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I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. Payne, At Bangor, in the comity of Carnarvon, oil Tues- day, the 23d day of August, 1825, THModern,Elegant, and valuablellOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and other effects, the property of John Webster, Esq. who in- tends removing- to a distant residence. I For further particulars, apply (i fhy Jetterpost paid) to Mr. Webster, or to the AutHjower, at. Carnarvon. ,1 1 vi/i* wjij: TO BE LET-, And entered upon- the 30th Nov. 1825, A Large and commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, containingseveral Sitting-rooms and Bed-rooms, with convenient Out-offices, oc- cupied for several years as the Bull's IÍêad Inn, situate in the priitcipa) street in the Town of Con- way, together with spacious Stables, Coach- liot.kie, and Yards, now in the holding Of Owen OWENS. The Tenant may be accommodated with any quantity df valuable Land near the Town, not exceeding 50 acres. For further particulars, apply at the Office of Messrs. Williams, Beaumaris, Anglesey. TO BE LET, ror a lerm of Years, and eiitered upon immediately, Avery Commodious PUBLIC HOUSE and PREMISES, conveniently situated in the Town of Carnarvon, which have been recently altered and highly improved, and are now in per- fect state of repair, and replete with every re- quisite Convenience, for carrying on business in an extensive and respectable way. The Taker may have the Furniture and Brew- ing Utensils, which are in excellent order, ai a fair valuation. For further particulars apply (if bv lettei- pnst paid) to,Mr. YV ixliam Joxks Solicitor, CAE MA WR near Carnnrvfn. Cae Manr, 10th Augu&t, 1S25. Castle Inn, Conway. ■■■ C. OWEN,- 'pftve most respectfully to infrirrrl the i.i Coiamercia! Travelers, and he Public m general, that she has lately en- tered upon the above INN, which is most desi- rably and conveniently situated in the centre of the town, having the Chester and Holvhead new line of Road passing in front of the House. tt tr',sLs' t!,at t!,e style In which the House is fitted up, ihe assiduous attention that shaH be paid, and the liberal ficale upon which every department of the EShblishment hn II be Conducted, will ensure for her a share of public patronage and support. The Wines and Spirits are of the choicest rfe- scription. The Apartments are commodious; and the Beds wen aired. wP°St Ghilises ancI 0Pen Carriages, Caref"' »»the 15 t'tiiim;!]'j v — 'Vi i^! f_'soy. TO BE LET, TWO excellent DWELLING-HOUSES, fron,llOg the south east. situate on the Green, nr«T„T 1' '0USe co^ains a good sized o i l> "wu1 £ *room, back Parlour, Five Bect-iooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, &c. A Iso another excellent DWELLING-HOUSE, fronting the east, adjoining the above houses containing a D,nM,g. 8 s> Bed-rooms, Kitchen, Pantry, &c. Two excellent « Ki?r* T xt by intended, to be used as Billiard and News Rooms, are attached to, and communicate with this latter house, which, on this account is well worth the attention of any Person who is accustomed to keep Billiard and News Rooms. The above Houses are provided in grates and bells, and are peculiarly xyell adapted for Lodg- ing-houses, and in the vicinity of Hot and Cold Baths, and Bathing Machines, &c. These Houses command a magnificent view of Beaumaris Bay, the scenery of which is unri- valled. For further application apply at the Office of Mr. Jones, Town Clerk, Beaumaris, if by letter post paid. CARNARVONSHIRE County Works. TO CONTRACTORS. NOTICE IS HEREY GIVEN, T^LthP^in?of a certai» BRIDGE in^he C0„M,°RGAN' ShUate -n be set to the lowest bid? °f Carna,;yon' Wl1 of the n bidder, at an adjournment to be held at tl 9uarter Sessions-of the Peace, by the si^nofth pUS Mr' David'Btce' known in the said P °Wn'ln the tow» of Pwllheli, August T82?Un K°n ,Wednesday the 24-th day of noon at the hour of twelve o'clock at beTseLP1aT,lnd ^i>ec,ificilt'on of the Work may farnanm Clerk of