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At a Meeting of the Inhabitants (f ) the City Chester, held in the Town l-lal-lon Tuesdaj, the l&th qJ Alurch, 1821— TIN: nifjiir WOUS.UIM CL THE MAYOR IN THE CHAIft. It was unanimously resolved, Hp 11 AT amongst the improvements:of-tho'l^st | thirty years, none have contributed more essentially or more permanently to the eonnnei ven en cial and personal interests and convenience of this country, than those which have I by the erection of Bridges, and the scientific con- struction of the public roads,—whereby distances have been diminished, speed of communication has been accelerated, and the expences of, car," riage, and the fatigue of travelling, have been greatly lessened. That recognizing the vast iJoportnce of. thê most complete practical union of the diflerent parts of the empire, this meeting has seen with pleasure the great and successful exertions which have been made, to perfect the Road between the Metropolis and Holyhead, on the Shrewsbury Line; and now that this has been finished, and the intercourse between Ireland, and the Seat of National Government has been completed, they conceive that the Chester Road is entitled to a like degree ofattention, from the unequalled im- portance of its commercial connexion. It is the necessary medium of communication between Ire- land and the great manufacturing districts of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Stiff • fordshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire, as well as of the Ports of Liverpool and Hull. In point of commerce, it is in fact beyond all compe- tition, the most important Line of Road between Great Britain and Ireland.. That many parts of this Road are Susceptible of very great improvement, whereby the distance between Chester and Bangorwould be contracted, and the speed of transit very much increased, and that this is become peculiarly necessary and ur- gent from the proposed arrival at Holyhead, of the London mail through Shrewsbury, two hours e r, earlier than at present; the result of which would be the sailing of the Packet before the Chester Mail got in, and the delay of the important cor- respondence of which it is the bearer. That this meeting concurs,-therefore, most cor- dially with the Merchants, &e. of Dublin, who have by Petition directed the views of the Legis- lature to the state of the Chester Line of Road, and will strenuously co-operate with them, in en- deavouring to obtain a removal ol iti detects, and that the Mayor of this City be requested to com- municate these Resolutions to the Lord Mayor of Dublin. That a Copy of these Resolutions and of the Petition to be agreed upon at tlsis 'iTeeiing, be forwarded also, with a. request for their iuniiedi- ate and most influential co-operation, to the Mayor of Liverpool, the Boreughreeves of Man- chester, the La. J Mayor of York, the Mayors of Leeds, Halifax, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle-under-Tyne, Stockport, and Mat eli s- field, to the Commissioners of the Holy lu^idiioad, the Parliamentary Representatives of the City of Dublin, and of the several Counties Oti, North Wales, and of the Counties and Boroughs of the Great Northern, Commercial and ]\1¡\UH. facturiag Districts. That the Petition now read is atlf- as the Petition of this Meeting, and do lie at the Town Hall, for Signatures, till Wednesday then to be forwarded to the He^resentatives, of tU« City, for presentation, with our most eara-pst re- quest that they will give it ail the support in their power. That the foregoing Resolutions be inserted once in each of the Chester, Stockport, and Maccles- field Papers, the North Wales Gazette, and one Dublin Paper. The Mayor having left the Chair— H. Potts, Esq. moved that the thanks of this Meeting be given to him for his readiness in call- ing the Meeting, and for his collituct ill the Chair, which was carried unanimously. To the Commons of Gr^dBritainand Ireland, in Parliament assembled.^ '• The Petition of the under-signed, Inhiibdants qf the City of Chester, '.