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MOX&AY, MAYS. '.' i

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By Order of the Honourable Commix- •voner.9 of Hi8 I)f Custom-v, "Till be Sold by Public Auction, At the EXCISE OFFICE, HOLYHEAD, On Thursday, the UHh May instant, THE FOLLOWING COJYDEMJYED GOODS, viz. 100 Gallons Irish Malt Whiskey, good qualitv j 300 It Flint Gljuss WO jt, Hard Soap •>00 Yards Printed Calicoes AND A SMALL BO VTi The above to be put up in small quantities to suit the purchasers, and may be viewed two days before the Sale.. r'-Tlie, Sale to commence at 11 precisely. Hxche Office, Holyhead, 9th May, 1825, 1 In the Chancery Court of the Great Sc.s- eiotw, for the several Co unties of Car-. narvon, Anglesey,^ and Merioneth. Between FRANCIS -WALKER JONES', Com- plainant, And the Reverend WILLIAM WILLIAMS,, Clerk, and others. Defendants. 'C ,c, .eL IN Pursuance of a Decree made on the hearing JJL of this Cause, bearing date the first .day of J April, 1825, I: Wiiiiarii Ili-lee Poole, Esquire, j the Register of this Honourable Court, do hereby give Notice, that the Creditors of THOMAS Jones, late of Brynlirion, in the County of Carnarvon^ Esquire,, deceased, the testator in the pIalJillgs i of this cause named, are to come in before me at i my office, situate in the town of Carnarvon, in the, said County of Carnarvon, on or before the first day of July next, and prove their Debts against the said testator, Thomas Jones, and in drjaidl- iheriof, they Kill be excluded the benefit oj the said decree. Dated this 2d day oj May, 1825. W, P. POOLE, Register. H. ft. Wlt.L[A,-ti, Su'licitt)r for the Complainant. tVM. WILLIAMS, Solicitor for the Defendants. ;;I WO,' L IV E R POOL, ^o^r^RPooti^ I BY THE WELL-KNOWN I STEAM PACKET, Pi-inee LieweSyn, JAMES HARPER, commandeu. WILL leave BANGOR FERRY every MONDA Y, WEDN ESDA Y, ami FR1- D \Y Mornings, at Eight o'C'lotk predate!,y, and n-turns for LIVERPOOL, on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY. Apply to WILLIAM CRITCHLOW, Agent. Beaumaris, Jl( Jtoy,IS25. THE LONDON GENUINE TEA COMPANY, 23, LtJDGATE-HILL, LONDON, The only JSatabUnhment of the kind in the Kingdom,. r'llIIE pretensions of most of the petty imi- 1 tators of this Establishment, (which has long since been fit the iveud of the Tea Trade) having subsided, the Cornpany have only to state that their Tear so decidedly preferred, and iiiii. versally drank in everv City, Town, and Village in the Kinxdour, continue to be packed in lead, in Pounds, halves, and Quarters, and in larger parcels; and th"e following are tbeonly authorized Agents in this, District—The Company s Teas are admitted to be upwards of One Shilling per Ih. better ttyw those through any other channel. Miss DAVIDSON, opposite the Post-Office, Ba rigOr. A BfiftYSTWITH P A. Bowler ABERGELE ,L. Davies BRIDGEND .D. rtloinas BRECON.1.W. Duncan, Jun, W. flirit CAft^AflTHEN J. Ilagnalt & Co, DilipTol T. COWBRIDG E. -T- Llewelj n,Jun. CRICKHOWELT .M. Davis HA VERFORDWEST- J-Potter. TIOLYWEI.,I,' Davies LLANFYLLIN ..TV Davies -LL ,tNRWST, I. j- Jones MERTHYR TYDV1L. J. Phillips MONTGOMERY. J. Waidson MOLD. • Mrs. Sarah Birch NEATH. J Hentley NEWTOWN J. Jones NARBETH E. Blaythwait PEMBROKE ..J. Barclay DITTO. (PATER DOCK)J. & T. Moore RUTIIIN i R. Roberts SHREWSBURY.R. Jones SWANSEA Faggr TENBY.J. Stevens TREDEGAR. At. Joites WREX HAM H. Loat DTTTO R. D. PYatis Applications for other Towns imme- diately answered, if post paid. j All Letters and Accounts must be trans- mitted to 141. Fleet-street,free of expence. The. Advertisements and