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TO BE LET, FURNISHED. FOR THE BATHING SEASON OR YARLY A Neat Marine COTTAGE RESIDENCE, situate in the pleasant and fertile Village of Aber, within six miles of this City, and about eight from Conway; consisting of two parlours, kitchen, back-kitchen, and pantry, on the ground floor, with convenient cellaring, and four good bed-rooms—the Furniture is entirely new, and of the best kind. The London Mail passes daily within a field of the House. Every accommo- dation afforded to a respectable tenant. For particulars, (if by letter, post paid), apply to Mr. LEWIS, Bull's Head Inn, Aber. CUSTOM-HOUSE, LONDON, 20th March, 1824. COMMISSIONERS qf HIS MAJES- TY'S CUSTOMS, in pursuance of Direc- tions received from, the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, dated the 19th instant, do hereby publish the following Resolution of the House of Commons, dated the 17th instant, i.,iz.- "That the following Allowances shall be granted on all Silk imported and warehoused within limited periods, in lieu of all Allowances now authorized to be granted thereon, viz.— On Raw Silk imported from any pa rt'.f. s. D. except the British Territories in the East Indies, and upon Silk thrown from Raw Silk so imported, the lb. 0 5 3 On Raw Silk imported from the Bri- tish Territories in the East Indies, and upon Silk thrown from Raw Silk so imported, the lb 0 3 9 On Foreign Thrown Silk imported, r, not dyed the lb .0 7 2 On Waste Silk, the produce of Silk thrown in Great Britain and Ireland, the lb 0 3 9 By order of the Commissioners, T. WHITMORE, Acting Secretary. ;T .¿ '$ CRA-ULES BIGHT9 Wine Merchant to the Royal Family, Next to the King's and oliposite the Haymarkei, Theatre, Opera Colonnade, Haymarkei, LONDON, HAS now on SALE, the finest OLD PORT, 36s. per doz.; superior SHERRY, St is. per doz and CAPE MADEIRA, 16s. per rioz. by way of sample. Two dozen of each of the above Wines will be well packed in an excellent sherry hogshead, bottles included, by a remit- tance of or half that quantity in hamper, for £ *>" or Six Gallons fine PORT, from Pipe, vintage' 1820, in Cask, casing, &c. included, for £ 5 • or Six Gallons superior SHERRY, Cask, o7 J?5. or Fourteen Gallons excellent Cape Madeira ^5. MADEIRA, VIDONIA, CAR- riVPtLA, LISBON, MOUNTAIN, &c. 42s. Sen ^t ^nded (G. PRIS,) CHAM- S *VTSJIP vintage 18IS, first quality, warranted, 5i4, dozen; MARASHINO, 15s. 6d. per a iT 7ust imported, Florence Oil, cases of fliks 2s. Old COGNAC BRANDY, Sf ^f per gallon Rum, 15s. 6d. CHARLES WRIGHT has contracted with G. PRIS, Grower -of CHAMPAGNE, of Avize, near Epernay, France, for the whole growth of his Wines, now landing; some of the esteemed Vintage 1818 in high mantling condition,at 8ls. per doz. ,price' and quality unequalled in England; Claret, St. Julien et la Rose, 63s. per doz HERMI- TAGE 84s.; BURGUNDY CLOSVOUGEOT first quality, 105s.; BARSAC, SAUTERNE, and GRAVE, 63s. per doz. and all other Wines, &c. in proportion. Letters inclosing remittances, post paid, (no unpaid letters will be received,) will be immediately attended to. extensiye^axiT^ BY AUCTION, Will take plae on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th. and 13th Days of April, 1824, AT THE BEE INN, ABERGELE, BY T. JONES, LLAINWEN, Of the Entire, Excellent, and Substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BREWING UTENSILS, WINES, LINEN, CHINA, GLASS, POST HORSES Sr CARRIAGES, And sundry Effects, 4The Property of Mrs. Davies, who is retiring from Business. THE leading features of each Day's Sale are briefly particularized, viz. Fii*st, Day. -B Utensils, two Parlours, Linen, and five Bedrooms, &c. Second Dan.—Laundry, Parlour, Linen, and five Bedroonis. J^l'rd Day,.—Drawing-room, Parlour, Linen, and seven Bedrooms. walter's Pi",ry' Bar, Lin™, and ImpWms, Cucumber- trames, Fost Horses, and Canines, a capital l5• H°'x A[,>lyw«u BlackLion, Mold Fe»,CrT' Ch nf*8/8 IieacU Ha warden €o»xV r T™ Rhyddlan; Harp, ifo-vhoM? t" Wr ? Ba»n?»r Ferry IIo- EayWs '] v. \.» a»US, Carnarvon. 'bifvh and Vf M e' e's' Printer, Den- 1 ('l the Auctioneer. .11-<f' 'th, sf,<„ „ at Eicvai o'eJJ !QIH:runce wit Daj.precisely BANGOA-NDRTH WALES. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, And entered upmt on the 1st day of next, THE HOUSE and PREMISES, called jt_ TAN-Y-GRAIG, in this City, late in the occupation of John Roberts, Esq. deceased, with two good Kitchen Gardens, Stables, Coach- house. and other suitable Outbuildings. The ITotisi- is pleasantly situated, on a rising ground, on the South East side of the Turnpike Road leading to this City, and consists of two parlours, a drawing-room, seven good lodging- rooms, two commodious kitchens, pantry, sculle- ry, good cellars, &c. &c. The House and Grounds will be let for six or twelve months, as may be most agreeable to the taker; and the Tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of Land: not exceeding 23 Acres. Further particulars may be had on application (post-paid) to Mr. j. liuci-ILs, Deputy Regis- traar, Bangor. Bangor, 17th March, 1821. -4 i, VER anxious to prevent Imposition, DAY iLj and MARTIN respectfully inform the Pub- ey have, after much labour and at very con- siderable expence, brought to perfection a Label of such singular construction and extreme diffi- culty of execution, that they trust will effectually prevent the many frauds that are daily practised on the Public- An attention to the following description of the Label will ensure* the genuine Blackmg prepared by them. A pattern like lace of a pink colour covers the principal part, the names of Day and Martin are printed in white letters, edged with pink and black, and placed on a white ground, the address, 97, High Holborn, is also white letters edged with pink and black. but placed on the lace pattern, the signature and price at foot are black on a white ground, the description of its virtues and directions for use are printed as before, black letters on white ground.—-97, High Holborn, Dec. 1223. Liquid, in Hvttles llt fill. I s 8r Is. Od.e(ich. Paste, in Pots, at fiå. & Is. each. T. RATHBONE, AGENT, BANGOR. T. RATIIBO'N TUBNPIKE TOLLS, TO BE LET. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,. rspH AT the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates it within the Corwen District, will BE L;T BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of Richard Roberts, the Druid Inn, on the 5th day of April next, between the hours of twelve and three o'clock of the same day, in the manner directed by the Act. passed in the third year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Fourth, for regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced last year as under, above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time pay one month in advance (if required) of the Rent of which such Tolls may be Let, and give security, with sufficient Sure- ties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for payment of the rest of the money monthly, or in such other proportions as shall be directed. JOHN JONES, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. £ S D Clawdd ponken, Llidiard y Gell, and > Croes stryd Gates j 190 0 0 Croes stryd Gates j 190 0 0 Tafam dywyrch Gate 124, 0 0 Rhyd y frwynen Gate. 73 0 0 Plas yu Bonivm, March 10th, 1824. CARNARVON. ELIGIBLE Freehold Property TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Goat Inn, in the Town of Carnarvon, in the county of Carnarvon,on Saturday, the 17th day of April, 1824, between the hours of three and jive o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced • unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be giveit- LOT J, ALL that good and substantial Brick-built HOUSE, SHOP, and PREMISES, situ- ate in High-street and Castle-street, in the said ate in High-street and Castle-street, in the said Town of Carnarvon, now in the possession of Mr. John Lloyd, Shopkeeper. II I,OT I I. And all that other good and substantial Brick- mult HOUSE and PREMISES, adjoining the above Lot, situate in High-street aforesaid, now m the occupation of Mr. Evan Lloyd. Lot one lies in the centre of this populous and prosperous Town, and consists of a large and spacious Shop, fronting the two principal streets, and from its contiguity to the Market-place, will always ensure the Tenant a good Trade. The House is large and commodious, consisting of two Kitchens, and pantries under ground, two parlours, and the shop, on the ground floor, two large sitting rooms, and two bed-rooms, on the first floor, four large bed-rooms on the second floor, besides very extensive Attics. The situation of these Premises is well wor- thy the attention of any person wishing to em- bark in an extensive trade; and should0the Te- nant be desirous of letting Lodgings, by which more than the Rent might be made, lie is sure to have a preference, the House being close to the Parade, and the excellent and commodious Hot and Cold-baths and Billiard-rooms, which are now about being completed. Lot two adjoins Lot one, and consists of a kitchen, parloui, .sitting-room, and three good bed-rooms, and is a House ven wella.dapt.ed for the residence of a genteel Family. For further particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Solicitor* Green Gate-street, Car- J narvon. J A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. -0- TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately, or