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J' MONEY, THE several Suras of ip,000 i?l,000, and £ •900, may be had at H P" Cent. on good Security—the two first Sums will be advanced to- gether if required. Apply to Mr. G. B. ROOSE, Solicitor, Amlwch. N. B. This advertisement will not be continued. GO AT IN JASWTAVERN, C4.STLE..GREEN, C4RNRV(),N. HUGH HUGHES, rPRY respeotfully begs leave to inform his W Friends and the Public in general, that the *aW Inn (which is- delightfully situated, cen- •gaia iui „nvenient for Commercial Travel- W with a fine vie* of the Castle and Mountain • leenery) continues to receive an accession of en- 4oaraJ^nentr»od support for which returns »,?3Sre thanks and acknowledgments, and it Sir be his study to deserve such support, by „ .^$rryatt«ation: in hisfpower; ;StaH-stabling, Carnages, with able: Horses Lock-up Coach-houses, and Billiard-room. THE ROYAL MAIL Arrives at the -abovfe1 Inn, at half-past seven o'clock every morning, for Pwllheli, and returns at half-past four in the evening, fgr the AlLioxi Hotel, Bangor: also THE PILOT COACH, 1 -T TIICSS "*>"» F"»" 11,6 <1'8 p0ST OFFICE CAR, From the above Inn,^ BecW^^IVem^c, and Tan-y-bwlch, on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. "=" TWO O,OOÔl::rrizes AND THIRTEEN OTHER CAPITAM, T. MISH, OF the old State Lottery Offices, 4, Cornhill. and 9, CharingrCross, respectfully .reminds his best friends, the Public, that there are still undrawn a Prizes of X20,000 O 1,000 l' .1 500 io" 200 Not any of the above being fixed for any specific Day of Drawing, ALL MAY BE DRAWN Next Saturday, (1st of MAY.) FT BJSHhM UTWI^ ANITTO'^0'1100 PDZ" V*"? SSX 7-twTrals • and lie hopes next da^to-an- Another, if not b^th, the £ 20,000 Prizes that are still undrawn. A few warranted undrawn Tickets and Shares are yet on sale at BISH's Offices in London, and sby his Agents in this County. Poole & Harding, Booksellers, i TURF-SQUARE, CARNARVON. D. E-vans, Journal Office, Carmarthen. Poole 8r Harding, Booksellers, Chester. W Bird, Post Offwe, Cardiff. j Potter, Bookseller, Haverfordwest. E Jones, Bookseller, Nantwich. J Barclay, Bookseller, Pembroke. F. Fagg, Prirttcr, Swa-a. R. Jones" Cheesemonger, Shrewsbury. "]J-Irs., Tye, Bookseller, Wrexham. LUK PALLADIUM LIFE AND FIRE AS- TH SURANCE SOCIETY, CAPITAL.i?2,QQ0,000 Stealing i. DIRECTORS. Sir E. H. EAST, F. R. S., M. P. Chairman. Col. JoaN BAILLIE, M. P. Deputy Chairman. Josias Du Pre Alex- Neil Benjamin Edmon- aader, Esq; M. P. stone, Esq. JobnL.Anderden,IFsq. Joseph Esdaile, Esq. ,Oeo. Arbuthnot, Esq. John Williamson ul- johnBent, Esq. M. P. ton, Esq. gam. Bosanquet, Esq. Thomas Houldsworth, Henry Browne, Esq. Esq. M. P F.ft. S- Capt. H. Kater,F.R.S. cjr W. Champion De Clms. Elton Prescptt, -9ttY, Bt. Crespigný, Bt. :iI. P. Esq. • sir W. Congreve, Ht. Peter Reirsoh, Esq. M P» • liobertson, ESQ, r 1 T H. H. Da vies, M. P. p Samuel Skinner, Esa W Bodycott Davies, Colottrf^Mark W«ks ^TKKEBS—Messrs. BoSanquet, and Co. Messrs: Coutls sind Co. 'r JlATIIEMATICAL ^N^PECTO^-Thomas Young, PMVSICIAN—Thomas' Young, M. D. F. R. S. ASSISTANT Pnvsici^—JamesBartlet, M. D, SURVEYOR—Sauiuel Be^leYi'Esq- Resident SUPEUINTENDANT—W. An The object of this Institution is to'combijeihe advantages of those previously ,esta.bllS t' B. Kive the Assured that jnfluence in thf meiitof the affairs of the Society which h^ portant interests demand, and to superadd Pa- ramount principle of taking science exclusively for its guide in that part of its operations wmcn 80 peculiarly require it. u The Insurances of the Society will pe. con- fined to those classes in both departments which the most careful investigation has demonstrated :will at once afford additional security and advan- tage to the assured, jand increased profit to the Proprietary. The Society will grant Annuities, Endowment for Children, &c. and purchase Annuities, Re- versions, and other Contingent Interests.. T Instructions for Policies will be received at No. 10, Regent-street, and at Messrs. Bosan- quet, and Co.'s, until the Offices of the society are ready for the reception of the Establishment, j To Plumbers and Glaziers. WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A STEADY, industrious, YOUNG- MAN, who thoroughly understands his business.