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WANTED, AM VSTER to Superintend the NATION- AL SCHOOL at LLANYSTYNDWY. The Salary fromt35 tot-W per Annum. None need apply without proper Testimonials of character and ability- Letters post paid, directed to the Rev. JOHN KYPFIN, Pwllheli, will be attended to. Pentir Hunt., W ILL be celebrated at Pentir, on Monday r V next, being St. David's Day, when the agell,lilnee, of Gentlemen, Friends to the Meet- iJ1$, is expected. THOS. JONES, of Pentir, Esq. — CHAIRMAN. { £ §" Dinner on the table at 3 o'oclock. JIFIONYDD SOCIETY FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. fHE ANNUAL MEETING of the above '[ Society, will be held at the Madock's Arms rf/eraadoc, on, Monday, the First Day Olf March" Aeing- St. David's Day) 1S24. Business to commence at 12, and Dinner at 3 clock precisely. MORRIS JONES, iCHAIRMANi r^CAKNARVON/ St. David's Day. TPIfE ANNIVERSARY Of ST. DAVID'S ir V? ^Y- Will be celebrated at the HOTEL, ARNARVON, on MONDAY, the First Day f March next. 0' j, Dinner on the Table at 4 o'clock, t RALPH GREEN, Esq. President. TO BE LET, felin BORON, Situate in the Parish of Llangian, and entered upon the 10th day of March next. THIS MILL is quite new, and has three pair of stones, with a powerful stream of water, near two acres of reservoir. A good Tenant riving ample security for the half yearly pay- nent of the Rent, will meet with every encou- agement, and be accommodated with grass fbr a otiple of cows and horses. Enquire of Mr. JOHN ROBERTS, (if by letler ^stpaid) on the premises. PURSUANT to a Decree of the Court of B- Chancery, of the Great Sessions, for the everal counties of Anglesey, Carnarvon, and Merioneth, bearing date the 2uth day of August, °~J> *oade. in a. Cause between Jane Jones, and Richard Jones, Complainants and William Williams, and Robert Williams, De- endants, the Creditors of the above named Cora- 'lainant, Richard Jones, who executed the tn- eature of Assignment, bearing date the 12th day 9 f Junp, 181 lj prior to the 1st day of August, 612, are to come in before me, William Price 'oole, Esq. the Registraar of the said Court, and ove their debts at my Office, situate in Carnar- pn, in the county of Carnarvoli, on or before Ie 15th day of March next, and before they are Imitted thereto, they must contribute to the osts and Sixpences of the said Suit, otherwise ey will be peremptorily excluded from the be- fit of the said Decree. ,i r, p- POOLE L ttr,1,.eSlster Office, 25th Februajy, 1831. pert WilUams, Gomplaiharit's Solicitor. i To be Sold by Auction, Jus Castle lng, it thi, City, an Friday, the 5th U.V °J March., »24, between the hoiirs of 2 and o'clock in the ajternoon, unless disposed of in Ie mean time by private contract, of which due ftice will'oc fflven, LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, thereto belonging, lying and gtin the parish of Llanllechid in the county Carnarvon, called and known 'by the name of J W YN YPEN DDU, CONTAIN?about flfty- „ acres, now in the occupation of OWEN ^>ES, as Tenant at Will, ltisFarm IS pleasantly situated within a srnil distance of the Turnpike Road. leading to Conway—it commands an exten- view of Beaumaris Bay, and is capable of gret improvement at a small expense. It is an elii^ _eJ^?ce f°ra gentleman desirous of having a C(^ tVoJln ^US ?art country, about three mile8 „ the clty °f Bangor, and at a short disM11 Cv,|lr.lc Pu^ Road from Holyhead to Slire^ to and several lakes and rivers abtin- dantl) with tine trout. T< h!°freal Pr°Per^ increases most ra- pidly f "Neighbourhood, from the great in- 1,,1X ,hesS!> b-v Stea"' fackets a»d other- wise..vio-p K^y ProSPect of, w°ndecfui Me- nai completed, and the improve- ment nQ,i»0l\ Carnarvon, and Beaumaris, in Pub'1 at»<i eligible buildings f o< J" l"er particulars, apply at MR. EVANS'S ofnpe, Carnarvon, pfthdinllaen Turnpike Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Gates'^0^ arising at the sev^l T'^P-,n ,he DiStriCt F"rf llaen Turnpike Road? called or known hy the names of Llidiart y Yspytty, Criccieth, peiiy.o^s, Pwllheli, Efail newydd, andean y (jraig Gates, situate in the several parishes of Ynyscyahaiaraj 0rjcc;eth5 Llanystyndwy, Denio, Lla"'tiMVTaTa5odvean' in the county of Carnar- von' bidder' ,LET B Y AUCTION, to the best b ji at the Town Hall, in the Town of Losd'av county of Carnarvon, on Wef.urs of tweW h day of March next' betwee" the ft game cja and two in the afternoon of tilt!r)flssed in t]iln«>tile manner directed by the Majesty K! and 4th Years of the reign 0f. tW Turnpike f, Geor^e the Foui-tli, for re- S ^ced the last VA ads' whlch several Tolls {iro^' Jcar, viz. T^[yCrIoS l.y and Criccieth Gates. J93 t,p It tti (),etlieiii, and will be ¡nt I S SUIlJS. tlmt to tb" best b'dJer. must ilt, tile to the satislre, security, with sufficient ,U.relr Road fCtJ0U of th'e T'uslees of the lid rSi>rtionS, a!for Payment of the Rent, in |ch p1 J^jall direc al; Sucb times as the said VusU'i^ s FETLL,JOL^RL3EUS Feb, s -s^es cf said Road. Jllheli2" WANTED IMMEDIATELY, i THREE APPRENTICES, to the MILLI- NERY and DRESS-MAKING Business. For particulars, apply to Miss E. LLOYD, Cas- tle-street, Beaumaris.


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