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lontion, TUESDAY EVENING, AP&fc 12- PRICE OF STOCKS. S Cent. Cons. 9311 Cons. for Ac-et. Doi I 3$^ Cent. 18IS India Bonds, 76pr. 3j W Cent. Red. shut I 2d Ex. Bills lOool. New 1 per Cents 1041. THE French papers of Friday arrived last nigln, but we can find no thing, in jhein, worthy of extract. Accounts from the United States, rep- ort that after the return of Bolivar from Peru, one of his first acts will be to attend a l'meeting of Deputies from all the new Ame- rican States, who are to assenibieat Pana- j ma, to confer oki such measures as maybe necessary for the geiit-ral safety. The packet-ship Callada,Hogers, arriv- ed off Cork, Wednesday last, in 19 day. from New York. The Hon. E. Stanley, j M r Dennison. and the other Members of Parliament who accompanied them on their visit to the United States, are reo turned to England in the Canada. Captain Franklin, Dr. Richardson, and the other persons composing the Arctic overland expedition, arrived at New York on the 16th day of March, in the packet ship Colombia, Lee, after a passage of28 days from Liverpool. PORTSMOUTIl, Apil O.-Ab(iut sixty ,;nit, of valuable shipping, which had been de- tainN) here nearlv a month, by prevailing i-aslerly winds, proceeded this fhorniivg fOI the river, with a sligh t air from the N. weiiward.—The Morgana and Dauntless sloops of war, lately purchased out of the navy are among them. They are to be repaired and fitted for the Colombian ser- vice. It is reported there are between 3QQ and 400 sail of homeward-bound ves- sels in soundings in the Channel, detained by easterly winds.—The Aurora of 46" Captain John Maxwell, has this week been fitted WiLh a main-mast on Sir Robert Seppings' plan. This mast is composed of a number of pieces ten inches square, and from 35 to 40 feet in length, four of them j making up the breadth of each spindle, and three the fore-and-after fishes; these pieces are kept from working by circular coaks at their abutments and in their edges, are, firmly combined by hoops, which are made to screw up as the mast shrinks, and- to take off, for shifting any of, the parts that may be injured, or become defective. The form of this mast is such, that other end can be placed uppermost, in the event of any disaster; and it presents great ad- vantage, from being readily taken to pieces and conveyed, without inconvenience, to any distant part. The expence is said not to be more than two-thirds that of the common mast. The Ganges, Naaid, and Spartiate, have been supplied with them and they have been found to stand e. tremely well. The French Opposition papers give a translation of the Bill for removing the disabilities of the Roman Catholics, and contrast its provision with the new law of sacrilege now before the French Cham- bers. The two Governmentll are certain- ly conducted on very opposittj,: prin ciples, English legislation proceeds in conformi- ty with the changes required by time, cir- cumstances, and public opinion, while in France the welfare of the people is sacri. ficed, and their feelings disregarded, if not outraged, by almost every fresh act of authority, whether legislative or execu- tive. It being asserted by the friends of Pope- ry that their opinions have been misunder- stood, and that the absolution of the Romish Church is only declaratory that if the repentance be sincere, the penitent will be forgiven, we subjoin the following extract from the Life of Ridley, p. 13, and Gravess Life of Wolsey (p. 58.- Pope Alexander the Vlth. issued a Bull respecting the souls of those who died in pilgrimage to the Jubilee at Rome We absolutely command theangets that they place their souls in Paradise entirely ex- empt from purgatory.' And in another Our pleasure is that the pains of hell do not afllict them in anywise.' The Camelion 10, Capt. Lambert arrived on Tuesday night from a cruise with the ex- perimental squadron, which she left oif Ca pe, Clear. The Phaeton had carried away her iron bowsprit. The Champion was decidedly the superior ship. „The. C,r Pandora & Rose had no chance in <f0mpe- "fltion with any of the experimenta l slopps, One of the letter carried away her fore- topmast and top-gallant-mast on the day on which the Camelion left. We have receivedafile of Canadian pa- pers to the 24th of February, whicb give a very satisfactory account of the affairs of the colony. Upper Canada, which thirty- years ago was considered little mote than a wilderness, has now aboveone million of acres nnder cultivation, which is in a great measure to be attributed to the extensive., emigration from Great Britain and Ireland. The total valuation of assessed property [n the province, on which the rate of one penny in the pound is collected for the public service, is 11,969'0741. 13s. Id. In Upper Canada there are 30,774 horses and 27,614 oxen, all fit for immediate service.