}l Town Hall, on Tuesday, the Mh oj March, 18:24, in consequence of a Requisition to the Right Worshipful the a or to thuttffect. SllOWETH That your Patitioners fully recognrzelhe po- litical, commercial, and social importance of the improved communications between the ditrerent parts of the Empire, and more especially of those between Great Britain a.nd Ireland, towards which Parliamentary aid has been granted, with a ibe- 0 'of tile rality corresponding with the magnUu the objects to be obtained. The Bridges over tho Menai & the Conway pro- mise to be of the utmost utility when coi mleted and the improvements on the Shrewsbury Line of Road have already drawn Irelandltr much speedier communication with the seat ot Govern- ment. But if the Road between Holyhead and Shrewsbury be politically the most important, that between Holyhead and Chester is commerci- .,atl!l so, beyond all comparison. Your Petitioners beg leave to remind your Ho- nourable House, that through the Chester Line of Road are necessarily carried on the great personr al intercourse and correspondericebetween I reland and the Port of Liverpool, together with tnose of the manufacturing districts of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Stanordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, aud Leicestershire. But. your Petitioners hope they may be allowed to refer to the reports of the Engineers employed by your Honourable House, in proof ofthe fact, that many parts of the line of road between Bangor and Chester are so extremely objectionable and im- perfect in their direction, as to cause much unne- cessary delay, and not unfrequently accidents. Your Petitioners beg further to state, that not- withstanding every exertion has been made, and is now making, to expedite the arrival at Holy- head of the Mail through Chester, and that within the last twelve months live hours have been gain- ed between London and Chester, yet if the arrival at Holyhead of the London Mail through Shrews- bury should, as proposed, be two hours earlier than at present, the time thus gained must be lost at Holyhead, in waiting for the arrival of the Chester Mail, or the Packet must sail before the arrival of this Mail, to the manifest injury of the first commercial interests of the two countries. Your Petitioners most respectfully but urgent- ly pray therefore, that such surveys and estimates may be ordered with all convenient speed, as may present to your Honourable House a clear view of the defects of this road, and the most effectual mode of remedying them, and of giving every practicable facility to the great commercial, com- munications of this district. j And your Petitioners shall ever pray, &c. MAIL CAR. THE Public are respectfully informed, that a MAIL CAR, three times a week, for tlie conveyance of Letters and Parcels, will com- mence running about the 5th of April next, from Carnarvon, through Beddgelert and Tremadoc, to Tan-y-bwlch, &c.in the county of Merioneth. Parcels sent by this conveyance, will be for- warded in the most expeditious manner The days of running and other particulars, will be mentioned in a future advertisement. CUSTOM-HOUSE, LONDON, 20th March, ] 82-1.; THE COMMISSIONERS of HIS MAJES- TY'S CUSTOMS, in pursuance of DireC' tions received from the Lords Commissioner!) of his Majesty's Treasury, dated the 19th instant, do hereby publish thejollowing Resolution of the House of Commons, dated the 17th instant, viz.— "That the following Allowances shall be granted on all Silk imported and warehoused within limited periods, in lieu of all Allowances now authorized to be granted thereon, viz.— ¡ On Raw Silk imported from, any part £ s. p. except the British Territories in the East Indies, and upon Silk thrown from Raw Silk so imported, the lb. 0 5 3 41 On Raw Silk imported from the Bri- tish Territories in the East Indies, and upon Silk thrown from Raw Silk so imported, the lb 0 S 9 "On Foreign Thrown Silk imported, not dyed the lb i 0 7 2 "On Waste Silk, the produce of Silk thrown in Great Britain and Ireland, the lb. 0 3 9 By order of the Commissioners, T. WHITMORE, 1 Acting Secretary; FURNITURE & CARPET WAREHOUSE, Hanover Ilootiis, llanovet.tl'eet, LiverpooJ. t BRANCH AND SON, Have on Sale by Private Contract, every de- scription of HOUSEHOLD FUPVNITURE Of fashionable patterns, Sf excellent workmanship. INCLUDING amongst many other