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¡;R WI:: OF B :Ul:J.



COMPENDIOUS NOTICES. Phs MAJESTY has had a slight attack of the gout at Carlton flouse.-Dukes of York and Cambridge and Duchess of Gloucester visited the King Saturday.—His Majesty held a Court at St. Jnmes's Palace, Tuesday—the first these IS years.- The King has sent IOOgs. to widow and family of old Jack Brandon, the hook box keeper --also ,£'100 to sufferers hy late fire in Wells- street.—French Ministry greatly disappointed in financial pIau-all the efforts to induce leading capitalists to purchase the new stock ,ln,lvallillo, Roman Catholic Clergy, now they again rule the roast in France, becoming more ititolei-ant than ever—the Cure of L'Aistie on his knees lately de- nounced maledictions on some villagers for danc- ing (as had been their usual custom) on Sunday eve Leo X., in order to re-people Ostia, and three other unhealthy towns, has de- creed that every assassin who flies to either for refuge shall be free from further pursuit.—Mr. Hamilton Ilowaii, so says a Morning Paper, set off for London to demand of Mr. Secretary Pee! a full explanation of the language he lately ap- plied to him in Parliament—it was Mr. Dawson, and not Mr. Peel, of whom satisfaction was de- manded—the whole amicably arranged.—Dr. Bur- gess, tho new Bishop, was installed Wednesday, .} J I in Cathedral Church at Salisbury.—Rev. W. '"Bucklaud, B. D. gazetted Saturday Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, viae Dr. James Burton, deceased.—Captain Earl Manvers, passed over in recent promotion of flag-officers, has resigned his Commission.—Twenty-eight officers promoted to the rank of Commander since 1st April last, thirteen- Comsriauders to rank of Captain, and thirty-eight Midshipmen to that of Lieutenant.— Current report, 4hat the Portuguese Minister lias made application to our Government to put in force the Foreign Enlistment Bill against Lord •Cochrane—His Lordship not expected to re- hoist his flag on hoard the Piranga, now refitting at !raiits are made to Royal Family, it is usual in the Speech at the close of the Session to thank the Commons for their libe- rality—late grants to the children of two Royal Dukes were however unnoticed f— A report now current in higher circles that Parliament will be dissolved in October, when the harvest is got in. -Sir G. Shiffner and Sir John Shelly, the pre- sent Members, with Mr. lieiiip, a new candidate, very active at Lewes—Lord Pelham said will also start:—Though feir F. Henniker has retired from Heading, an opposition is still lriuted at, as it is said lieadin;j is now Made easy Id new begirwcrs.- ) A gentleman of independent principles and fortune has his positive intention to start for borbugh of Hertford.—W.Wyndham, Esq. M.P. On his return to Salisbury last week, met by a targe concourse of people, who, to testify their gratitude for his opposition to Catholic claims, drew him in triumph to his residence.—Great al- terations and improvements to be made in ap- proaches to both Houses of Parliament and build- ings in connection with them, and additional rooms and accommodations to be foniied for Commit- teesv—Rochester Cathedral undergoing an exten- sive rel)aij-An estate in Norfolk, offered twenty years ago for 890, was lately divided into lots and sold oil building- leases for jfflOl),000.—Late Lady Holland's will proved in Prerogative Court, personal property under ^500,000.—-Earl Whit- worth's also proved, personals under .< £ "70,000. —Joint Bull (Sunday piper) very furious yester- day, not onl:, on Mechanic's Institution, but on the projected London Uriiversity-John thinks they have a revolutionary tendency.-lpswich Mechanics' Institution rapidly increasing in esti- iiiatioii-it contains 217 Members.—Meeting of Gospel Tract Society at London Tavern Thursday very uproarious, very vulgar, and very intole- ratit-Ilev. Mr. Tyrrell, a Roman Catholic Cler- gyman and another, who wished to speak, ex- pelled by force.—A fall in price of tea-very good may be obtained at 5s. 4fl. and very superior at 6s. per lb.—More Specs—like Macbeth's sha- dows, another and another yet—aye a fourth three new Companies were broadhed early last week, and a fourth Siitui-day-ttie Carpet Com- pany, premium I per cent. !—Deposits on Guapaxualo Mining Association" returned by the bankers, finding the scheme a dead take-in.— Two Burying Companies some time since estab- lished and lately a General D.yeing Company" set on foot—the subject is too gmvc for a pun.— "Oh, what, a falling off is here! "-In the 26 dress boxes at Driiry-lar.eTheatre on Kean's be- nefit, Thursday, there were not thirty ladies,) and the house in other respects very indifferently attended. —Madame Catalani, after eight years' absence, received with great enthusiasm at Pa- ris.—Signor de, Begnis gave a concert Monday Evening for the benefit rif poor Placci, now con- fined in a private mad-house.—The silvei-dul) given by Thames Yacht Club sailed fur Satur- day-five Vessels startt;d-a beautiful and well- contested match, and eventually Wod by the Grayliound.—Masonry, with painting and glaz- ing. first introduced into England by a lie, pneceptor of the Venerable Bede, the middle of 7th century.—The Bolivar, new steam vessel, 150 tons, to he launched at Liverpool 19th iiist— her destination Colombia.—Cannon and Ward contend for the Championship to-morrow week- Curtis and Warren fight satr.e day.


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