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COMPENDIOUS NOTICES. HIS MAJESTV holds a drawing room, Thursday, at St. James's Palace, to celebrate his birth-day —new grand staircases, new entrances, and new rooms formed, for the purpose of holding this splendid Court ceremony.—Duke and Duchess of Clarence expected to embark in Royal Sovereign yacht, early in May-his Majesty believed has also some intentions of taking a sea excursion.— Duke of Wellington's health improving at Chel- tenham.—Earl of Liverpool also better, through use of the Bath waters—Mr. Canning arrived at Bath, Tuesday, on a visit to his Lordship.—The Opera crowded Saturday night, to witness re-ap- pearance of Madame Pasta from Paris, as Des- demoiia, in the Opera of Ot;ltello--her voice a mezzo soprano, but her excellence is rather that of taste and cultivation than of extraordinary na- tural power.—JudgeBest not yetgazetleds Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.:—of Dioceses of Bath and Wells and of Saruin, intend petition- ing against Unitarians being permitted to solem- lliz: marriages in their own chapel?.—Ilouse of t.or<U re-assemble Wednesday, and the Commons Monday next.—A bomb vessel, called the Terror, waiting at Portsmouth for news from Algiers, previous to proceeding agaiast that place.—East India ships Herefordshire, Kellie Castle, Thomas Grenville, Princess Charlotte of Wales, and Alfred, arrived last week.—Sir John Malcolih says, that within the last thirty years 1000 wo- men have been put to death as witches in central India—our Government endeavouring to suppress the practice.—Little variation in the funds since last illor.Iay. Batik- of England had a verdict against them in Court of King's Bench Wednes- day—Sir Richa.rd Sutton sent a powerof attorney to Mr. Macdougal, to sell out 60,0001. stock' and upwards—the Bank doubted the authenticity of the poWer, but delayed unnecessarily the means of proving such authenticity, and by the fall of. the funds in the mean time, Sir Richard lost on the- stock; upwards of 2391.Tlie Jury gave a verdict; a-gainst the Bank for that sum.—English Our saddle horses (says a letter from Paris) are now chiefly English, as our young mtfl of bun ton would be ashamed to mount any otter Sadler ascended iri his balloon near Mili Friday, and after a voyage of 30 i- nufes, alighted in safety—the balloon contained s&.OuO cubic feet of gas.-—'A new romance, by the author of the Scots novels, coming, out-lq.00 copies bespoken by London booksellers, Friday. —The celebrated artist Clennell, who has long be^n insane, is in a state of convalescence, andin a few weeks, it is hoped, will be quite recovered. ¡ —So.neofthe London publicans have met, and agfed to petition against the Bill, respecting re- t a Inc \.t lies..—There is a great demand for sea- men—their wages rising in consequence.—In In- sol vent Debtor's Court, Saturday, William Alli- son was remanded for eight mouths, for putting his name to accommodation bills for another, without haying property to meet them, when due» without haying property to iiieet tliem who ii due. —Four houses in the spirit trade failed recently. —A ■OreiiUdressed handsome woman, named Eli-; i rZáb-eth Grav, sent toNewg-ate for trial, Sattirdsty^! from Marlborougif-street, for Pill-loilliliga- roll of' ribbpn, at a haberdasher's in New Bond-street— A poor woman went recently, with tears in her eyes, to the clergyman of a parish in Sussex, to complain of a man who died of small pox, being buried near the body of her husband About five o'clock on Friday morning, a brig,

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