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J LONDON, SATURDAY MARCH 12. THE last two days have been fertile of unpleasant news from the East Indies. Within that period we have received ac- jCoants of a dangerous mutiny of a Native Regiment at Barrackpore, in the neigh- bourhood of Calcutta, and of a severe check received by the force employed against the Burmese. It is true, the mutiny has been com- posed; (by a tremendous slaughter of the mutineersj and the reverses sustained in Ava have been redeemed by subsequent -^Wiliiaut successes, but tha iacis that native troops in India are accessible to a mutinous spirit, and that the British army is not invincible, must create in India opi- nions by no means favourable to British in- 'terests, and must produce at home cor- responding feelings of alarm Letters to the 22d December were yesterday received from Lima. They con- firm in the fullest extent the accounts of the triumph of the Patriots, which had arrived previously. The particulars of the last and the de- cisive engagement at Guamanaguilla, are already before the public. The following are its glorious results:- The Vicerory and General Valdez taken in the field of battle. General Canterac and all the survivors of the Royalists, 2,500 in number, sur- tuered after the engagement, prisoners war. The promised capitulation of Callao, and the evacation of the whole province of Peru. This brilliant success has unhappily been clouded by an account of the death of the British Vice Consul, Mr. Rowcroft who was shot atone of the advanced posts of the Patriot army, under an unfortunate misapprehension. LIBERATION OF PERU. The following important details, con nccted the DECISIS "j8 .,N ,PERU' may be relied o« as authentic, being found- ed on official documents. "ThebattlctOQk Pl-srP at- Guamatiguilla whichis within three leagues of Guamanga. General La Sucre commanded the Patriot troops, Bolivar having gone to Lima to meet the reinforcements from Panama, and having conceived that the campaign for the time was finished, the Royalist troops having been driven across the Apuritnac. General La Serna, hqwever, intending to make a rap.d movemen upon j 1,-ft Cusco, and recrossed the Apun nine with s force of from si* to seven thousand men. Upon this movement, General Sucre detached General Lamar to occupy Cusco with a body of troops. General Sucre being thns left with the Colombian forces,amount,ng only tc> 6,000 men, -the Viceroy conceived it a favour- able opportunity to make an attack on him, which he put in execution at Gua- manguUla. He was wounded early in the action and taken prisoner. The greater part of his wing of the army was either killed or wounded. Tery soon after Ceneral Valdez was taken prisoner, with the troops under his immediate command After these reverses, General Canterac rallied his division of the anqy, and gained a height about half a league from the scene of action. On the dawn of the day after which the battle was fought, General Can- terac, seeing the total defeat which the army had experienced, and that all the cheifs and officers of distinction had fal- len or had been taken prisoners, capitu- lated with *2,500 and stipulated the im- mediate delivery o! tke cistle, of Callao, ,tu,d the total evacuation of Peru by all the Spanish snhjects Accounts from Pisco, of the 19hof pece,„„er, ,,Ctof7. £ U.T.CCOU.UA.ALL'^Y E OF <>0; prisoners in the Utisium MANGA. T Ml 4ncH 2.—The Peisianswho IiEipsic, fa-ir Were here were here at the faster again at the close of the last fa. .ud, gave us hopes for theaproachjng J trade They are extremely well veise and business, and are now ^l9! ;ri manufactories in Germany an" sait ? order to see what goods may be ui a for their own country, and which, accor iufi to the present Russian system, can nass in transit at the least expence, by wy SF they will B»"S hither SILK »"D Cachmere wool, and •» thev sav, S,ve us reason to hoPe> make considerable purchases;^ the or- laments must be more ,u the onenlal style than is usual in our goods.



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