Articles, Four-post and Camp-bedsteads, fitted up With morine and printed Calico Hangings, seasoned goose Feather Beds, Hair and Straw Mattresses, Blankets and Counterpanes, Mahogany articles- in Sideboards, Wardrobes, Secretaires, Book- cases, Chests of Drawer?, Couches, Sofas, fold-, ing Sofa Beds, Lounging and Easy Chairs, Din- ing, Card, Loo, Ladies Work, Library, Pem- broke and Sofa Tables, Trafalgar Chairs, Music Waggons, Bidets, Night Commodes and Dres-j sing Stands, Painted Chamber Furniture, beati- tilul fancy Japanned and Stained Chairs, and most other articles of Furniture. Elegant CHIMNEY & DRESSING-GLAS- SES, blue printed DINNER SERVICES, Backgammon Tables, Desks. &c., together with a very extensive variety of BRUSSELS, KIDDER- MINSTER, and VENETIAN CARPETING. Hearth RUGS, Oil CLOTHS, MORINES, Floor DRUGGETTS, and other goods. CHEAP AND NUTRITIOUS BEVERAGE. ;1 ROASTED CORN, Prepared (underthe authority oj Parliament} by GEORGE WILSON, No. 10, Cherry-street, Birmingham. Makes, when Boiled, a Cheap, Pleasant, and Nutritious Breakfast Beverage. jfi EORGE WILSON, from the decided pre- SJF ference shown his IMPBOVED ROASTED CORN, wherever it has been introduced, with con- fidence recommends it to public attention, for making the MOST CHEAP, PLEASANT, and NUTRI. TIOUS BREAKFAST BEVERAGE in use. One ounce of Corn, of G. W.'s preparing, will make, (with- out, bring ground), when boiled, a Quart of ex- cellent drink. ii.^ Roasted Corn, prepared by G. W. is now ased and recommended by many of the Faculty, for its light and Salubrious Qualities. Sold in Packages (with directions for use), of One Pound, Half Pound, and Quarter Pqund each. Sold also by his Agents- Miss M. L-C, NVIS, Bookseller, Bangor. Mr. JOHN EVANS, Draper, Llangollen. -PETER EVANS, Printer, Carnarvon. THÖS. GEE, Printer, Denbigh. ROBT JONES, Printer, Ruthin. — HENRY JONES, Printer, Conway; — JOHN PUGII, Stationer, Dolgelley. THOS. PARRY, Druggist, Beaumaris. — ROBT. SAUNDERSON, Printer, Bala. ( £ fr- Applications for Agencies to be post paid. EXTENSIVE SALE BY AUCTION, Will take place on the Sth,, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, ami \Wi Days oJ~ April, 1824, AT THE BEE INN, ABERGELE, BY T. JONES, I,LAINWF.N. I N Of the Entire, Excellent, andSijbsÜllitil HOUSEHOLD è j FURNITURE, BREWING UTENSILS, WINES, LINEN, CHINA, POST HORSES Sf CARRIAGES, p And sundry Effects, The Property of Mrs. Davies,jvhois rctirina from Business. '■* j T H leading features of each Day's Sale are g briefly particularized, viz. First Day.—Brewing Utensils, two .4,rlotir-4, Linen, and five Bedrooms, &c. Second Day,-Laundry, Parlour, Lineh, Land five Bedrooms. Third I)aq.-Drawiti.room, Parlour, Linen, and seven Bedrooms. Pourth J)a.v, Dining-room, Waiter's Pantry, Wines, and three Bedrooms. Fifth Day.—Kitchen, Cellars, Bar, Linen., and four Bedrooms. Sixth Day.—Garden Implements, Cucumber- frames, Post Horses, and Carriages, a capital Colt, by Champion, rising three, Car & Harness, Bathing Machine, Saddles, Bridles, &c, Catalogues are preparing, and may be had at the Bee aforesaid; White Lion, St. Asaph; White Horse, Holywell; Black Lion, Mold; Red Lion, Northop; Stag's Head. II a warden Feathers, Chester; Black, RhyddlanHarp, Conway; Castle, Bangor Bangor Ferrj; Ho- tel, Holyhead Uxbridge Arms, Carnarvon Eagles, Llanrwst; Mr. Gee's, Printer, Den- bigh and of the Auctioneer. I (pf" The Sale tp commence each Bd'i previstfy at Eleven o'Clock. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC: AUCTION, (FOR THE BENEFIT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,) On Monday, the 29th day of March, 1824>, at eleven o'clock, at Jlr. Jantes Harris, Jun.'s Timber Yard, Beaumaris, A QUANTITY of CORDAGE in Lots, some PINE TIMBER empty HOGS- HEADS, &c. being a part of the Brig BAN- NON'S materials, stranded in Beaumaris Bay, on her voyage from Liverpool to Dublin. For further particulars, apply to. Captalis LEWIS OWEN, on board the Bannon, Hirael Ban- gor, or to JAMES HARRIS, Jun. Agent for Lloyd's. Beaumaris, March 23, 1824. EAGL-E INSURANCE OFFICE, CORNIIILL, LONDON, k N 0, charge for Policies, when the Insurance amounts to X300 or upwards. > No fees taken for t'lldorsements or alterations. In case of