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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT MEETINGS will take place in the JJL Town Hall, in the town of Pwllheli, on the. 4th, and in the County Hall, in the town of Carnarvon, on the7'th days of May next. for the purpose of adjusting the Salvage and other eX- pencos, in recovering Goods cast ou.shore, and found within the respective district of each Port since Octobuf last. It is particularly requested that all the parties concerned in finding property will attend personally, otherwise their claims cannot be allowed, or any expense or salvage paid after the above dates. JAMES HARRIS, Jim. AGENT FOR Ltovn's, And the Association of Under-writers in the Ports of Liverpool and Glasgow. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (For the Benefit of whom it may concern): In the old Assembly Room, in the Town of Pwll- heli, in the County of Carnarvon, on the 9th of May, 18*25, and the four following st(iys\ in a Room belonging to the Goat Inn, in the Town of qIlla"volI, on the lMh, 16th. and 17th; and at Beaumaris on the 21st May, and to continue un- til the whole is sold; following Goods, being a part of the JJL Ship REBKCCA'S Cargo, lost on her Voyage from.jGhreenock to Jamaica, consisting of Woollen Cloth andHaize Linen Osnaburghs, Diaper Plain and Worked Muslin Printed Cotton; Clown Pieces Printed and Plain Handkerchiefs Flannel, Linsey Cotton Stockings Wearing Apparel; Cotton Checks; Blanketting Thread;. Stationer Counterpanes Negro Hats and y I Cups; Gentlemen and Ladies, Saddles Crig Harness; Bridles; Girts; Saddle Cloths; Stir- rup Irons Whips Shot Belts Spars Brushes Copper Ladles Lamps and Skimmers Mold Candles Ale in Barrels and Bottles Oatmeal Garden Seed Fish Hooks and Lines and a quantity of new empty Rum Puncheons, &c. &c. The above Articles will be put up in Lots to suit Purchasers, and are all well worth the at- tention of private families and the trad; the Sale to commence each day at 10 o'clock. For further particulars, apply to Mr. LEWIS EVANS. Pwllheli; Messrs. JAMES GUEST, & CO. Carnarvon or to JAMES HARRIS, Jun. AGENTFOR LLOYD'S. Beaumaris, V2th April, 1S25. THE Humble PETITION of the un- dersigned Burgesses and other Inha- bitants of the Town and Borough of Carnarvon, 1 SHEWETH, THAT your petitioners have beheld with the utmost alarm, the progress which has of late been made in favour of the Catholic Claims, and being highly apprehensive of the conse- quences as regards our admirable establishment in Church and State, should th,,& y be granted to the extent solicited and set forth in a Bill now before your Honourable House, they beg humbly to Petition that the said J8il^xnay< not pass into a: law. That your Petitioners nevertheless entertain cordial affection for their fellow subjects of the ''Rothan Catholic Religion, and rtyoice that they are not coerced by any laws afMiting their peiy, sons or property, & that they enjoy full toleration; in the exercise of their religion,'Which your Peti- tioners conceive to ba the Inalienable birthright-; ot'ihan; at the same lime they beg leave most' hjimfeiv and respect fuVIv to express their: decided opposition against the chums now advanced on their behalf, being, as they conceive, diametri- cally opposed to, and totally inconsistent with the recognized principles of our Constitution. Your Petitioners therefore do most earnestly' rind sincerely deprecate any in-roads upon the Protestant Constitution of these Realms, a con- stitution which our ancestors by wading through seas of blood, were made the happy instruniertts of establishing, and which under the benediction