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Cranbery plants are an excellent substitute for white-thorn, as a garden fonce; a hedge formed of them presents an impenetrable barrier to cattle. They grow very quickly, bear fruit the third year of planting, and the crop of fruit become* more abundant and valuable every succeeding year. An account of the offering of an unlucky silver waiter, that had been a piece of plate in a house not of the best character, to the Rev. Archdeacon Potts, by his parishioners of St. Martin's-in-the- Fields. has been published. We had heard of tha story, but with some variations. The waiter was not made new to order; it was agreed between the silversmith and the gentlemen who were com- missioned to make the purchase, that they should have the plate "second-hand," by which means they would get something more hands.onte for their money. A superb silver salver was accord- ingly chosen, inscribed, green-bagged, and carried up in a coach by a deputation and it was then, after an address, and a formal presentation, that the offering was declined. '• Some d — d'good. natured anonymous friend" had enclosed to the Archdeacon an extract from a sale catalogue, con- taining a character from its last place of the very waiter in question. The Archdeacon recognized it at a glance (from the description, we Iean). and would not take it into his Wfrvice: it was re- luctantly re-bagged, and carried back to the sil ver- smith, whn readily enough confessed where he had it from, but he had never dreamt of, and could not enter into the scruples of the churchman, neither could he give any thing for the article in return but its price as old silver, for it was inscribed to order, with a rather ample and affectionate address to the Archdeacon. An(I there the inatter re'sts.- Evening paper.