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ON LIFE. OF human Life, say what the scope, To court despair,—extinguish flop@! To deepen every ill we meet, And trample joy beneath our feet With downward aim, intent on Wofi, No gentle rvtiipathy to know Nor tast a pleasure, lest it prove False as the meteor-lights above? To view, with unadniiring eye, -Creation's vast variety ;— All that the teeming earth supplies, And all that animates the skies! Like the blind reptile of the clay, To crawl through Life's ignoble day And, when the servile task is o'er. To sleep in death, and wake no moret Not so the Christian reads his lot Nor deems the world so drear a spot; But views, in all the seeming 111, Mercy predominating still Grateful when benedictions fall, Resigned when threat'ning woes appill By neither urg'd from duty's sway, He still preserves his steadfast Way. As rivers, with resistless force, Though rocks and hills impede their course, U Uired pursue their destiny, A ii(i reach at last the boundless sea. Oh, thankless man perversely blind Industrious still thy woes to blill.1 Thoughtless when happy, but if woe Obtrude, indignant at the blow ;— Look rotlud thee,—view the wond'rous scheme, And rouse thee from thy grov'ling dream -Goillit, if tilou L'linst, tliy blessings oer, Then humbly, tremblingly, adore 1 Who oall'd thee from the dark abyss Of nothing, to it state lilre this? Poured oil eye the living ray, ^iid waked ihee into dazzling day Who, with perceptions exquisite. Imbued thy frame, and bade delight- Associate of thy growing powers— Strew thy you-.ig path with thousand flowers? Give ihee each social joy to know- Ad'ection, Love, and Friendship's glow Link'd thee to life by tenderest ties, And kindred's soft affinities? Who spread before thy wond'ring view This goodly fabric, ever new Stamp'd his own ittugeon thy brow. And made thee Lord of all below ? Who, when afflictions round thee press, When vice appals, when doubts distress, Bids thee on Hiin alone rely, And seek thy recotnpenee on High ? Oh. answer if thou cifii-st -then dare Withhold the tiibutary pray'n Or deem thy soul's intensest thought Can praise and love him as thou ought Great Source of Life! Eternal Power 1 Whate V befallmv passing hour. Oh let me still on Thee repose, Tho' ev'ry earthly prospect close? llatnbly await thy Sov'reign will, The good enjoy submit to ill And feel, at life's last liii,t,ring br(,ftili, T!»e Christian's confidence in death ,.t.j






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