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PURSUANT to a Decree of his Majesty's tt Court of Exchequer, made in a Causf LLOYD versus LI,OY D, the creditors and le gatees of RICHARD LLOYD HUGHES, lati of Gwerclas, in the county of Merioneth, Esq deceased, (who died on the 2-kh of January 1823) are by their Solicitors forthwith to com in and prove their Debts and claim their Legacies before RICHARD RICHARDS, Esq. one of th Masters of the said Court, at his Office, in tl. Exchequer Office, Inner Temple, London, or i default thereof, the said creditors will be excludet the benefit of the said Decree. JONES, Pump Court, Temple, Plaintiff's Solicitor. Notice is lierebv Given, TIIA T all Persons having any claims' or e1<- 11' mands on the Estate and Etlects of Oil." ROBERTS, late of this City, Esq. dece tsed, < upon the late Firm of Messrs. ROBERTS an, IIUGIlÐ8, Solicitors, Bangor, are requested t send the particulars of such their demands, t, Mr. JOlIN HUOIIES, Deputy Registrar, Bangor for the purpose of examination, previous to thei being discharged. And all Persons standing indebted to the sai John Roberts individually, or to the said Firn at the time of the death of the said John Robert' are requested immediately to pay the amount such debts to the said John Hughes, who is! a' thorized to rjfeceive the same. Bangor, 2d March, 1S2L EVER anxious to prevent Imposition, IM and MARTIN respectfully inform the Pi lie they have, after much labour and at very ci siderable expence, brought to perfection a L-, of such singular construction-and extreme d culty of execution, that they trust will efl'ectua prevent the many frauds that are daily practh on the Public. An attention to the follow description of the Labol will ensure the genu Blacking prepared by them. A pattern like 1; of a pink colour covers the principal part, names of Day and Martin are printed in wis letters, edged with pink and black, and placed a white ground, the address, 4)7, High Ilolbo is also white letters edged with pink and bla but placed on the lace pattern, the signature ? price at foot are black on a white ground, t description of its virtues an:1 directions for u are printed as before, blaek letters on wb ground.—97, High Hoibom, Dec. 1223. Liquid, in Bottles at Cxi. Is. Is 6d,er Paste. in Pots, atG,)& 1 s each. T. RATHBONE, AGENT, BANGOn To be Sold by Auction, ,j At the Golden Fleece Tavern, in the Town of madocr in the county of Camur eon, on Tue trie 9th day oj March, iS24, bcllfCCt the hOIl two and four o clock in the oj ternoon, sHbj, such conditions as shall be then produced— ALL THAT STROXG-BU i LT SLOO CAI.Li.,Ii) v S7 THE LITER, OF PWLLiiELi, BURTHEN per Regbt (0 33-91 and is well, calculated lor the Coastii Irish Trade. The vessel, lies now at TraethmaVvr, and be put to sea at a very triilina- expence, al Materials being in very gootl order. For further particulars, apply to the M-, on board, or to Mr. ELLIS WILLIAMS M wrog, Merionethshire. TOLLS TO BE LET. SHREWSBURY AND HOLYHEAL TURNPIKE ROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the TOLLS arising at the under-m. tioned Turnpike Gates and Weighing & chines, erected on the said Road, Will be Let by Auction, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER OR BIDDERS, At the respective Times and Places under-nii tioned, viz. On Tuesday, the Sixth day of April next, at twe, o'clock at noon, at Cernioge Inn, near Cerrig druidion, in the county of Denbigh, XVill be Let by Auction, The Tolls of the following Gates which To produced the last Year the different Sums I nexed to each, over and above the Expence collecting the same, viz.- Lonissa Gate and Weighing Machine 219 0 Tyn Twr Gate s ico n Tyny Lon Gate. 73 0 Bettws Gate 214 (V Hendreissa Gate 180 0 Ceinioge Gate the last eight months.. 189 (' Druid Gate 304 C Cor wen Gate, and. i Aravan Ro' Gate and Weighing > 495 Machine.) Also, on Wednesday, the Seventh of April at 12 o'clock at noon, at the Cross Keys In. the Town of Oswestry, in the county qf Sali Will be Let by Auction, The TOLLS of the following Gat($J > Tolls produced the last Year the different annexed to each, over and above t4, Eti of collecting the same, viz.— £. Llangollen Gate 141 Whitehurst's Gate. V Black Park Toll Bar, and f Chirk Gate and Weighing Machine r the last 8 months. J Llwyn Gate, 253 Queen's Head Gate, and. y Gallows Tree Bank Gates, the last £ 333 eight months SheltonGate. • Montford Bridge Gate, and V 5IC Wolf's Head Gate And will be put up by Auction to be ) One Year from the First day of June nex such Covenants and Conditions as shall t declared. fidf IaehPetson, at his first Bidding, required to produce or name his Surety, not satisfactory, his Bidding will not be and whoever happens to be the best B Bidders, must at the same Time give with sufficient Sureties, for the due Pa, the Rent by Monthly Instalments, and' the Peibrmanceofsuch Covenants and C as shall be declared at the Time of the J. W YATT, Clerk to the COlnmJ;s' Livie Grove, March Zd, IV-H,

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