— As he will be taken into partnership, none need apply unless they can bring respectable references. For particulars apply (if by letter, post paid,) at the office of this paper. WANTED TO RENT. By the year, or a term of years in the Northern or Central part of Wales, A SMALL GENTEEL COTTAGE RESI- DENCE (unfurnished) containing two sit- ting -QOMC» T yo good ned-rooms & .two seivants ditto; witti coach house & stable attached a pro- ductive garden, and a few acres of pasture land, situated in the neighbourhood of river fishing, and the privilege of shooting (if possible,) not far from a good Market Town.—The rent to be uio- derate. A GQOD HOUSE-MAID wanted. All letters addressed, post paid, to J. B. North Wales Gazette Office, stating particulars of rent, &e. will be attended to. BEAUMARIS. "To -.be Sold by, Private Contract' -OR, 1MYav&miered u'pon immediatety,' THAT eligible large, and valuable DWEL- LING-JIOL'SE, outbidding*, and garden, thereto, adjoining, situate in the centre of the town of Beaumaris, now in the possession of HUGH WYNNE, Esq. This House is conveniently situated for the re- §idence of a genteel family or A Lodging House it consists of four cellars, three parlours, kitchen and pantry first, floor a drawing-room, four bed- rooms, closets 2d, six bed rooms with servant's garrets, stabling for three horses, coach-house and saddle-room. The Premises extend from the main street to the sea; rooms may be built at a small expense adjoini n, the beach, to command beautiful and delightful views of the Bay, Penmaerimawr and the adjoining Carnarvonshire Hills, Ormshead and Priestholme Island. For further particulars, apply to H u GI-I WYNNE, Esq. Penymariah, near Beaumaris, who will di- rect proper persons to shew the premises, or to Mr. EVAN EVANS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. AT PICKLLE HERRING WHARF, IS NOW IIOADING FOR CARNARVON, BANGOR, BEAUMARIS, AMLWCH, And all PLACES ADJACENT. .THE FINJI F^BT,SAIF^IN.G S'MACK UNION, I • H, JONES, MASTER. A CONSTANTTllADER, J Takes in Goods, for Llangefai, Biingor-Ferpy, Nevin, I/lanerchymedd, Pwllheley/ ilolyhead, and all places adjacent. Those PERSONSJWHO wish to ship Goods on board the Union, will please to signify the SAME 10 their Correspondent as early as possible, as she is ex- pected to sail ia about three wedk. ANGLESEY. To be Let by Auction, At the Bull's Head, in the Town of LlangPfni, in the county of Anglesey, on Friday, the iith day of J[aY, 1824, between the hours oj two and Jour o'clock m the afternoon; A LL that LAND, called and known by the J\ namesof CAERCEFN, CAEAUCHA, and LLINIA SQUIRE HARVEY, situate iu the several parishes of Llangrislioltfs and Cerrig- ceinwen, in the said county, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of letting. LOT I. Rhoscaeucha.. II Acres. LOT II. Cae'rffynnon-fawr 7 ditto. LOT III. Cae'rffynnon-bach. 7 ditto, LOT IV. Cae'ref^l-bach. 17 ditto. LOT v. Cae'rcefii. SO ditto. LOT VI. Llinia Squire Harvey 5 ditto. The above Fields will be let from the said 14th day of May, to the 13th day of November next for grazing, for which purpose they are most con- veniently situate, on the nevr Post-road leading from Holyhead to Bangor Ferry, and within one mile and a half of the Town of Llangefni—each" Field is well watered. Further particulars may be had, on application at the Office of Mr. G.B. ROOSE, Solicitor, Am- lwch.

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