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LONDON NEW PRICE CURRENT. MARCH 16. COTTON.—The purchases of Cotton during the week have been inconsiderable, yet the mar- ket looks firm, and no reduction whatever in the prices has been submitted to the following are the particulars of the sales since our last, viz.— 150 Bengals õ¡d. to õd, ordinary to middling; 199 Surats ofd. tkl. middling,- 6§d- fair; t»0 Ma- dras tkl. ordinary 110 Boweds d. to 81\ fair to good fair; 60 Carriacou lljd tol I jd.; oU Car- thagena. d. COFFEE.—The public sales brought forward last week went off without briskness; a great proportion of the Coffee brought forward was taken in. on account of the languid state of the trade for St. Domingo, of fair quality, 08s. was only offered, and the whole 2(50 bags taken in at 60s. 6d. There was a partial inquiry for fine Coffee, but there were no parcels offering. H U U AR,-The market last week remained in the SlIlIe languid state which we have lately re- ported: the business done was quite inconsider- able, and the purchasers on y bought for their own immediate wants, anticipating lower prices from the very small weekly deliveries from the West India warehouse and the consequent ac- cumulation of the stock: there was no alteration whatever in the prices. WOOL. -Tilere are no sales making, nor is it probable that there will be until the question as to the return of duties paid is set at rest; the de- putation Thursday to the president and Board of Control, returned without any definitive arrange- ment being made. TEA.—The Tea sa'e finished at the India House on Friday last; towards the clos;- of the sale, the trade was much agitated by the reports of a misunderstanding with the Chinese; the teas, of which there is a small stock here, ad- vanced materi jrlly. Twankav 2d. per lb. com- mon Hysons were also much in dontan(I.-Sitice the sale, low Congous have advanced jd. per Ih, The news Thursday stated all the differences with the Chinese weie adjusted. HEVIP, FLAX, and TALLOW.-Tallow continues heavy, !ast week the holders were al» inclined to sell at 31s.; Friday there was no Ill- teration, but the sellers were not eager to ellect sales they look now for some improvement.^ Hemp has lately been declining, owing chiefly- to a rumour, which at one time gained some ground, that the duty would be lessened; the report is, however, again giving way. In Flax there is no alteration.—Tallow for April and May delivery, 31s. (3d.; for July and August shipment, 36s. (id.




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