Remittances are invariably sent to the Printers, POST PAm, and the Tea Com- pany wilt not therefore be put to any charge when a settlement is requested. EISTEDDYOD. rf^he FIFTH ANNIVERSARRY MEET- I ING.of.thfc CYMMRODORI'ON, will be held on MONDAY Morning, May S3, at the' Freemasons' Hall, commencing at 1*2 o'Clock precisely. PATRON—His MAJESTY. PtirsiDENT-Sir W. WrWynn, Baft, M P. PRESIDENTS o> THE DAY—Viscount Clive and Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. M. P. When the Medallions of the Society will be awarded, and a Concert of National Music per- formed. The Members and their Friends will dineon the same day at Five o'Clock. Viscount Clive in the Chair. Concert and Dinner Tickets to be had at the Bar of the Tavern. -Contluctor, John Parry, Hegistrar of Music to the Institution.—26, Ox- ford-street, May 4'. 1925. ROYAL Carnarvonshire Militia. T NOTICE JS HEREBY GIVEN, PjJflHAT all the MEN enrolled, or serving in j) the regular Militia of the, County of Car- narvon, are to assemble at Carnarvon, in the ^iiid County, on Tuesday, the 17th day, of LNlay instant, for the. purpose of.-being trained and ex- ercised for tile sl)aeeorTwLutv-eiglit Days. And every Militia Man.not labouring under any infir- mity incapacitating him, who shall not appeVrat the time and place appointed, for the training and • exercise of which this is to be a sufficient-Notice, will be deemed a Deserter. Dated the 2d day of May, 1825. W.P. POOLE, CLERK OF GENERAL MKETI?I.GS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Vastly Inn, lipugor, on Friday, theOtll (Zf- May instant, between the hours of 40 ami 5 in the afternoon, subject to conditions, unless disposed 4f in the mean ti¡ttw kil,p?,ivate conti-act, (if ivhich due notice will be given. 4LL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, (with the well established Sliop) Workshops, Courts, Gardens, and Appurtenances, L thereto belonging, situate on the east side of the main street, in the centre of the-Town of Bangor, and now in the tenure or occupation of Mr. Evan' Evans, brazier. AIso another MfSSUAGt or DWELLING- HOUSE. and APPUKTKNANGES adjoining the last Lot, ill the occupation ofHugh Piicliurd', taiior. Note —these last meinioned are: held under a Lease for 21 years, of which about l-O-are now .unexpired. And also another MESSUAGE or DWEL- LtNu 11.00; adjoining the last preceding Lot; in the oeclIlJatiorl of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, widow. Andalsotwo other MK.SUAGESorDWEL- I.lNGrHOUSE'S-, with the Apptirten.usees thereto, belonging, ill the several ten Hies of 't'homns Ed- wards, and John Davies. or their under-tttiTtoMs," Also several SU A RKS. of and in a certain WEljt or FISHERY, (on the Carnarvonshire side of the. trai t" of Mynai) in the' Manor "of Va-ynof* Bangor-, called Gorad-gaf. The respect i ve Tenants will shew the Premises,1 arid particulars may be had oti to HUGHES, Solicitor, Bangor. CAPITAL LUCK" GREA TEll VA ItIB TY LARGER PRIZES, BISH, GRAI'EFUI. to Foi tnne for enabling him to distribute Eleven Capital Prizes''among his best Friends, the Public, on the very last Drawing, solicits a continuance of their favours in the present Lottery, containing prizes of, in- creased Value, and of greater Variety, viz. Two of £ 30,000 Two £10,00,0 Two C'>,000 Besides 20 other Capitals, and 1 NO BLANKS! \s every Number will be, save of Five Potfrids at least. AI.I.IN ONS DAY, When eTery Number will be. decided, and every Ticket n,Prize.. BISH has been,peculiarly fortunate in selling T'. resof There have been only Two 4rheine* contai/iing Three Prfees