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SPEECH OF KING OF FRANCE. Delivered on I he 28d of March, at the opening of the Chambcr. GENTLEMEN—I 1-111 happy to be able to con- gratulate you oil the benefits which Divine Pro- vidence has bestowed on my people, on my army, and on my family, since the last sitting" of the Chambers. The most gvnerous as well as the most just of enterprizes lias been crowned with the most com- plete success. Fiance, tranquil at home, has nothing more to l'aar from the state of the Peninsula Spain restored to her Ring-, is reconciled with the rest of Europe. This triumph, which offers such sure pledges to social order, is due to the discipline and bravery of a French army, conducted by my son, with as much wisdom as valour. A part of t'i s army has already returned to France; the other shall not remain in Spain ex- cept for the lime necessary to secure the internal peace of that eouu ry. It is to you.G ntieuien,it is to your patriotism, ¡ thai 1 wish to owe the establishment of so satis- factory a s a e. Ten years of experience have taught all F; e..chiiK ii not to expect true liberty except frotu the institutions which I founded in the Charter. This experience has at the same time led ms to recognise the inconveniencies of a regulatory tii.spcsi.tion, which requires modifying i. order to consolidate my work. Repose and fixed purposes are, after long strug- gles, the first necessi ty of France. The present mode of renewing the Chamber does not attain this object. A project of law will be laid beiore yon for a septennial lenewal. The slioi-, of the war, the prosperous slate of the revenue, the progress of credit, give the satisfaction of being able to announce to you that no new tax, no new loan, will be neces- sary to cover the expenses of the past year. The resources appropriated for the current ser- vice will suffice. Thus you will not find any ob- stacle in interior expenses, in the way of ensur- ing the service of the year, the budget, of which will be laid before you. The union which exists between my aHies anrl me, my friendly relations with all other states, guarantee a long enjoyment of general peace.— The interests and the wishes of states agree in removing every thing which might trouble it. I have hope that the affairs of the east, and those of Spanish and Portuguese America, will be regulated for the greatest advantage of the states and people whom they interest, and for the development of the commercial relations of the world. Already numerous channels are opened to the products of our agriculture and industry; suf- ticient maritime forces occupy the stations most suited for the efficacious protection of this com- merce. Measures are taken to ensure the repayment of the capital of the rc.'tfes created by the state in times less favourable, or to obtain their con- version into stock, bearing interest more conform- able with those of other transactions. This operation, which must have a happy in- fluence ou agriculture and commerce, will, when completed, allow the reduction of taxes and the closing the last wounds of the Revolution. [ have made known to you my intention and my hopes. It is in the improvement of our internal situation that i sha 1 always look for the power of the State, and the glory of my reign. Your concurrence is necessary to me, and f rely on it. Uod has visibly seconded our efforts. Yon may attach your names to an era memorable for France. You will not reject such an honour. -■- £ t