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JlonTioii, TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 16. PRICE OF STOCKS. 3 Cent. Cons. 8i).| | Cons, for Acct. 89J 34 Cent. 95f J India Bonds, 50pr. 3 Cent. Red. 85f J Ex. 104J 38 p 1 New 3 per Cents Bills THE KING.-His Majesty complefed his -63d year on Friday, and gave a splendid banquet 011 the occasion at Windsor Lodge to his Royal Relatives and a distinguish party of private friends.—The inhabitants of Windsor celebrated the day with every demonstration of joy the bells continued ringing at intervals during the day, and the 0 sports of Bachelor's Acre were resumed as in the olden time-—-wrestliiig, single-stick, jumping in sacks, with other rustic diver- sions, continuingin succession till half-past eight, when a grand display of fireworks concluded their amusements. The houses of all the King's tradesmen were illuminat- ed in the evening.—Brighton has recovered from its Lite torpor, and on this occasion made up for their deficiency on St. George's dav-tbe usual demonstrations of joy Were loyally exhibited.—In the metropolis seve- ral public buildings hoisted the standard of England, and a number of vessels in the Thames displayed a variety of colours. The annual gala was given at Vauxhall—splen- dour and magnificence were the order of the night; and the Theatres displayed their usual taste in brilliant illuminations. The Moniteuf of Friday contains the official acknowledgement of the independ- ence of Hayti.—All the accounts from Spain in the French papers, describe that unfortunate country as becoming every day more pitiable, being harrassed by civil dis- tensions, and all the complicated evils of misgovernment. In consequence of dis- turbances in the provinces, the appoint- ment of a Junta of public safety had been agreed to, and the re-establishment of the Inq nisition was under discussion. There have been civil conflicts at Malaga—many killed and wounded. -=-

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