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Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. The District Committee, in union with this Sn. ciety, was formed at the Annual Meeting of7h» Committee of the Society for Promoting ClHb. tian Knowledge, in August last, 1824 I» then resolved, that the Rev. Mr Cotton and ti" Rev. Mr. Hamer, as Secretary and Treasurer o( that Society, should he empowered to receive sut scriptions to any amount; that such si'bsr">ptio-vv should become due on the 1st of August, in each year, and that the first subscription should hc. come due in August 1825. The following sons (in addition to the Lord Bishop and the Her Mr. Cotton, as incorporated members,) gave ir their names as contributing and associated men-, bers. £ s. o. Rev. R. Williams, Canon of Bango.v • I ) 0 Rev. T. W. Trevoi-, VicarofCarllarvon. T 1 0 Rev. W. Thomas, Curate of Pentraeth, Anglesey 0 10 (i C. Gihnore, Esq. Bangor, o I c Rev. M. Hughes, P. C. of St. Anne's, 0 10 ii w Rev. E. A. O wen, Curate of Hol vhead, 0 IV tj The two venerable Institutions to which the Committees have now called the attention of ttv public, have existed above years theyaro«r- nearly at the same time they were for Inativ- years the only public associations connected with the Church of England, by which the Cos- »■ pel was spread abroad, and by which Chris" tian Knowledge was promoted at home- They are now yearly receiving an accession of friends, and are expending their increasing funds in new objects of extended usefulness The Committees therefore cannot better conclude Uv-ir report of these Societies, than by expressing a hope that their friends may increase, that their objects may be universally knowi, and their utility universally acknowledged; trusting Hllit as this hope will be ever seconded by their earnest efforts, so also, thro' their prayer to AN mighty God, thet hope may be realized, and those efforts made effectual.