of Heaven, has proved such a source of happiness and exaltation to Great Britain in particular, and the World in general. And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray. 0 The above has been signed by upwards of five thousand. '-7- THE LATE 3J. jttf. Itorg, Esq. LIST of Subscriptions received for the relief of the Widow and Five Children of the late John Humphreys Parry, Esq. in the following towns of the principality, up to the latest period of the returns. It will surely be recollected, in a national spirit of gratitude, that Mr. Parry spent, the greater part of his short life incessantly la- bouring in the Literary service of his country, in illustrating its Language, History, and Btogra- phy for the performance of which duty he was unquestionably qualified beyond any Ilivin £ ,cc!™; petitor. Will the Patriotic friends, then, of tnat country, or of humanity, omit this opportnni y o contributing to the relisf of his destitutefamiy, who have been suddenly thrown upon the worm as well for their support as education^ °y tiicting consequences of his melancholy and pre mature death? # « D. AT I)ESDIGIT. ^'00 John Hughes, Esq. Thomas Hughes and Miss Hughes. H. Maxwell, Esq n Thomas Lodge, Surgeon » R. a,id C. sankey, EsqrS Edward Lloyd. Esq.Cefn- •• •L 0 towardkloyd, Jun. Esq. ditto. { 0 0 |&*i John Jones,'Rhyddland. I | Q Ditto ditto. 1 0 X) J. Vi Home, Esq, Oí06 David Lloyd, E, sq 1 (J 0 Thomas Evans, Esq. I" 0 0 Joseph Humphreys, Esq. Rose Hill.. 1 0 0. ■ • X12 2 0 AT R UTHIN, R. Humphreys Jones, Esq.2 2 0 Rev. Richard Neweome 10 0 Joseph Ahlett, Esq. 1 0 Cyfaill Saeshneg. £ .0 | ,£6 2 V AT HOLYWELL. David Pennant, Esq. Downing. 10 (), 0 Robert John Mostyn, Esq. Calcot Hall, 2 .0 0. Thomas J ones, Esq 1 0 Peter Williams, Esq. Solicitor. 1 P 0 Mrs. Jane Edwards, Saetharlwyd. 1 0 ,0 • £ 15 0 0 Subscriptions continue to be received at j the different Banking Houses, in Wales, and by .some leading individuals where there, are Jio BatikeM returns of the names, &c. of Kiib* scriberS, are requested to-be mad^to the Editor { for future publication,-Ac. ( SHIP BUILDING AT HOLYHEAD. Grayson and Leadley, SHIP BUILDER S, LIVERPOOL, RESPECTFULLY beg lea^re to apprise Ship Owners, Merchants, and Agents for Shipping in general, that they have in conjunc- tion with Mr. SAMUEL HOWSON, taken and entered upon an extensive Ship and Boat Build- ing Establishment, advantageously situated in the Harbour of Holyhead, which 18 intended to be carried on under the Firm of GRAYSON, HOWSON, & CO., ,and having already- engaged an active and experienced Foreman, with several excellent Shipwrights, G. H. & Co. feel confi- dent they wiH be enabled satisfactorily to execute such Orders as they may be favoured with, either in the iltiildidg, or Repairing of Vessels of any tonnage. G. H. & Co. the faci- lities of importation, will constantly have their establishment well supplied with every de«cnp- t|on of Timber, Masts,. Hpars, &c. and every other, necessaryfeateriai; "afid when they fnthnafa that in the course of the ensuing spring, a spaeioas Graving Dock, upwards Of 300 feet long bym feet broad, and of depth, improp( r ion will be opened. They flatter themselves, those advan- tages, united With their best exertions to execute work on the most economical principles, may en- title them to public encouragement. .Farther particulars may be known by applica- tion to Gravson a?