of £ 30,000 In the first, BISH SOLI) ALL TIIE THREE .»nd in the last, he sold Two out of the Three piizes of Thirty Thousamls, BISH sold also the First £ 30,000 ever drawn—the La«ti £ 30,000 ,'rer 'drurrn—in the last Three Months of last Year he sold Two Prises of £ 30,<HX) and Three Prizes of in the very last Draw- insr 12th April. BISH sold. and shared No. 7 03*, a Prize of i,20,000, ^4 Ten otlier Capi- tals the Shares of which Were almost all Sold by illSH's Agents. "Tickets »n{1 Shares, are on Sale at BISH's 'Offices. tornhill. and 9, Oharing-Cross, Lon- S ?AND BY HIS AGENTS. VIZ.. Poole & Harding, Booksellers. TURF-SQUARE, CARNARVON. Poole Harding, Booksellers, Chester. J. Evans, Jun. Journal Office, Carmarthen IV Bird, Post Oiffce, Cardiff J. Potter, Bookseller, Haverfordwest. J. Phillips, Jeweller, Merthyr- Tydvil. E. Jones, Bookseller, Xautwich. J. Barclay, Bookseller, Pembroke. J Jones, Cheesemonger, Shrewsbury. J. Griffiths, Bookseller, Wrexham. part of the last £ 20,000, No. 7034, was sent to Messrs. PooIe'Yfc Harding, Chester, /fy* The Lottery will be all drawn the THIRTY- F1HST THIS MOS'TH. 1 WANTED, « yqxJtji of good education, as an A?' ..J\ PRENTICE to a GROCElt, IRON- M0Nt&ER, DRAPER, #e. in a small Towii- near Pwllheli. For particulars, apply post paId to.Mr. D. ROBERTS, Bookbinder, Bangor. J' SECOND EDITION, Ju.st Published, by J. fy Jiyj^alfar, '4% Bernard-Street, and 108, 6d. mdde up ifr d' eate for thf- pocket, ,I A M AP of NORTH WALES;, CONTAINING the latest improvements.. d,i>* tinguishing the principal frdiif the .cross*; roads with the heights of the ijwlHltains expr'es" sed in feet, and an approved, view of BANGOft BIUPQ giviiig. also the distances; mil«.frr bet" e-eti, tacli town, -for the conveniehc'e>ot. lef- Tellers, < Masy be had of.the ''Publish'ej^ anil all t1\" ■ prwipifjal Booksellers ill ort!HVáI¡;s. ur GAME. ;• 5. til EltE AS certain notorious Poachers .tyf-. u»»qi»lifiqd Persons, in the city of vhavfe for spm'e time been in- the;habit of raisiii^ fYiea«|hTs in thei/ jgardens, and other premises, .Iinder5 neiYs'^ frofy eggs taken from the nest, or .ivhenJ^ist hKtcbetL; and whereas the Game In thí" part of the eflt^otry has been otherwise much de- stroyed byunqualified persons. t persoiit6.: This is to Give iVotice "■ ■} To all persons of the above description, as Witfl as to the Coachmen and Guards of the <iiffercnl- coaches, apd to those, connected with them, that it is the determination of 'the, principal LaudeiK. Proprietors in this heigbbourhood, to prosecnte to the utmost extent of the law, all persons Who shall be found destroying tti a nists- of any Gam o. or with Pheasants, or any other Gllmt in their possession, as well as the purchasers of such Game. May 10^ 1825. FOR CHESTER. The Oavid STEAM PAOX" jnU S'til from Baxg.or F.e £ r%$aUfag at _po 1 \'ri FOR PASSENGERS, ON Fkl DAY; (TO-MORROW) AlOKN AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, <le»lrous of going w- Denl>l^h'St.'Asaph, i^c. will find thtS a de- .sirable eonveyarjce. as the St. DAVID will l^n'<l I »a<.s^n*er\' hi Bag: i ll t, W here CAR'S rtstfti Wl v -n t. r 's, tile Ship Inri. FARES To Bafillf, and Flint, Best Cabin 7s. 6d. only Dittos Second Cabin; Ô3. Coaches leave Chester, for Liverpool, Nlati ell ester' &c. each day as follows :— LIVERPOOL, a quarter before Five. Ditto. a quarter before Eight. a. quarter befbre Ten. Ditto One v "-Ijitto.. three. Dftto. Four. I I L-$ T C R D-itto. a: quarter befpre Eleven. one. Manchester and Macclesfield One. -.or-: -7- NORTH WALKS

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