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WANTED, A STEADY YOUNG MAN, as Writer, in an Attorney's Office, None need apply but such as are conversant with the generai duties of an office; and of whom satisfactory references, as to character, &e. can be given* Application (if by by letter, post-paid) tQ the EDITOR. An Apprentice Wanted. WANTED, a steady, active, and well- educated YOUNG MAN, one who under-' stands the Welsh Language, and about 14 years of age. aS«n Apprentice to a Chemist and Drug. gist in CHESTER. As he wilt be treated as one of the family, a Premium will be expected.—- For further Information, apply (if by letter post paid) to Mrs. REDDING. Bull's Head, Beaumaris, -or to the PRINTER of this Paper. To be Sold by Auction, At-the Eagles, Conway, on Friday, 6th of May, THE GOOD SLOOP UNION, OF CONWAY, WITH all her Materials. Burthen per Re- gister 67 tons-as she now lies in the Port of Conway, having been stranded atTanrogo. LLANGIAN, AND SO-FORTH 1NCLOSURE ACT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Commissioner appointed by this Act, has appointed a MEETING to be holden at the Town Hall, in the town Pwllheli, on Wednesday, the 20th day of April next, for the purpose of reading and executing the said Com- e missioners award and for other Special purposes. G, JONES, Clerk to the said Commissioner. Pwllheli, Vith March, 18*26. ANGLESEY. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately„ THAT EHsrible, Large, and VALUABLE DWELLING HOUSE, OUTBUILD- INGS, & GARDENS thereto adjoining, situate in the centre of the Town of Beaumaris, now in the possession of Huon WVSNE. Esq. This House is conveniently situated for the re- siding of a genteel family, or lodging house-it consists of four Cellars, three Parlours, K;!chen and Pantry first floor, a Drawing-room, four Bed-rooms, and a Closet; second, six Bed-rooms and a Closet, with Servants' Garrets, Stabling for Three Horses, Coach-house, and Saddle- room. The Premises extend from the main street to the sea. Rooms may be built at a small expence adjoining the Beach, to command beautiful and delightful views of the Bay, Penmaen Mawr, and the adjoining Carnarvonshire hills, Orms- head, and Priestholme Island. ftí!r For further particulars, apply to HUGH WYNNE, Esq. Pen-y-marian, (who will direct proper persons to show the Premises;) or to Mr. EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. 1\01](\1 jpamtlji. FOREIGN WINES. -WARIIANTED Genuine as imported, and yy in compliance with the recommendation of the Right Honourable the Chancellor of the Exchequer—the great reduction of duty allowed without any advance on the price of the Wine. FINE OLD PORTS, Vintage 1S20, First Quality, full of fruit, flavour and body, 65 guineas per pipe, SHERRY pale and brown, also First Quality, from t'he shippers in Spain, same price per butt; and hogsheads in pro- portion, permitted from the Docks.-All other Wines of Spain, Portugal, France, &e. in pro- portion. „ Per. Gal. Per Dos. I ORT, superior quality. ,9s 6d 27s Ditto, rich, vintage 1820 10s 268 SHERRY, pale & brown. 9s and 10s 27s & 288 Ditto, (soft old) C. Z 12s 6d 361 Lisbon mountain TEN ERIFFE 10s 288 fADEIRA. fine quall ity. log od 3Qs £ APE MAOBHIA, excellent 5s 6d 16s CHAMPAGNE, mousseauxet\ non raousseaus;, now landing ex f Favorite. London Docks, from > 6Ss & 72s that celebrated grower, Au-, briet"—une.quaalled ) CLARET lafitte, latour cha. teau Margeaux. r ST. JULIAN, la rose bottle in 421 to 84s fr ranee, long corks. gAUTERNE Vindegrave Barsac 42 to 63s All other Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs from the first Fabrics.-Tlie above Port and Sherry, 27s. per dozen is, strongly recommended, and by way of sample.(» dozen will be packed in an excel- lent Wine hogshead (fit for any use) bottle, &e, included for a remittance of 10i. CHARLES WRIGHT, Wine Merchant to the Royal Family, next to the KING'S and fac- ing the Haymarket Theatre, Opera Colonnade, Haymarket, London. Letters must contain remit- tances and postage paid. p.S. A large quantity of fresh empty Wine pipes and hogsheads to be sold cheap. UNITED EMPIRE and CONTINENTAL tJ LIFE ASSURANCE ASSOCIATION, No. 10, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, for the In. surance of Lives, Contingent Assurances and Survivorships, Endowments for Children, for the Purchase and Sale of Annuities and Reversions, and to great Annuities. ONORARY DIRECTORS. Jar*^e marked thus *are also Trustees- ^flfeWcellencv Count Right Hon. Ld. Blaney JBK|&ber *Right Hon. Sir Gore jBHBkUoa. Earl of Ouseley '^HHHran'd Kincardine M.G. Prendergast,Esq, Kinearditie M.G. Prendergast,Esq, >j^Kn^tfngton 15 *Charles Tenyson, Esq. ord Robt M. P. Fitzgerald Lieut.-Gen. Wetherall *Right Hon. Lord Geo. Major Moore Seymour il Edmund Morris, Esq. DIRECTORS. *Sir E. Colebrooke, Bart. Chairman. Lieutenant-Colonel M. Shawe, Deputy-Chairman C. R. Broughton, Eiq. Nugent Kirkland, Esq. Harry Cook, Esq. Sir John Scott Lillie Sir Francis Desaoges Sir James M'Gregor, W. D. Fellowes, Esq. F.R.S. Richard Gilbert, Esq. Capt. W. A. Montagu, John Kingston*. Esq. R. N. BANKERS Messrs Drummond. STANDING COUNSEL. Launefilot Shadwell, Esq,, SOLICITOR. Christhopher Godmond, Esq. PHYSICIAN. Dr. Hume, No. 9. C urzon-strect. SURGEON. Phineas Coyne, Esq. No.41, Welbeck-street. Persons effecting Life Assurances with this Society will not merely derive immediate Bene- fits by the Rates and Conditions, but extensive ultimate Advantages, as it is a leading principle, that the Assured for the whole term of life shall eventually possess the entire Funds & Resources of the Association, participating also, in the in- terim, in each periodical Division of Profits. The Association continues to advance Money on Reversions and Aunuities satisfactorily secured. The Board-days are ou Wednesdays. at Three o'Clock,llnd on Fridays, at Eleven. Attendance Daily, from Ten till Five o'Clock to receive Proposals and to furnish every informa- tion that may by required. By order. JOHN RATRAY, Registrar. AGENT. H. EVANS, for Holyhead and North Wales.






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