on the 12th day of May next, ALL THAT MANSION-HOUSE AND OUT- BUILDINGS, CALLED C-i ir 0 I- A lQ. )t .L"'4 ItJf .J i, 1 In, the With two Gardens, well stocked witfi Frui 1-trees. and from 10 to 30 Acres of most exeeil ent LAND. THE House and Outbuildings are ex" msive. j. b good repair, and fit for Ui recep; ion of a genteel Family, and situate within abo nt two miles of the Town of Llangefni, and will be Let I for a Term of Years if desired. For further particulars, apply to Mr. OWEN, Feram, Llangwyfan, or at the Oft ICE OF Mr. G. B. Rocss, Solicitor, Amlwch. (till March, 1824. CHEAP AND NUTRITIOUS REV ROASTED CORN, Prepared (under the authority of Parliament) by GEORGE WILSON, No. 10, Cherry-street, Birmingham. Makes, when Boiled, a Cheap, Pleasant, and Nutritions Breakfast Beverage. GBORGg WILSON, from the decided > m>- ference shown his IMPROVED COHN, it has been introduced, WHIIC* YD- fidence recommends it to public attention, for making the MOST CHEAP, PLEASANT, and NUT RI- TIOUS BREAKFAST BEVERAGE in use. One on nee of Corn, of G. preparing, will make, (nith- out being ground), when boiled, a Quart of ex- cellent drink. Roasted Corn, prepared by G. W. is now nsed and recommended by many of the Faculty, for its light and Salubrious Qualities. Sold i ilpaClmges (.l¡.iùldirl?ct iOlI.sjor me),, of I One Pound, Half Pound, and Quarter Pound each. Sold also by his Agents— Miss M. LftYVIS, Bookseller. Bangor. Mr. JOHN EVANS, Draper, Llangollen. — PETER E VANS, Printer, Caryl aryo, — Denbigh. — nOI:T..HPiBS, Prbter,Ruthin. — HKNRV" JONES, Printer, Conway. — JOHN PUGH, Stationer, Dolgeli.ev. — THOS. PARRY, Druggist, Beaunaaris. I -=• -liOftT-. SAUNDERSON, Printer, Bala, j for Agencies to be post ,t»aid. j EAGLE INSURANCE OFFICE, CORNIIILL, LONDON, NO charge for Policies, when the Insurance amounts to i?300 or upwards. No fees taken for endorsements or alterations. In case of Fire, every reasonable charge will be paid for the removal of Goods insured with this Company. Damage by Lightning made good. The Rent of Premises insured by this Compa- ny, rendered untenantable by Fire, will be paid as by the Conditions. Ten per Cent. allowed annually on the premi- ums of common, hazardous, or doubly hazardous Insurances, equal (at the end of seven years) to a dividend of Seventy per Cent. without the risk of losses. Farming Stock insured without the average clause. life INSURANCE. No Entrance or Admission Fine required. No charge for any Policy, except the Stamp One person may insure another s life to the amount of anv interest he may have therein. Parties insuring their own Lives, may dispose of the Policy by will, as personal property. If the party assuring should wish to dispose of I p the policy, this Company will ahow a liberal price for the same.. Annuities, immediate, progressive, and defer- red, granted and purchased upon the most liberal terms. AGENTS. I Mr. J. Bailey, Watergate, Beaumaris. R. Taylor, Music Warehouse, Chester. J. Yourstoun, Liverpool. "BEACON I' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, No L,, Cil 4THAM PLACE, BLACKFRlARS, LONDON. > DIRECTORS. ROBERT WARD, Esq. M. P. Chairman. JOHN WRAY, Esq. Deputy Chairman. Benjamin Ansley, Esq. L. B. Morris, Esq. IfeT)ryJ -Botiveri e,, Esq. SirH.Parnell, lit. M.P. Henry Ilallam, Esq. W. Southey, Esq. G. Hammersley, Esq. I Hon. W. R. Spencer. David Laing, E;KJ. G.Trevor Spencer,Esq. JOHN CLARK, Esq. Managing Director. BANKERS, Messrs. HAMMERS LEY'S &Co.69, Pad Mali. nglHE above Company provides against every 1t pecuniary loss tha.t can result from the dread- ful calamity of Fire. Isi) By an abatement of 25 per Cent, on the sale of Premiums, usually required for Insurances, not deemed Hazardous. 2 By allowing persons to effect an Insurance for a stated period. payment of Rent during the Re-buil 1- ing of the Premises. 4th By guaranteeing to Tradesmen and others a temporary weekly allowance, during the same period. And 5th—By the payment of 5 per Cent on the amount insured, within one week after the fire has taken place. Every information, with Prospectuses, may be had, by applying at the Ortice as above, or to JUr. R. M. GRIFFITH, Bangor. frIr. W. OWEN, Carnarvon, I Rotyal Exchange < <-? I' ASSURA.NC 15. (Established by Royal Charter, in the Reign of King George the Find.) I Fcr Assuring Houses, Buildings, Goods, 1 Stock, and uLoftr the I •iNftmnce of Lives. FiTsIKONS whose Annual Premiums fall due oil LADY DAY, the 25th inst. are hereby in- formed, that Receipts are now ready to he deli- vered by the Company's Agents under mentioned aud the parties assured are requested to apply for a renewalofthnir Policies,, on or before the Pth of April, as the usual, fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the dale of each Policy will then expire. AGENTS. Bangor, J. HASBRO OK. CARNARVON ROBEBT PAYNE w I,, CARNes WREXTf AM JAMSS KKNUICK OSWESTRY.HKNUY HIJAHES S UREWSBURY WILLIAM IIARLEY WELLINGTON, (Salop) JAMES OLIVER BRIDGNORTH GOODWIN LLOYD Farming Stock is insured at 2s. per Cent. per j\1Jliun1.. N. n. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expense, when the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. *#* Tins Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. +.). t Persons assured by this Corporation, do not depend upon an uncertain fund or contribu- tion, nor are they subject to any Covenants or Calls, to make good Losses, which may happen to themselves or others; their Capital Stock be- iog an unquestionable security to the Assured in case of Jos.. ()::fr ASSURANCES on LIVES being found to be advantageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, deter- minable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others. Tables of the Rates for such Assurances and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater con- venience of the Public, the Company have de- termined to extend (by special agreement) the Assurances on Lives, to the age of 75 years. SAMUEL PENNING, Jun. SECIIETAP.Y, March, 182 Ii. b CUSTOM HOUSE LONDON, 13th March 18-it. ¡ "1-' II 1 Commissioners of His Majesty's Cus- toms do hereby give Notice, that in con- sfquence of directions from the Lords Co);iHiis- siouers of His Majesty's Treasury, founded upon *he following Resolutions of the Honourable House of Commons of the Uth, and 11th, and t instant, they have instructed their Officers at the several Ports in the United Kingdom, and at the places specified in the margin, to receive into Coven*rv Warehouses under the King's lock, Notti'i'uinm at ihe exPence and risk of the parties, ''aw and thrown Silk, and all Leek Sili( Manufactures, upon which the v' duties shall have been paid, prov ided the same shall be in quantities of not less than 30mhs. weight, and in the name of one party, and provided that all raw and thrown Silk be depo- sited in such warehouses on or before the 25th March instant; and that all Silk manufacturer, the same being new, uncut, and wholly of silk, he deposited in such warehouses on or before the <>th April next, in order to enable the several parties to avail themselves of the return of the duties on the raw and thrown Silk, and of the payment of bounties and allowances on Silk Ma- nufactures, in conformity with the said Reso- lutions. By order of the Commissioners, T. WHITMORE, Acting Secretary. Copy of Resolution of the Honourable House of Commons, dated the 9lh of March, 1821. 1. That from and after the 2olh of March, 1824, thesd veral duties and drawbacks on the Importa- tion and Exportation of the several sorts of Silk herei nafter mentioned, shall cease and determine and also, that from and after the 5th day of July, iS iu, the prohibitions on the Importation of Silk Manufactures shall cease an.1 determine, a-.id that the following duties shall be paid in lieu thereof; that is to say— £ s. H. On Silk, from and after the 25th day of March, 182-1, viz. on Raw, or l Krmbs, or Husks of Silk, or Waste j of Floss Silk, the lb 0 0 3 On Thrown Silk, not dyed, the lb. 0 7 G On manufactured Silk, from and after the 5th day of J uly, 1820, for every £) 100 of tiíe value thereof. 30 0 0 2. That from and after the 5th day of April, 1R:4, the Bounties on the exportation of Silk Manufactures shall cease and determine, save and except on any of such manufactures as shall have been duly shipped for exportation or have been warehoused for that purpose, on or before the said 5th day of April, 182'1. 3. That upon Silk imported, upon which the duties shall have been paid, and which shall be warehoused on or before, an.1 remain warehoused until after the 25th day of March, 1824, there shall be granted the following allowances, viz.:— s. D. On Raw Silk imported fmm any part, I except the Brit siv Territories in the East Indies, the lb 0 5 3 On &ilk thrown from Raw Silk, so r: imported, tiic lb. 0510 On Raw Silk imported from the Rri. tish Territories in the East Indies, the lb 0 3 9 On Silk thrown from Raw Silk, so im- ported, the. lb 011 On Foreign Thrown Silk imported, not dyed, the lb 0 7 2 Copy-of Resolution of the Honmtrabic House of Corrwwn" dated the 1 ilh ait(I March, 18:2-1. That one half of the Bounties on the Expor- tation of Silk Manufactures, shall be allowed oil all such Manufactures al, having been ware- housed, shall be taken out for home consumption, within 30 days after the 5tli day of April, 1821.