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CASE OF NOSTALGIA-OR PINING FOR HOME In the Military Hospital of Bourdeanx, when the British troops occupied that town, a young soldier of the 63d was admitted a patient. His age was about nineteen, he was a Welchman, and the history of the case was this He enlisted, in a fit of drunkenness, but a few months before, and from the time he was embarked for Spain, he was seized yith theinostprofoilliduielanclioly. In Landing at Passages, a port in the ptovince of iiiscay, he was obliged to be carried on shore; scarcely tookany nourishment and was incessantly talking of home, sighing, and lamenting his ab- sence from hit; native mountains. The liiiisitboutSitnSebastittii so reminded him of Wales, that he almost wished he was dead before he left that country. His C')mrà.es ob-1 served that he grew worse on the march, and a little before the battle of Orthez he was taken into the Military Hospital, and from this was forwarded to Bourdeaux by carriage. When the medical officer, to whose charge he was consigned (Assistant Surgeon Maginis), saw him, for the first time, at the Hospital, he seemed perfectly indifferent to what was going forward; would answer no question, not even open his mouth and his eyes were fixed in a vacant stare; nor could it be observed that the eyelids twinked. At first the medical officer supposed that he was plavinsr off a trick, not unusual amongst skulkers and ha dug- ordered him a cathartic, directed the orderly of his ward to pay most particular atten- tion to the patient's manner during the day and night, but not to appear to take any notice, in or- der that, if he really was pretending, he might thus be discovered. The orderly si pt next bed to him, and, on the following (lay, declared that he scarcely could hear him breathe, aad that in whatever position he was placed, he still remained until again moved by the orderly. On the next visit, the surgeon tried by every means in his power to make him speak or open his mouth, or even to make any voluntary motion, without effect The pulse was slow, and scarcely perceptible, evidently pointing out the nature of the disease; and having learnt from the patient's comrades that he was in that lethargic state for eight days before it was thought necessary to treat him as a case of real disease. Hot brandy was immediately ordered, and the surgeon himself, with difficulty., put some of it into his mouth, and he swallowed it, but the pulse did not rise. A little hot chocolate was then procured, as his comrades said he always seemed to like it, and the cup was placed inthe patient's hand. At this moment, which was about ten o'clock in the morning, the surgeon was called to a dit- ferent part of the Hospital to an accident, and was occupied in his duties lIntil half-past two, when, on returning, he found the poorVV e.chman in the very same attitude, with the cup of choco- late in his hand, and the men in the ward declared he never moved a hair's breadth since the choco- late was placed in his grasp—four hours and a half. Active treatment was now adopted, according I to the surgeon's own idea of the case; and that vas, first, to administer a drastic purgative with some arouiatics, and ordering a good portion of hot wine to be poured down his throat. On the next day he had the man stripped and brought down to the yard, where half-a-dozen men, each holding a pail of spring water, stood upon a height above where the patient was placed, and, one after the other, showered a full stream upon the top of his head. About the fourth pail lie sunk off the chair, and was slightly convulsed. He was then lemoved back to his w ard and rubbed well by twostrong f fellows with coarse Jrov/els for at least nalftin hour. He was then put to bed and wine given, when it was perceived that his pulse was much I fuller, and there was a hot glow upon the surface of the skin. The orderly said he slept and snored during that night, seeming to breathe loud, which he did not before. The bath in a similar manner was repeated next day, with considerable advantage, for the man spoke sevaral words, and shed tears; the third day the same, with still more advantage; and so on till the sixth, when b eomerscd freely, looked florid in the face, and uat his provision* without assistance. -Care was lukeai during the whole of this time to impress him with an idea that he was ordered to England, and that he was to be discharged.— In three weeks the poor fellow recovered; and then took the situation as a surgery man in the Hospital, where he grew very lie de- dared that he did not remember any thing since a short time after lie landed in Spa in, until his dis- ease was removed.—Medical Adviser.