Fire, every reasonable charge will be paid for the removal of Goods insured witl* tliis Company. x; I Damage by Lightning made good. The Rent of Premises insured by this Corapa' ny, rendered untenantable by Fire, be paid as by the Conditions. Ten per Cent, allowed annually on the premi- ums of common, hazardous, or doubly hazardous Insurances, equal (at the end of. seven years) to a dividend of Seventy per Cent. without the risk losses. Farming Stock insured without the average clause. LIFE INSURANCE. No Entrance or Admission Fine required. No charge for any Policy, except the Stamp Duty. 1 One person may insure another's life to" the amount of any interest he may have therein. Parties insuring their own Lives, may dispose of the Policy by will, as personal property. If the party assuring should wish to dispose of the policy, this Company will allow a liberal price for the same. Annuities,, immediate, progressive, and defer- red, granted and purchased upon the most liberal terms. AGENTS. Mr. J. Butley, IViterzate, Beaumaris. R.Taylor, Music Warehouset Chester. J. Yourstoun, Liverpool. BEACON FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, No8, CHATHAM PI.ACE,nJA.CKI<RURS, LODO: DIRE, ROBERT WART), Esq. MV P. Chairman. JOHN WRAY, Esq. Deputy Chairman. V Benjamin Ansley, Esq. L. B. Morris, EsqV HenryJ.Bouverie,Esq. SirH:Parnell, Bt. M.P. Henry Hallam, Esq. W, Southey, Esq. 'titv, Esq G, Hammersley, Esq. Hon. W. R. Spucer David Laing, Esq. G.Trevor Spencer,Esq. JOHN CLARIC, Esq. Managing Director. BANKERS, Messrs. HAMMERS LE Y 'S & Co.60^ FMI Mall. Tllfe above Company provides against every pecuniary loss that can result from theiiread- tut calamity of Fire. lst-By an abatement of 25 por Cent, on tho sale of Premiums, usually required for Insurances, not deemed Hazardous. 2-By allowing persons to eirect, an Insurance for a stated period. 3d—By payment of Rent during the Re-build- ing of the Premises. 4th—By guaranteeing to Tradesmen and others a temporary weekly allowance, during the same period. And 5th—By the payment of 5 per Cent on the amount insured, within one week after the tirt) has taken plaee. Every information, with Prospectuses, may bo had, by applying at the Office as above, or to Mr. R. M. GRIFFITH, Bangtir. Air. W., OWEIV, Carmarvon. Hope ASSURANCE COMPANY • LU DGATE-IIIL L, LONDON, And Nfestmordland Street, Dublin. FIRE OFFICE, CAPITAL ONE, MILLON. CF,S ^instLOSS or DA-MAGE 1KE, effected upon every Description of Property, within the United Kingdom, upon Tenns as beneficial to the Assured as those of any other Office. Losses are uniformly paid bv this Company with the utmost spirit of Liberality and Promp- titude. Notice is hereby given, that Receipts for tho Renewal of Policies, which expire at Lady- day, are now ready for delivery, at the above- mentioned Offices, and with the respective Agents Of the Company, throughout the United King- dom. Policies of Assurance, which .expire, at tho above Period, should be renewed within Fifteen ,.Days thereafter, or they become void. LIFE OFFICE—CAPITAL CtNE MILLION ASSURANCES effectéd upon Lives and on SUR- VIVORSHIP.—ANNU,T!ES granted and purchased— Endowments for Children, &c. &c. The Proprietors of this Office have Undertaken all responsibility, and have stipulated for a Gua- rantee of One Million Sterhng, as an amply Se- en curity for a11 the.ir. Engagements: profits arising ouf of this Branch of Bu- siness, after a moderate deduction for guarantee and Expeiice ot Management, is divided timongst tlie Assured, in proportion to the siuns respec- tively assured upon which jwijiwpte;- Wiiieroits are the instances of Ten, Tirenty. &M ThiHi/, per Cent, in add-on to the amount of Life Policies, being paid; and cases have oecurreid (when the duration, of Life has been considerably prolonged) where the payment has been more than double the sum assured. No Entrance Money, Admission Fee,' or other Official Charge. WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. The following Agents are appointed by thif company, of whom Proposals may jae Juiti gra- tis, and every information obtained. /iicff. Jones, jibui'Jjjstwith? t Thomas Huxley, < Ixeslcr.,


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