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Family Notices

Family Notices

BIRTH. 0^the 16th inst. at Stanley Hall, Shropshire, the Lady of SIR f yrwhitt Jones, Barf, of a son. MARRIAGES. On Friday last, at Llanbeblig, by the Rev W Williatns, Mr. Win. Thomas, of Carnarvon sue-- geon, to Jane third daughter of the late-liobert Price, of L^lantylhn, ESQ. On Tuesday ge'nniglu, at St. Philip's Chiireli, Liverpool, by the Rev. George Driffield, Vicar of Prescot, Mr. Edward Jones, Solicitor, Ruthin, to Maria, daughter of W Ul. Hope, Esq. Liver- pool. On Wednesday, the 21st inst. at Great Thorn- ham, Suffolk,,by the Rev. A. B. Henniker, Rec- tor, John Heaton, Esq. of Plas Heaton, in the county of Denbigh, to the Hon. Anne Eliza, el- dest daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Henniker. Immediately after the ceremony, the Bride and Bridegroom left Major House, his Lordship IS., seat in Suffolk, for Plas Heaton. On Saturday evening, Lord Francis Conyng- ham led to the Hymeneal Altar the beautiful Lady Jane Paget, the daughter of the Marquis of Anglesey. The ceremony was performed at Argyll House, in Park-lane, by the Hon. and Rev. Richard Bagot, brother of Lord Bagot, in the presence of the following distinguished per- sonagesthe Duke and Duchess of Richmond; Duke and Duchess of Argyll; Marquis and Mar- chioness of Convngham; Countess of Uxbridge, Lady Harriet Bagot, Earl of Mount Charles, Lady Elizabeth Conyngham, Lady Charlotte Conynghani, and her younger sister; Lord Al- bert Conyngham.v Mr. and Lady Augustus Chi- chester; Lady Sarah Bailey, Lord Graves, Mr. Dennison, M. P. The Earl of Uxbridge gave the blooming Bride away, who had on a beauti- ful dress of Valenciennes lace. The Ladies Georgiana and AgnesPaget were the Bridemaids. Immediately,after the ceremony the happy cou- ple departed in a new post chariot for CuniQei- land Lodge, in Windsor Park, there to pass the htffiteymoon. The Bride is in her 2oth year, the hii on' I Bridegroom is 27. At nine o'clock the company sat down to a most sumptuous banquet; covers were laid for IS in the Grand S aloon. V. DEATHS. Lately, at Carnarvon, in the 67th year of his age, Mr. E. Richardson, whoforneariy 50 years WAS a faithful Minister of the Gospel; his ex- emplary life and Christian meekness secured hint a friend in every one that witnessed them, and which was testified by the numerous and respect- able attendants at his funeral, who might say- Let me die the death of the Righteous, and let my latter end be like his." On the 22d inst. at Carnarvon, Mr. A. Dillon, seedsman a man whose energy of mind, and pur- severance in various and successful attempts to gain an. honest livelihood, rendered him highly useful to that town and neighbourhood, In him was exemplified the characteristic warmtH of the ti-i'sliiia a'ri-feetingly alive to any insult, but keen- ly sensible of every favour shewn him, and proud of every opportunity to testify his gratitude. -Oil-Tues(lay week, Mrs. Allen Jones, wife OF the Rev. Allen Jones, Rector of Llanrhuidr Mochnarit.; Tuesday se'nnight, in Chester, Mr. Thomas Rogers,; lace-jjianufaoturer, of Holywell. He had been attending Wrexhain fair, WHIM he was taken unwell, and wentito Chester for the purpose of obtaining- medipal relief. OIL Tuesday last, JUr. George Nofrris, of the. Commercial"IIM, Dale-street, Liverpool, aged !)4, years. DEATfr OP A WELSH-BARD.—Oh Sunday last after a short illness, Edward Jones, Bird to the Prince of Wales, breathed his last, aged-72;—MR. Jones was a nati ve of Merionethshire, in North Wales. He publisiied, about- thirty years ago, A Work entitled Relies of the Bards,which contains much valuable historicäl informntMu; afto a collection <M'Welsh Airs, arrange for the Ilarp, an instrument which- Mr. Jones pert-onnoi- (J'H-SIFTER: the riianner of his forefathers, that is, he played the Treble with his left hand RndBa.s-} wi'th the right; Mr. Jones prissessed'a library of rare books, both and printed, many of which he has lately disposed of.Ile was a member OF the Royal Society of Musicians, the Governors of which.on hearipg that he was totally unable to Mlow his professional pursuits, granted hin-an annuity of fifty pounds per annum but he only livted to enjoy the Rt-stpaymeatofthe Institution's bOtrntv. 'instanf, aged 81 jears: Llewellyn PARTY, ESQ. of Gernos, Cardiganshire. It has i fallen to the lot of few individuals to pass the bourne,- from which no traveller returns, so sin- cerely and deservedly lamented. The inviolabie 'integrity of his the engaging suavity of his disposition, and the natural grace and dig- nity of his manner, were the admiration of all who had the happiness to know him. He was the oldest Magistrate in the County of Cardigan. His vigorous intellect, superior judgment, and deep knowledge of law, eminently qualified him for his magisterial office and in no man ever dwelt a more ardent love of even-handed justice.^ He has left an only Son, the inheritor of his virtues and his Estate, to lament the loss of one of the kind est of Fathers.

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