the Peace's Office, in ariDliMt; n'fa"d' ^u,'t^er particulars known, on or. P»lih2ly. W- S°"*y- 1 tractor or Contractors must be pre- i Rnr.') • two sufficient Sureties, to enter into „i A' double the sum Contracted, to com- l »eie the Work and perform the Contract. j RICHARD A. POOLE, Clerk of the Peace. [ RICHARD A. POOLE, Clerk of the Peace. [ BY COMMAND of THE ARCH DRUID. THE Companions of the Order of the Druids, are desired to take Notice that the ANNI- VERSARY MEETING will be held at the Ball's HEAD INN, in Beaumaris, on Tuesday the 80th day of August, 1895. JbHN JONES, I Secretaryj Castle.street, TZtmimaris, 1st August, 182». JOHN WILLIAMS. Esq. Arch-Druid. The Hon. G. J. lRijY, Sub-Druid. N. B. No claims upon the Society for rewards for Services rendered to persons in distress by Shipwreck or other accidents at sea, will be at. lowed in future, except to those cases where the petitioners incur some personal danger, in the act of affording such assistance. FLINTSIQIRE Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, r^HAT the Trustees .f the Flint, Holywell, J- and Mostyn Turnpike Districtsof Road will meet at the house of Mr: Thomas Roberts, of the n Inn, in Ifo'ywell,on'Tuesday the 30tli day of August instant, at 11 o'clock in I^Jwar°a\ m1 !l\llur.[)0se of Letting (in the n Ti T by lhe Acts I)assed third and fourth years of the Reign of this Majesty K.ng George the Fourth, For regulatingturn- pike Roads ) the Tolls arising upon the Mostyn District, for the Term of Teh Months and Twenty Days, (to commence from the 7th day of Septem- ber next, and to end Or determine on the 27th day of July next,) which Tolls produced lag,t,yeir £.85 over and above the sixpences of collect- ing thein. Whoever happens to he the highest bidder, must at thesaine time givesedurity with sufficient sureties, to tfie satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the Rent monthly, or in such other propertions as the Trustees may then require. FRANCIS JONRS j Clerk tb the Trustees, TVell-sir?ct; Moljrdetl, Åuq, 8t11, 1825, ADVERTISEMENT. Custom-house, London, 2d August 1S25. Trrn Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs do hereby give notice, that they will be ready to receive at the Custo'm-ho'use; London, on the 1st of Septr. next. Tenders in writine-' (sealed up) and treat for the supply of Provisions' for the use of the Cruizers and Vessels employed under their direction, for twelve Calendar Months from the 10th of October next. To be delivered free at all charges into the boats of said Vessels as follows, viz.- ENGLAND. SCOTLAND. Biscuit, ) Sheerness, Leith, Portsmouth, Aberdeen, I te?- I' /our, j Penzance, Oatmeal, Mi I ford, Suet, ( Berwick, Sugar, ) Grimsby, Tea, I Harwich. Cabbages, ) Potatoes, ) I Scotch Barley J And ENGLAND^ SCOTLAND. ) Dover, Oban. I Comes, Cromarty. Btscuit, Exmouth, fresh Beeef, | Dartmouth, Flour, j Forney, Oatmeal, >at Falmouth, Cabbages, I Hfracombe, Polatoes, I Douglas, Isle of Malt, 0>lty' North Yarmouth, I Southend, J Alderney. No regard will be had to any Tender in which the Prices shall not be inserted in words at length, oi that shall not he made on, or annexed to, one th r<e Particulars, to be procured from ine Custom-houses at. or nearest to the places ere the said Provisions are to be delivered, ,al l],e Secretary's Office, Custom-house,' -oivfion, (at which last-mentioned place the con^ ,fontl'act may be> seel10 or that an not be delivered in, or sent, post paid ad- diessed to the Secretary at the said Custom- nouse, before twelve o'clock, on the said 1st of Ptember next; nor unless the same is aoenm Persons le-tte'' S^'ned by ,two substantial rersons, engaging- to become bound with th^ party tendering, in the penal sum or sums men- tioned against the respective places in the follow, ing list, (according to those for which they may tender) for the due performance of the Contract. oC? SST: sgy-)" Fmeu ^r° V arfnoiUh 300 t0We^ 150 Harwich, 600 £ Southend, !50 Aider r.eij, 150 LeUh- •• 