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THE ANGLESEY HOUNDS is dav and Saturday at Holyhead Kennel; \T VXV at the Anglesey Column MO"w'rfoeSd.y, at the Stars; Each day at half-past ten. lost notice was given that Divine t r this city' wiU be Perforraed in the e 'fVwi„i Room, until the repairs of our fhpdraf are completed, together with 'ornamental impr°veulelU* °f 1 prifnetd'a violent gale yesterday from 5 The vessels at the Port suffered consider- "k" Sgtfsr&ssrSz iol Pilot on board; we could not learn her David's Day «« „'se parts of the principality revival urpassing that of forraer years tlie renewed ncouragement of our ancient Britih Mature, appears to have been th g QuS i to these increased exertions. ifl lies of the resident Gentry dined t £ principal Inns, viz. at Bangor Ferry, Ca nar i. Beaumaris, Amlwch, Dolgelly, I)enbiD thin, Holywell, Mold, &c. &c-. thin, Holywell, Mold, &c. &c-. We understand that the Magistrates ot An s'ev have had a correspondence with t'ie ~°\ •isi oners of the Great Trirh Road, relative to » additional toll of five shillings, hitherto col- ted. on that road for every horse drawing a i t wi h narrow wheels or with projecting nai >ads—the result of which has been that the Com- issi«mers acknowledge themselves to have been error an(I that the power in question does not >t>\n „t. Anglesey road. They have ac- rdiaglv directed'the collection of such tolls in 'S'lesey t'>bI'di<ci»uti«"i; and the sums wiiich ey hjive I- I » r'.e, a misapprehension of lowers \ViiI be itiunded. i CHESTER FAIR.—The horn and hoof fair: was held on Thursday. The shew of horses as to number was unusually large, though for the most part of an interior kind for those of superior quality, there was a brisk demand at high prices, and a great deal of business was done a great many dealers attended. Of horned cattle, the shew was more than respectable, the demand brisk, at an advance in price pigs also were plentiful. FOREIGN LOANS AND ENGLISH CREDULITY.— The French papers announce the marriage of Miss Zea, only daughter of the late M. Zea, of financial notoriety, to a French Viscount and a Lieutenant-Colonel of the army. She is stated to carry with her a portion of 12,000 dollars per annum, which income, when the widow's jointure is added-thereto, supposes a very considerable portion to have been left by a person who, when he left this country to go over to Colombia, in 1817, was indebted to his friends for his outfit So much for thefiitancial operations of the late M. Zea-i The Gazette contains a proclamation, com- manding all apothecaries and others, that imme- diately after the publication of the Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regaiis Medicorum Londinensis, which has been revised, corrected, and reformed by the College of Physicians, they do not compound medicines other than as directed therein, except by the special direction of some learned physician. DR. BRYCE'S TEST OF PERFECT VACCINATION. —All parents should insist on the family surgeon's using the test discovered by Dr. Bryce, of Edin- burgh. It consists in vaccinating on the other arm from the, one first vaeciuawd. If the first has been perfect, both pustules will ripen pre- cisely at the same time iff this .does not take place, the constitution has not been properly affected, and it must be repeated. This is simple and ought never to be neglected. CAPT.-PARRY'S MATCH 100 SOVEREIGNS.-— JJot the celebrated navigator, but a real light horseman, undertook his match to ride and drive thirty-six miles in two hours. lie first rode and did twenty-one miles in eleven minutes within the first hour. This part of the condition having been performed in less time than he thought of commenced charioteering, with betting six lo four in his favour. The ground was a bye-road from Hare Hatch to Hemming Wood, on the other side Maidenhead. The driving part was skilfully performed in a light vehicle, weight 1201b.—The first horse in the gig was too fast for his work. There was very little trot about him it was necessary to take to an after chance, whieli by way of accident had been prepared to do any fast work required. This second cob was a new Manchester urare, or at least new to the sporting world, said to belong to a Mr. Nelson, from Westmoreland. She did her work at the rate of sixteen miles an hour, with great ease, aad the match was won with great difficulty in three mi- nutes and a few seconds within the given time. LAU Ncn-The launch of the New Subscription Packet, took place Monday at three quarters past eleven o'clock, in a very superior style, at- tended by thousands of spectators, a procession of decorated mail coaches, band of music &c,—•_ She was named the St. David, by Griffith Row- 'I land, Esq. who performed the usual ceremony with a dignity worthy the occasion and the name. Not the slightest accident Occurred, and plenty ofroast and boiled decorated the tables on board, with copious libations of cwrw-da. This beau- tiful Steam Packet is 75 tons burthen her length aloft, 7-2 feet 4 inches; her breadth, 1,-1 feet 10 inches, and is to be handsomely titled up e with three cabins. She is to ply between Chester. ¡ Flint, Bagillt, Rhyddland, &e. She does infinite credit to the builder, Mr. Mulvey, and notwith- standing there-were atleast 200 persons onboard when launched, she did not draw two feet o f wa- ter. lier steam engine, of twenty horse power, on the most approved construction, isin great for- wardness at the Hawass Foundry she is engaged to be fully completed for sailing farlyill April. We sincerely hope the 11 St. David" will prove the. messenger and bearer of goodwill, and uninterrupted friendship to both sides of the Dee, and that the association of her name, with the city of Chester, will ever be the pledge of I mutual attachment and profitable intercouse. I The Dwarf cutter, Lieutenant Gould, and Es. sex frigate, fitted as a convict ship to lay off Dublin, under the orders of Mr. Raven, Assistant Master Attendant of the Dock-yard at this port, c sailed hence for Ireland a short time since. On the morning of the 1st instant, about seven leagues from St. Ives, and blowing a strong gale, the Essex observed a large smuggling lugger some distance to leeward, and communicated it by signal to the Dwarf, which returned orders to chase. The Essex made all sail immediately and being light, ran the cutter completely out of sight. After a chase of eleven hours, the Essex got up with the smuggler, and Mr. Raven ma- naged his ship in such a manner as to cross the bows of the lugger, and carry away her bowsprit, which prevented her escape. The Essex bein«r fitted for civil service, had not on board a single musket or sword, to enforce the surrender of the lugger but luckily was well manned by 70 rig- gers, from the Dock-yard, with the Boatswain of the Shamrock, and Serjeant White, of the Royal Marine Division at this port, who were on board as passengers. Mr. Raven immediately ordered Serjeant White, who was armed only with the 4, j, cook's hatchet, the Boatswain, and some others, to board, which they did, and drove all the crew (3S in number) below. The Dwarf came up in about hour and a half afterwards. She proved to be a Dutchman,-from Flushing, with a cargo of nearly 1000 bales of tobacco, 75 cases of gin, and a large quantity of gunpowder tea. The prize has been carried to Kingstown.







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