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Menai Pitt Club. THE Anniversary of the Menal PiftCiufj. will be celebrated at the Hotel, in the Town of Carnarvon, on Monday, the 15th of Au- gust instant,, being the fifth day of the Great "Sessions, PRESIDENT. THE REV. HENRV JONES. DEPUTY. COLONEL PARRY. Carnarvon, 9th August, 1825. BY COMMAND OF THE ARCH bRUID. -i npHE Companions of the Order of the Druids, afe desired to take Notice that the A N NI VERSARY MEETING will be held at the Butt's HEA.D IRN, in Beaufnaris, oh Thursday the 25th day of August 1825. r JOHN JONES, Secretary. Castle street, B eavmdris, 1st August, 1825. 'JOHN WILLIAMS. Esq. Arch-Druid. if he Hon. G. J. lit BY, Sub-Druid. N. B. No claims upon the Society for regards \¡ forfieryices rendered to persons iii distress by Shipwreck or other accidents M sea, will be al- lowed in future, except to .those cases where the petitioners inchr softie personal danger, in the net of affording such assistance. FLINTSHIRE Turnpike Tolls, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Trustees of the Flint, Holywell, and Mostyn Turnpike Districts of tload will i|ieet,B.t the house of Mr. Thomas Roberts, of the Bell-aftd-Antelope Inn, in Holywell, on Tuesday the 30th, day of August instant, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of Letting (in the manned directed by the Acts passed in the third and fourth years of the Reign of this Majesty King GEORGE the Foprtli, For regulating Turn- pike Roads the Tolls arisiiig upon the Mostyn District, for the Term of Ten Months and Twenty Days, (to commence from the 7th day of Septem- in ber next, and to end or determine on the 27th day of July next,) which Tolls produced last year £ .825 over and above the expences of collect- ing them. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must at the same time give security with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the Rent monthly, or in such other iiropbrtlorts as the Trustees may then require, FRANCIS JONES, Clerk to the Trustees. Well-street, Holywell, Aug. Sth, 1825. BISII Having, agreeably to his usiial custom, announced the Great Luck that attended his Offices in the very last Drawing, (I3tli July,) and submitted the Scheme of the present Lottery at full, he now respectfully solicits attention to the leading points —The popular attractions of late Lotteries are not only retained but by oddlug to the number ot 'the and.. JbcreasSiifc the value of the FJ|TRTJI UNPRECEDISNTED SUM OF #218,204! INCLUDING ti""OlO'OO Of In Four truly Grand Prizes of £ 25,000 tpo f £ 25,000! £ 25,000 c. c. WILL BE ALL DECIDED III One Day! Wednesday, 31 si August, (THIS MONTH) When every Number will be Decided, and every Ticket a Prize. X. Jl. Parliament has deter- mined to abolish Lotteries itt the, conclusion of the pre- sent drawings. TtcketsaRd Shares are on gdle at rhsu's ^fSc^^o, 4, Cornlull, and €f, ChaVing-ereKs t,ortd$$' £ %ho Shared and Sold m the last Few -months" Koiir Prizes of s £ 30,0-06 Four foizes of £ 20,0(30 ,&t., Ai. the Lottery drawn 15th •fuly last, No. 3^613 £ 21,000 No. 9.77t> X21,000 No. 8,687 £ 2,000 No. 4.807 fll,050 Entitled to 16 Pip6s of Wine. And Several other Capitals 'Tickets,and Shares are also selling by f. BISH'S Agents in the Country, jfoole & Harding, Booksellers, TURF-SQUARE, CARNARVON Poole A- Harding, Booksellers, Chester Evans, Jun. Journal Office, Carmarthen IV. Bird, Post Office, Cardiff J.Potter, Bookseller, Haverfordwest J. Phillips, Jeweller, Merthyr-Tydvil E. Jones', Bookseller, Nantwich. J. Barclay, Bookseller, Pembroke n. Jones; Cheesemonger, Shrewsbury JohnGriffiths, Bookseller. Wrexham ,ert. of 4?30,000 was sold at Chester- J WANTED A YOUNG MAN, as Assistant in a Draper's and Grocer's Shop—onfc active and stea- dy.—None need apply unless they can give good references for sobriety and honesty. < Apply, if by letter p. p. to the EDITOR of this Paper. fAn Apprentice Wanted. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mil. PAYNE, At Bangtr, in the count]) of Carntirzioiz,, on Thes- dhy, the %2d dag of August, 1825, THE Modern,Elegant,and valuableHOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and other effects, the property of JOHN WEBSTER, Esq. who til- tends removing to a distant residence. For further particulars, apply (if by letter post paid) to Mr. Webster, or to the Auctioneer, at Carnarvon. TO BE LET, For a Term of Years, and entered upon immediately, A very commodious PUBLIC HOUSE, and 'I¡ PftJSM.lSjSS, conveniently sUuitted.iii tfse Town of Citrfck'rVptj, wfici'i have Wen recently altered and highly improved, and are now ift per- feet of repair, nd replete with every re- quisite Convenience, for carrying on business in a»;extensi VIM iiici respectable way. The Taker may have the Furniture and Brew- ing Utensils, which are in excellent ordL-i- atu fair valuation. For further particulars apply (if by letter post ildid) to Mn. WiLLrAM JONES Solicitor, CAE MAWS near Carnarvon. Cae Mater, \Qih August, 1925, CARNARVONSHIRE County Works. 'TO CONTRACTORS. NOTICE IS IIUKKV GIVES, THAT,the building of a certain BRIDGE called PONT MORGAN, situate at ABERSOCH, in the Courtly of Carnarvon, will be set to the lowest bidder, at an adjournment of the general Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be held at thehouseof Mr. DAVID'RICE, known by the sign of the Crown, in the town of Pwllheli, in the said County, on Wednesday lhe £ 4th day of August, 11325, at the hour of twelve o'clock at noon. The Ptan and Specification of the Work may be seen at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, in Carnarvon and. further particulars known, on application to MR. W. TttowAs, County Survey- or. Pwllhely. The Contractor or Contractors must be pre- pared, with two sufficient- -Sureties, to eiiter into a, Sond, ill double the sum CbiUracted, to com- plete tile Work and perform the Contract. RICHARD A. POOLI, Ciei-k of the Pence. v -ADVERTISEMENT; as»—- Cu-stom-kou.se, London, '} 2d August 18:25. of his Maj'es-ty'a Customs hereby give rtotice, that they will be re-vlf t01'ec¡v(' at the Custdm-house, LOllfj(i1Ú, ort the 1st of Septr. next. Tenders in writing, (Sealed up) and treat rpr the supply of Provisions, (órtnè use of the Cruizors and Vessels ^inplbved under tlioir direction, for twelve Calendar Months, from the 10th of October next. To be delivered free of all charges into the boats of said Vessels, as follows, viz — England. Scotland. fiusuil, Rum, Salt Beef, Fresh Beef FlOm', Oatmeal, Suet; i Sugar. I Tea, Cabbages, Potatoes, Scotch Barley;) ) Shcertiess, Portsmouth, }Vegmo vih, Plymouth, Penzance, l.at Miljord, Berwick, I Grimsby^ Harwich, Lcith, Aberdeen, Cambleioivft Lind ENGLAND. SC-ô'rtAND' Biscuit, Fresh BeecJ, Flour, Oatriteal, Cabbaget, Potatoes, only. ) Dover, Oban. Comes, Cromarty. Exmouth, Dartmouth, I Fówcy, >at Falmouth, Ilfracombe, I Doug fas, Ide of Malt, North Yarmouth, Southend, J Aide-ritey. No regard will be had to any Tender in which the Prices shall not be inserted in words nt length; or that shall not be made on, or annexed to, one of the printed Particulars, to be proclIredfronl the Custom-houses at. or nearest to the places vyhvre the said Provisions are to be delivered, and At the Secretary's Office, Custrtm-hoUSe, London, (at which last-mentioned place the con- dit,Jonsof the contract may be seen;) or that shAU not be deli vered in, or seht, post paid, ad- dressed to the Secretary at the said Custom- house, before twelve o'clock, oh the said 1st of September next; nor unless the same is accom- panied by a letter signed by two substantial Persons, engaging to become bound with the party tendering-, in the penal sum or suras men- tioned against the respective places in the follow- 109 list, (according to those for which they may I tender) for the due performance of the Contract. Sheerness,; 600 Dover. J5o Portsmouth, 6)0 Comes, 300 Sheerness,; 600 Dover. J5o Portsmouth, 6)0 Comes, 300 Weymouth, 000 Exmouth Dartmouth, 150 Plymouth, QOO Fowey. i^o Falmouth, 300 Penzance, I/fracombe. 150 Milford, 600 Douglas, 1*^ Berwick, Grimsby, 4^ Yarmouth • Harwich, 6^0 .;t.. Southend, 150 Alderney, jgo Leith,. goo Aberdeen, 450 Cambletown,450 0ban, 150 Cromarty, ]50 By Order of the Commissioners, T. WHITMORE, Secretary.

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