(»c LBACLEY. Ship Builders Liverpool or. GhaysCn, HOWSOK & Co. Ship Builtfers, Holyhead: N r The1latter- are.in want of a number of JOUR- NEYMEN SHIPWRIGHTS, who will receive liberal Wages,.and permanent Iei-nfl.loN,inef)t. A Blacksmith is also wanted, who has. been accus- tomedt", Sl)ip.,wor.I. r eA.RN ARVON,ÇOMMERC IA L. ACADEMY BY* MR. DAY. IT T this ACADEMY, youhg;(lentlemen from _/TL 6 to 13 years of age, are Boarded and Edu- cated at Twenty Guineas per annum, and One Guinea entrance; the qu'arters commence at the tiihe of entrance-the most respectable reference given-. Vacations, a fortnrghttChrimas, and a month at Midsummer. > TO BE LST, FOR THE SUMMER, READY FURNISHES; A COMMODIOUS HOUSE..ptamntlT si- tuated in, this City, and handsomely Fur- nished—a four-stall Stabje, if requjrea]—For .particulars, apply at the <}$?§&{ tUis Paper. J3angoi, Apila "I WCl)!111r Q Tabe laid out on Good Security, the several Sums of £ 1,0% ^§0q, £ 150, TO BE S V N IC, ^The Sum of i'dOO, for an annuity during the Term of one Life. WA.NTT The Sum pf of 13,000 at 3! cenl on eligible Mortgage Security. Apply (if by letter post paid) to Mr. DAVID WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Pwllheli. r W. OWKX, MAUKET-PI^/VCf, tLANOEFNl, F.U LIY.auiiou.acps U) h h, ous FHends and the Public, that he has just returned from Town,, with an elegant assort- ment of black and coloured Saisenets ^Norwich, Levantinw, and Regent Crapes, ind Crane Dresses, Prints, &c- all in the first stvle of ex- cellence anti faslijon Woollen, Cloths: from the Un lgland- Real Lon don Silk and Stuff Drab Fowling Hats of the newest fashion. Groceries of all kind. Teas selected by W. O. from the first marts in town, and sold at reduced prices. trff' Seeds of all kinds, and a variety of new ones, sold by appointment for the Anglesey Agri cultvral govietiv. ANGLESEY. t FreelioldProperty J i To be Sold by Auction,, At the House of Mr. CoLLrVR, callerlthe Bull Inn. situate in the Town of Llancrchymedd, in the the Ufh day of May, 1823, between the hours of 3 and 3 o elock in the ajternoon, mbgect to the claim of Dwer of the Vendor's Wife, (aged 71 )and one third of an Annuity of £ m j0r the Lifeof a Lady aged SO, under such conditions as shall t>e thm produced and in the following or juch other Lots, as shall be then agreed upon unless disposed of m the mean time by priv ts contract, ctf which due notice will be given, LOT I. ONE undivided third part of all that Canita! ■, MESSUAGE. TENEMENT, &liNDS r, ;inv^'?JK?,1,VCES. ollledPLAS WiANDVFRYDOG,$ituate.in the parish of LLANDYFHVDOG, in the said county of Anglesey, the entirety thereof containing 434a. Jr. 87p. (in- cluding,the Pieces of Land ca)JedGYDROS) and npw in tjhe holding of John DAYJO. and p- \l» Josfes, as Tenants from year to year. LOT 11. :1 One undivided third part of All that Messuage, Tenement and Lands with the Appurtenances, called GAER, otherwise CARREG Y NOGI, ÝDD, situate in theParlsW oflandyfrydoi aforesaid, th^ entirety thereof containing 130A. OR. t4p. and now in the holding of David Ed- wards, as Tenant frolear to year. LOT III. One undivided third part of All that Messuage, 'Tenement and Lands with the Appurtenances. called OYFYNGWEN, situate in t}le Parish of Llandyfrydogaforesaid, the entirety thereof con- taining 'HA. 2P. as the same is now in r holding of THOMAS LLOyn, as tenant from year to year. N. B. 1 he I>andTax affecting the above FStatO hath tueeii redeemed. The above Farms adjoin each other, and arg conveniently situated for Lime.and Sea Sand fof manure, and within 2 miles of the LlBnerchymedd, rnd 4 miles from the Town atJ(t Port of Ainlwch. r <4* *le resPective Temtnts will shew th« Premises, and further particulars may be had 0* Robert Prichard, Solicitor, Llwydiarth t- gob, Angtesey, at whose Office a* Survey of the same^ may be"eiio:And,* of iMr. John Scar$ilit ,| Solicitor, Hattoh Court, London. J