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<■—i■—1 •"»' 1" V m.. a rr i wHfeTiNG held at CONWAY, the A "t^of March, 1824, SIR DA VID ERSKINE, BART. JH THE CHAIR. 1 ■' Resolved, That a humble petidonbe presented to the House of Commons, for Parliamentary assistance, for the improvement of that part of the Holyhead Road, in the immediate neighbourhood of Conway. Resolved, Thâtthê petition now read be adopted, af the 4 Patition of this Meeting.—That itbe forwarded to all the Gentlemen, in the neighbourhood, for their signlÍture, and then sent to the Honourable MSSK&Va. forA? Bó. rough, with a request that he will present, and Warmly support it. •Resolved, V.1* That rhe Thanks of this Meeting be presented to Sir David JBrskine, for his Qondiict in the ^hair' PETiTION: t- To the Honourable the Commons oj the United Kingdom of (treat Britain and Ireland, in f?ar- liamcntassembled. The humble Petitim of the inhabitant* of the Borough and neighbourhood qf Conway. We Inhabitants of Borough ami neighbour- hood qf Conway, bug leave most humbly to repre- sent to your Honourable House the very dange, ous state the Mail Coach Road, JprifarlytMec inites out qf Conway, on the way to Holyhead. Jt .passes a high and formidable mountain fridge, although the country admits qf the forma- <: lion of a remarkably level lane qf Road, thtit W iwould ftreetiy promote the comfort and sqJcty;of ever* description Of Travellers, and would acce- %>*de ike conveyance itf me Mail twenty Jive mi- THXs —This sating of time added to one.hmrj-hat Iff L anined 6a the completion of the Bridges, wlU be Qf nearly one hour and W° £ n in7he time tf ihe Chester Mail. The Packets, %i fa, despatched so miich Sooner, andth^S might then be despmcn •uJLian awl to grant such tts 'inost readily to acquiesce in the continence oj the extra postage on letters crossing the River ouijiy, after the expense of the Bridge shall be'paia off. And your petitioners will ever prdy. THE ONLY DIRECT ir IVv .J.. Expressly for Luggage, running bettteen London itnd Dublin, through,.Holyhead, Bangor, Cormen, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, and Coven- try r to the Castle and Falcon, Alderngate-street, London. THE Proprietors of this Establishment, duly 'sensible of the very g-rjsat support they have received since, its commencement, return their grateful thanks to their Friends, and take leave to inform the inhabitants of Bangor, North and South Watles, arid the Public, that it will [gave the Castle Inn, Bangor, every Monday and Friday morping, early, and will reach the Castle and Falcon, Ajdersgate-street, London, the third morning, by which Goods will be delivered immediately on arrival; will return from the "me Inn every Tuesday and. Friday at twelve n^clock, and arrive atUarigor Monday and Fn- 5#y corning, when it will proceed direct to ifoly- beau.with, equal expedition tortile .(ar&ft the -MELIL) at a much■ ,lo\^pr ■- f; price, and the Proprietors are determined to spare neither expence nor exertion, to accommodate the Trade and the Public generally. ■> A Van'leaves tli^ Coach and Van Office, Pigh- gtfeet, Shrewsbury, every morning," (Sunday ex- ^cepted) at seven o'clock, to the Castle and Fal- con, Aldefsgatei-street, London, where it arrives early the following day, and Goods delivered im- itiodiate Y. a Yftfl susp the Castle and Falcon a*v at twelve o'clock, (Sundays excepted) and Shrewsbury the next