600 Aberdeen, 450 ^A-'MIETORCN, 450 Oban. .150 Mi US i" OX' U16. L. 0 U.i Tw ISM on ft-'S T. WIIlTMOriE, Secretary. ANGLESEY IA(D 12, it(o velrL:4 "All SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the above Society, will be held at the Bull's Head Inn, in Llangefni, on Thursday, the 25th day of August next, when the Premiums proposed at the last Meeting will be awarded. HUMPHREY HERBERT JONES Esd PRESIDENT. Gentlemen are particularly requested to attend c at 12 o ctock on the above day, to dispose of the several Premiums, and to appoint others for the succeeding year. 0.1- Dinner,on the Table at 3 o'clock precisely. The following PREMIUMS will be ad- judged. viz. To the Person who shall shew, at the next Ge- neral Meeting, the best Bull, fi-oin two to four years old-Five Gu,ineas. To the Person who shtlll shew the second best— Three Guineas. To the Tenant who shall shew, at the General Meeting, the best Three Year's Old Heifer, bred in Anglesey, in milk at the time of shewing— Four Guineas. To the Tenant Who shall show the second best- Two Guineas. To the Tenant who shall shew, at the General e r Meeting, the best Two Year's Old Heifer, bred in Anglesey—Four Guineas. To the Tenant who shall shew the second best- Two Guineas. To the Tenant who shall shew, at the General Meeting, the best One Fear Old Heifer, bred in .Anglesey — ihreb Guineas. To the second best as above-Two Guineas. fkr No stock can be shewn for the above Pre- miums, unless accompanied with certificates sign- ed by the owner, of the tirhe when they were dropped-theii, ages to be reckoned from the 12th of October. Heifers having gained a Priie as yearling, are not to be shewn for another Premium when two years old. To the Person who shall 6hew at the said Meeting, the best Boar-Fiz.,e G'itineas. To the Tenant who shall shew at the said Meeting, the best Sow Pig, not less than twelve months old, and under three years old-Three guineas. To the Tenant who shall shew, at the General Meeting, the best brood Mare, with a foal at her ieet, calculated for liai-tiess-Pive Guineas. > To the Tenant who shall shew the second best as above—Three Guineas. To the Tenant who shall Shew the third best a. The. Oat'Ua will be shewn in the yard adjoining the Inn, precisely at 12 o'clock. The Society reserve to themselves the power of awarding part of all Premiums, should there not appear sufficient merit. Gentlemen possessing any Implements of Hus- bandry, of a construction superior to those in common use, are requested to send them for in- spection. HUGH JONES, Secretary. Penrhos, 2Gth July, 1825. THE SOCIETY For Promoting Christian Knowledge, AND THE Society for the Propagation of the Gospel IN FOREIGN PARTS. A T a MEETING of the Society for Pro- Christian Knowledge, held in the NATIONAL SCHOOL ROOM, Bangor, the 3d day of August, 1S25. PRESENT. Rev. the Dean Rev. J. H. Cotton, Secretary Rev. J. I lamer, Treasurer Travers Jones. Esq, C, Gilmore, Esq. Rev. R. Newcome, Warden of Ruthin Mr. Williams, Friars Mr. Jones, Rector ofLlanicstyn Mr. Trevor, Carnarvon Gethin Williams, Rhiwlas Ellis Anwyl Owen Hugh Price, Rector of Llangelynin Rev. H'lyh Wynne Joytes, Rector of Aberffraw William Thomas Trevor John Roberts, Bwlan Mr. Griffith, Rector of Llandwrog John Williams, Rector of Llangadwaladr Evan Williams, Rector of Llangefni Mr. Rowlands, Plasgrvyn Charles Evans, Esq. Henblas Rev. II Rowlands, Llanddeiniolen, The Rei), Archdeacon Jollies Rev. Mr. Davies, Llniigrist.iolns Mr. Edwards, Llandyji'dog' Mr. Jones, Ffestiniog John Hughes, Esq. Dep. Reg. Rev. Mr. Roberts, Rector of Liangybi I Ellis Roberts, Rector of Llanynys John Prichard, Dinam The accounts of last year were examined and approved. The Report was read by the Secretary, ap- proved of, and ordered to be printed in the "North- Wales Gazeite. The following new Members were admitted Rev. Evan Williams, Curate of Rhosco!yn Uev. David Hughes, Curate of Lhiafairfechan Signed in behalf of the Committee, H. COTTON. REPORT

:- REPORT'""