply':to Dr. MACARTI'K^Y.' TLT« .Pc^S^T of Anatomy and Surgery in tb« Ui»iVersrty; of at-, "I No. So, Upper "]*■ ( £ &■ An Anatomical 'fheatre, Two Museum^, and Three Dissecting Room, (the latter 115 feet b>"sV 1w,ve been-lately built, and will be opened next November. ■ THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN v Paver Company, C' CAPITAL, £ 500,000, IN 10,000 SIIARPJS OF £$0 MCll. DIRECTORS. r John Key, Esq. Aid, Thomas Kelly, Esq. aind Sheriff Sheriff Eleet John Jortin, Esq.. William Clement, Esq.- A. I. Valpy, Esq. George Mills, Esq.. P. V. Gambier, Esq. f E. Beaumont Venn, Eg(j BANKERS. Messrs. Everett, Walker, Maltby, Eflis, and Ç, V SOLICITORS. } Messrs. Lowdham, Parke, a»d Freeth. IN consequence of the numerous applications for Shares, the Directors turned their,atten- tioll to a more extensive employment of the Ca- pital of the Company than, was it t, tirst contemn plated and independently of the wide fieldwhich: presensjlself for a most prolitable sale of tht» Articles of every description, to the Inhabitants of. South America, the Directors have made a most advantageous arid beheficial arrangement for the purchase of one of the oldest and best established Concerns in the London Trade, from the 30th june last, the Capital of which, amotmling to a considerable sum, i3 to remain with the Company fpr a certain period, aildy together with the S tock is to be paid for by the Comjntny by easy instal- ipents to the Sellers, who lave agreed to taker sUch security as the first-legal advice at the Bar shall think right betweefi the Parties,-but without £ 571'/ personal tiit&Hity on the pQft qf'tfce Sub&erib- ers or Members of the ComjHiny, thus putting the company in possession of;an immediate source of profit, and giving them all the advantages arising from the possas&i^n of a long established Busi- liess and the emptoymerit of && extensive Capital^ without any persolial Viability on the part of Subscribers to those furnishing them with such immediate and extensive means of carrying: on their operation*. An advance has also taken place, of 171 per cent, on paper, sinoe the Com- pany was first in agitation, ipccasioped by the ex- tensive and increasing demand; at the same time that the raw material remains at the price it did prior to this advance. ? Under these circumstances the Directors consi- der they would not be doing "justice to the bene- ficial arrangements they Have e, if they did not extend their meatis of carrying 911 the same- by an increase of Capital., froID X250,000 to £ 600,000 in Shares .øfč;e50e.. thus giving the Public the opportuni ty of partaking of the advatf- tages to be derived from their- exertions;'tiieye- have therefore thought it right to make these cir- cuinfrtallegg known, ana to noti fy to the Eublig.? tHat> applications^ (post paid") for Shares will-bol received at their Bankers, Messrs. EYSit$nrr,1 WxtKER, MALTBY,• Etus. and Co. Mansion B(H«W5Strefet" or the Solicitors* Messrs. Lowtt- HAM, PARKE; and FREETB^ 69, Lincolp-V Inn. Fields^Londonjy Until the 89th instant. "'oný'sêh amount will be called for as the Di- rectors may consider from time to time, advairta- jeous for carrying ea the objects of