eveninsr. -Performed by the Public's obedt. Servants, V ^itLIAMS & Co. Bangor. GTON & Co. Castle ft Falcon, London. The proprietors give notice, that they will not accountable fo? any Package whatever, above i he vaA\ie of Five Pounfls, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly on delivery by; the fearer: Kojai Exchange ASSURANCE. Established by Royal Charter, in the Reign of t King George the First.) fof Assuring Houses, Buildings, Goads, .Corn, Hay, Stock, 8(c, and also for the Assurance of Lives, ^-jjERSONS_whosei Annual Premiums fall (due on Lady_DA;Y, the 25th inst. are hereby in- i^Hied, that Receipts are now. ready to be deli- *ered by the Company's Agents under'menUonM tbe parties assured are requeued to X. » renewal of their Policies, on or before the 1,1 & of April'KS utShual,fifeen day,s allowed > r oay«ient« bByond the date of «ach p0licv .AGEN'rs. 'Bangor J. RASBROOKl »wtjARVON.ROBERT PAYkg WBtt. • • • • • • ..EnwAlio CARneb MeXHAM.JamesKwhic^ om ESTRY.Hexhv H^OH^ SHREWSBURY..WILLIAM Harvey WPI ? INGTON, (Salop) JAMES OLIVER • 'WARTH.•••.» .Gr0Ol»WlN LHOTp f S is insured at 2s. per Cent^per Firp Policies will be allowed free of ^pence,- when the Annual Premiums <is. or upwards. >' This Company have invariably MADE GOOD, Lossesby Fire, occasioned,by Lightmn# tlt Persons assured not depend upon an uncertain fund or coHtnou- tioni nor are,t|»ey subiePt to any Covenants or (.'alls* t0_m^ke good Losses, which mat to theiPse^es or others* their Capital Stock be- 1 a^f'loss<!St5St>nable security to the Assured in C*#T ASSURANCES cm LIVES being found, to be advAntageous to persons having Offices, EflfiLl^onn the^^8' »ther Incomes, deter- JNINABH- Life or LIVES of THEMSELVES OR °*1??r t £ SntW A- R?ltes fcr suciv Assurances AND 4F ( 'VN[D A "G ^UNUI'IES on HWE$, MAY. be- W\° L BF the PUHR' A*(1 FOR THE greater con- ^5 Z > Company HAYF>^ ^^LL'IJCES W LIVES, to T £ ECIIIL AG'F;L?IENT) l SECliEX^BY. v' ■m* '■ • TO BE LET, — FURNISHED. FOR THE BATIIING SEASON OR YEARLY, A Neat Marine COTTAGE RESIDENCE, 7\ situate in the pleasant and fertile Village of Aber, within six miles of this ('ity, and about eight from Conway; consisting of two parlours, kitchen, back-kitchen, and pantry, on the ground goor, with convenient cellaring, and four good bed-rooms—the Furniture is entirely new, and of the best kind. The London Mail passes daily y 0- within a field of the House. Every accommo- dation afforded to a respectable tenant. For particulars, (if by letter, post paid) apply to Mr. LEWIS, Bull's Head Inn, Aber. BANGORCATHEDRA€T Subscriptions already advertised.1/56 9 0 Of which the following sums should not have been inserted, viz. Richd. Williams, Esq.ig'S 0 01 g > Mrs. Humphreys; 2 2 0 > 7 7 0 Rev. W. Williains.v. w 0 5 0)^ } • iaTo ADDITXOHAL SUBSCRIBERS, Sir Joseph Huddart, (omittBd by) 10 Q Q mistake in a former paper). f ,Y- Colonel Peacocke.. 5 0 0' William Haivmer, Esq. Bodnant. 0 0' Messp«. J. & Jf. Moody, London., 6 0 0 Captain Skinner, R. N. 3 3 0' Edward Jones, Esq. Denbigh. S .0, 0 J. K.yffln, Llanystyndwy 2 2 0 Messrs.; Carr & Thompson, Leek. 200 Messrs. Riclmrdson & Morns, ltir- ) mingham i J T. G. London. 2 0 0 Mr. W. Thoftias, Penrallt, Bangor.. 10 () Total Xrs) 0 0 ffZj* Subscriptions are requested to be paid to Messrs. Hoiu-e, Bankers, London; of. at the Bank, in Carnarvon. J. II. COTTON, > xr i- J.HAMER, } VICARS.


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