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MARKET HERALD. —4-mi— An account of the Prices qf rVheat, Barley, tstld Oats, in the rnrk closed Saturday last, in lol. under-mentioned countics — qr. Wivtclieiitec measure. Whent, Barlci/ CWN. Anglesey 56a to 00* 30s toSi'Js | 21s to Carnarvon > 60s — 63s 'ids —4()s J 22s — tiv Denbigh 62s — 67s 35.v —30s | 2'2s — 21* Flint 63s—aSs 85s —89s 20s—2-Vv Merioneth (5>s — 08s 85s —39s 20s—22,v Montgomery. '63# — Ofs 35s —SSKr aos-—-feas '-0- LIVERPOOL CORN EXCHANGE TUESDA Y, One o'CMck. SECOND EDITION. Thrli-e n-as an improved derhand to-day fif Wheat and Considerable sales n-ere effected to both Sifc- cidators aitd Cons'tmers, at an advance qf d, pe). bitshel,, on tlce pi-icirs of this day week. In Oats there was not m uch. done, oood samples were' held sit higher prices. No alteration in other articles. Wheat, 701,b. s. o. s. d. 10 Aa JO 8 ■Nex: 9 a 0 Oafe. a Ba.ley,. 5 3 a 5 0 Flo ir, 240!b. s. D. II, b. EIUJ lishjine 32 0 a 84 0 Irish. 27 Q a 32 tj Anifi-ica)t in Boitd, 21 0 a 23 O LONDON, COKN EXCHANnE. MONDAY, MARCH 21. The arrival of Wheat thus morning was by nomeans larger "ut there has In en a good supply during the last week, and the truitf opt the wiwle remains nuirh as we then noticed, ihebest-ritni meeting a read>j sale on fiill. <u good terms, whilst th ei-c is but little disposition to irit., qythe middling and ordinury sorts. Malting Barley metis a dull sale, and is from"Is. to 2s. per quarter lower; but thet e is some demandfor dry grinding par- cels for the distillers, and s ick obtain rather bet- ter prices. Beaks are rcvluinly cheaper, except for dry handsome sampl s; and Pease of both sorts barley maintain OIrJ" last quotation. There has been a good supply of Oats sincc this day se'nnight, and the trade in consequents was a trifle lower on Wednesday the sales, however, have since been tolerablj brisk, and the prices of this day se'nnight are nearly supuortud. rrneat (whdej 5^3 a ••• 32s a 35t t 62s a 70* lease 34s « Sti* Oats (Pxdatoe) 37, a ggs Poland. 25s a #7 —- Feed .L. a PRICE OF FLOUR. Town made Flour, 6)s a G)3 per sack delivered Ditto Seconds. 55s ditto Essex and Suffolk Mou!\a-)s a 55s on board ship Norfolk and Stockton ditto 45s a 50s ditto Bran .14s a 15s Quaiier Fine 161 lis ditto New Rape Seed, £ 2d to-, £ 2$ per La A j PRICE OF BREAD. ue°t- 17 lb doz iiulf ddlo in, j|02 u'Znn ?■ ;•,•• Ub 5h°*' 21b HalJ Quariern ddto. 2lb vioz The highest price of Bread in the Metropolis, It lla, for the 4fb. Loaf-thei-c are others who sett Jrom a ha fpentothrce half pence below that rate, GENERAL AVERAGE PRICE OF IBILI. TISII CORN For the Week-Ending March 5, 1835, mild. from the Returns of the Inspectors in the Maritime Cities and Towns in Engian i and Wales, and by which importation is regulated. Wheat..65s I Id Barley 40s 2d I Beans, ,38s 2d Rye.39s 0d | Oats.23s 3d J Pease. ,42» 8d SMITIIFIELD. MONDAY, MARCH2I. There is an increase in the supply of Beefa nd Mutton this norning in the latter it is very con- siderable, there being nearly 3000 more sheett than Monday last; and the saicsare at reduced prices, Beef has declined 2s. per stone and lut- ion 4&, The increase of Beef appeared to be chiefly from Norfolk; and amongst the Sheep a great number were clipped no doubt in consequence ofthr. high value of t e wo(it- Ve(ii, to day, ï. likewise lower, 6s. being the general price for the best. We have again to notice that Pork remain* without alteration. Beef .4s Qd to 5s 2d 1 Veal.5s 0 6s 6rf Mittton..5s OdtoGs 4d } Pork.4* 0 5s Sd Head of Cattle this day. Beasts, about. 2724 Calves. 110 Sheep .13,520 | Pigs ISO RAW RIDES. B«tf Heifers and Steers, Ordinuri/, 2.v 6d to 2s Sd st. 3s 2d to 3s id Market call, each. 9s ()rf Middls.2s I0dto3s Od SHEEP SKINS. Downs 4s to -5s-Polle(i -s Oil to PRICE OF HOPS. Kent Pockets 61.6s. to 715K to Ql 0s. East Kent Sf Canterb. 171 Os. to — Ids. Sussex Pockets (V Os to 61 12s to 71 Os, Essex Pockets fit 6s to 71 7s to 91 0s. Farnham. ifne, 121 Qs to 1-11 10s.-Sec U IO4 toal 1610S. Kent Bags, U 15s to 51 5s to 616s. Sussex Bags U 10s to U 16s to M 0s. Essex Bagsy HI 0s to 61 12s to 61 ôs. PRICE OF LEATHER. Butts, 50 to bCtl.bs each per lb 19d to 20d Ditto, 56 to 60/6s each. 2 2d to 23 d Dressing Hides ?5d to Fine Coach Hides. 19^ to 21 d Crop Hides, 35 to 4>albs for cutting, loA to 17d Ditto. 45 to Hdlbs. 17 i1 t (í 19d Calf Skins ..36 t0 22 <0 26d Ditto 50 to 70lbs 2\>dto 28d Ditto.7o to 80lbs. 22d 1.0 25d Small Seals (Greenland) ) 7 to ISd Lai-yeditto I Gcl tolM PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow 4^. Yellow Russia 4^)s White ditto M S°ap~ditto 3Sa. (>. Melting Stuff :i:is (|rf Ditto Rough 21s OfI ?y™VeS 1% 0 (1 }alm, f 83s Od r •W1 t n • od Good Dregs m


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