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CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY DISPENSARY. -«i-5..WANTED, A PPREIST1CE at the above Institu- X* —-Application to be made to Mr. PUGHE, Apothecary. March 8th, 1824. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. 1J0HNJONES, late of Brynia'r Defaid irt 9 the parish of spytty Evftn, in the county °5^r"frv0rt' a prisoner in the County Gaol 4"' at the Suit of Slr Edward pVyC0 hSl Baronet' my Landlord, do hereby publicly acknowiedge the justice of the treatment 7o?'S?hrp?° myKi"nf Si 'f \n'iinner in which I hay<? f.dTh.nW ..d° fl!ther<1«'sire to oftermy grate- ful* Vila v Sj • Sal^ Edward Pryee Lloyd hencJ^^ Sd7r,?hn0ti0PPrSinS my discharS« <*<»» the Insolvent Act.—Witness m* hand, this mnth da,y of February, 1824. SiimwJ «»♦ JOHN JONES, biffned in tie presence of J. Vaughan Home, ■ | Solicitor, Denbigh. i,tf\tfr.-t, —— ■ 't. To be Sold by Auction, At Ty-mawr, Amlwch, in the county of Anateseu on Saturday, the 13 th day of Alar eh, JS2.J., be- tween the hours of three and Jive o'clock in the duced °m' HW^CCt to conditions then to be pro- TEN-SIXTEENTH Parts or Shares of the SLOOP MOLLY, of Cemaes, Morris Grif! fith, Master, burthen per Register 36 Tons, and now lying, in the Port of Cemaes. For particulars apply at the Office of Mr. G. B. ROOSE, Solicitor, Amlwch. 7- A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. TO BE LET And may be entered upon immediately, or on the 12th day of Alay next, ALL THAT MANSION-IIOUSE AND OUT- BUILDINGS, CALLED BRYNGOLA, ) In the County of Anglesey, With two Gardens, well stocked with Frui t-trees and from 10 to 30 Acres of most excellent LAND. npHE House and Outbuildings are extensive a genteef^amUy^an^situate ^within For further particulars, annlv to nr.- T OWEN, Feram, Llangwyfan L ,0"l Mr G.B. ROOSE, SOLIIU? ^,4" 6th March, 1821. NOTICE IS GIVEN _Eny (x B Treasury, that all Persons dSrous^ofli-* mfying their Assent to receive £ 3 10s per Cen- turn Annuities, in lieu of £ 4 per Centum Annuities directed to be paid off, in pursuance of a Reso- lution of the House of Commons, of the 24th February. 1824, in tne manner tlierein specified -• must signify such Assent on or before t/m (v/i l/n it* to the Governor and Couipany oi' thL' or of Ireland, according, as ih(> i\! Tldends may be payable. Forms for expressing such A ssPiif i.„ sent to the several countrv Ra„i ? ave been tain and Ireland and Z v 1 K f Great Bri_ masters of every Market T ° a''of the Post- «.d Ireland, as well at atTh Bri,,i" a»d Ireland respIctMy.' B"'kS E"«lan'1 Engiand The Assents addressed to the Banks of England and Ireland respectively, will be deli- t £ ttheva ?S-ageLbut Care must taken ime to L ?/- m °-th? Post-Office in sufficient Ume to be delivered m London or in Dublin as tne case may be, on or before the 6th April, 1824. ANGLESEY. To be Let by Public Auction, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEIMATEIY At the Bull's Head Inn, in the T<mn of Llanmfid in the county vf Anglesey, on Friday, the 19tt day of March, 1824, between the tumrs of thre and Jive o clock in the afternoon, subject to suci condiUon* as shall be then prodded; A MENh¥ .TENE nances, situate in the ParisheT or n APPurte and Cerrig Ceinwen, in the said counfy'o?A"' »lesey, called y°fAn OBFN Y CWMfiiwn wmi^tnSn^T or thereabouts ° ^measurement 50 acres TENEMENT, the said Appurtenances, situate in „jm Parish of Llatigristiolus, containkm- bv admeasurement 45 acres, or thereabouts 5 •r or further particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM VVIIUAMS, Solicitor, Green Gate-street. Car- narvon. THE f. f ALBION, CAMBRIA, AND DRUID, • STEAM PACKETS, H^rY?^0mrnenced plving as usual, betw^11 /X POOL and NORTH WALES- One^of these well-known and fast-sailing IT BANGOR FERRY TO-MO1*- .? ^,mORf,ING. (Frirlay) the 12th MarcK n ^>r LIVERPOOL, at Eight to call 0 Garth Point and Beaumaris, and again on M011* day n^xt, the 15th, at the same hour. 1 he days of sailing will continue to be eve)-y Monday and Thursday, from Wales and ev'e^. Wednesday and Saturday fi om Liverpool, further uotieh." The Paeket between Liverpool and Ba £ .|r; near Holywell, sails as usual, every mori'1 (Sundays excepted) at Eight O'clock, to re* from Bagillt at noona Packet Office, 10, Nova Scotia. Liverpool, 9th March, iSi!,






Bangor Cathedral.