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LoriDon, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 21. PRICE OF STOCKS. 3 Cent. Cons. 91 £ Cons, for Acct. 91| Cent. 109J India Bonds, 79p. 3 .F Cent. R«d, 92| Ex. Bills (2d) 47p. New per ueiits. 107 THE London Gazette of Saturday an- nounces the commencement of hostilities with the Uegency of Algiers. The pre- cise grounds of the quarrel have not yet transpired. On the 31st tilt, the British Consul thought it prudent' id embark and an unequivocal act of war quickly followed, in the capture of an Algcrine corvette, with seventeen Spanish prison- ers on board. War with Algiers ts at times to be ex- pected as an ordinary contingency, for it is among States as in the society of par- ticular nations with thieves and robbers there can be no enduring peace. We can almost wish that Vvith these.fickle' and faithless barbarians, the nations of Europe may deal as the jnuoicjpal laws do with weaker villains. The ,experiellce of their whole history, since the ifrst des- cent of the pirates upon the coast of Africa, proves them as little to be. trusted as the highwaymen and murderers whom they emulate and surely if it is an ab- surdity to take the individual offender's word for his future good behaviour, it is not less ridiculous to accept the profes- sions of #lie collective marauder. War is doubtless seldom to be welcom- ed; but it ever there was a war in which we ought to exult, it is a war against these enemies of mankind. The time is eminently propitious. The nations of Europe, particularly the weaker States, look for protection to England with anxious eyes; and nothing can tend.more .strongly tocoliliate their respect and confidence than our stepping forward promptly, and persevering stea- dily, for tlfc extirpation of the infidisi rob- bers of Africa, who 'seem 't be, as it were, providentially courting their destruction. The following Letters naVe been re- ceived this morning from the Mediter- ranean, which, under the circumstances innounced in Saturday's Gazette, of the s declaration of hostilities agsiost Algiers, are interesting Miami, Jan. 23.—The master of a Swedish vessel, arrived here-from Algiers two or three days back, has declared that he left that port the 14th inst.; and that four days previous to his departure three frigates, a brig, and a schooner, sailed to cruize against the Spaniards, and that two other fiigates Were preparing with a",l possible dispatch to follow them," Gibraltar, Feb* 5.—I he master of the Town schooner*. M'Donald, from Oran, reports that an Algcrine squadron has been off that Port. Some of them Having put into that port, he learnt that they had been on a cruize as, far as Cadiz, where they experienced a severe gale, and, in consequence, were returning to Algiers to refit. They had in company five Spanish vessels (four brigs and a Schooner,) which they had captured.- ship from the eastward, apparently a frigate, passed the Straits yesterday she showed no colours. Are you aware that the Algerines have a fleet at sea against the Spty iiar(ib ? The Town schooner, jl'f)ona.ld, four days from Oran, reports they have already captured five vessel three of which were from Galicia bound t,o, Catalonia." Letters have been received this morn ing from Corfu, daied January 9th, but they contain no news of interest. There are also arrivals from Jamaica and Dema- 1 rata, but the letters are of old date" Letters from Madeira, received this morning, dated early in February, com- municate most distressing intelligence The American ship Napoleon sailed from that island on the23d of January, bound for the Cape de Verde Islands. On the 25th news was received that the crew had mutinied-tile Captain, mate, stew. ard, and a Portuguese lady were mur- dered On this intelligence reachiug the Island, boats were immediately detached, and succeeded in capturing the vessel,- The crew, it was expected, would be sent to the United States for trial. f