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PORTSMOUTH, FEB. 21. ON Monday last his Majesty's brig of war Camelion, 10, Capt. J. R. Burton. arrived from Al^mrs and Gibraltar, last from Falmouth. Tin: arrival of the Ca- meiion enable* !<) correct several mis- statements which h;iu' I)e( it made rela- tive to her visit, with the Naiad, to the port of Algiers. The specific object which induced our Government to order these ships thither, was to demand horn the Dey satisfaction. or».:i upologv, for hav- ing mule an attack on, and broken open the liou^f of Mr..Mucdonald, our Con- sul, «n order to search for and take aiv;in, two of !us servants v.! o are Cabbais, na- tives <1 (lie intpnagainst whom the Oey had conim n eij a war of extirmi- nation and of pander Capt. Spencer wa« also to deninud permission for 'he English Coi sui to hoist the Briti-d) co- lours on the ron*>fjhr I'oifii House, as a protection of hiins< !i" ,iiid family from un- pro-oked iiSilt. *'apt.-Spencer, on his arrival at A'ii'ers, foe.-ul two Spanish ves- sels in the Mo e, which had been just raptured by the A¡,f;ne corvette, Tri- poli, and the crews of which were des- tined to si,ivery, Capt. S. therefore made the case of these poor captives a part of his demands to the Hey, agreeably to the Kxmoath treaty, which renounced the right of the Dey to this inhuman practice over Christian subjects.—Capt. S. having waited four days for the L-ey's reply to his demands, became apprehensive for !!¡e safety of the Consul and his family/ fle therefore, as a stratagem to get them on boifd, gave out that he meant to give a (iejeiiite It la fou rchcflc, and sent invi- tations to the Consulate, and all the Mer- chants and Europeans on shore, to ho- nour him with their company. The next day (the 31st iilt.) the Dey not having made any reply to the demands, Capt. Spencer made the sign; for the Camelion to get under weigh, and he left the Bay, with all his pretended guests on hoard the Naiad. Whilst the ships were work- ing out of the Bay, the corvette, which had captured the two Spanish ves. sels before alluded to, was espied close under the land, running for the Mole, which anchorage she would have reached had not the Cameiion instantly laid her on board, when Lieutenant Bagwell, at the head of a party of the Carnelion's crew, resolutely jumped into the main chains, followed by the second Lieutenant, Master, and the remainder of the crew (excepting about ten men,) who, after having killed seven and wounded twelve of the Algerines, drove the remainder be- low, and captured the Tripoli corvette of 18 guns and 100 mell in fine style. The crew of the Naiad, (which ship was out- side of the Bay,) observing the gallant efforts of the Cameiion, manned the rig- ging, and gave three cheers at the moment of boarding Captain pellcer took out the Captain, but the corvette being in a leaky state, and di-abled by the (ire she had sustained both from the Naiad, in passing her, and the Cameiion was aban- doned. Captain S. proceeded to Malta, to apprise the Commander-in-Chief (Sir Harry Neale) of what had occurred, and he dispatched the Cameiion to England with the result of his communication to the Dey. It was observed that the Al- gerines had considerably strengthened their weak points, the Crow n and Seraglio batteries in particular. They tried the effect of their shells from one of the bat- teries nearest to the Cameiion, whde she was attacking the Corvette, but she was at too great a distance (about four miles) to receive any harm from them. When the Catneliofl sailed (on 1 t instant.) the Aigerine squadron was cruising off Cape St. Vincent; two smaller frigates and five corvettes were off Minorca and Majorca. It is, however, supposed that they all returned to port in a day or two after- ward, as, w h 1st as the Naiad and Came- iion lay there, a britj sailed suddenly, it is presumed, to recall them. TheCame- iion stayed at Gibraltar o;i!y a few hours. We understand that it is the intention of Government to send out another expe- dition to attack Algiers should the 1) y persist in violating the treaty which he made with Lord ftxmomh, by which he agreed to abolish Christian slavery for ever. For this purpose eight bomo ves- sels are ordered to be prepared for sea two of which, the Terror, at this port, and the Infernal, at Depttord, will be commissioned in a few days.


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