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FURTHER PARTICULARS OF TIIE ME- LANCHOLY SHIPWRECK of the JOHN. Ox Thursday night the 5th instant, the John I of Cork, Captain Dunbar, bound from Cork to Liverpool, laden with provisions, the wind being N.N.W. blowing hard, attempted to take shelter in Holyhead harbour, artd succeeded in getting pretty close to,the Pier'-M-fead, but the storm in- creasing, lie r, in two. Ano- ther Ltil.owillqut, btit to no purpose, she drifted then at eight o'clock being increased :to a complete, hurricane) and struck on the fweks under the Penrhos demesne, the seat of Sir J.5T. Stanley, Bart. A number of persons had collected to the spot by the time she struck, in tlfe hopes of lendedngassistance amongst whom were "Captain Hugh Evans, the Harbour Master, and Mr. Sparrow, with his brother Officers of Customs, who got on the rocks, so near as distinctly to hear the piercing screams of women, and children, and men, in great agony calling out for help,. "Save, Oh! save us." The men were directed to cut down their mainmast, which was calculated would reach the rocks we were upon, but to our great grief we heard they had no axe, nor any thing to cut it down with. The wind blowing over the wreck rendered it impossible for us to throw them any thing. The screams of the women and children now became greater, but soon died away. The men on board were now desired to throw a line towards the rock, and a man having a rope round his middle, went from the rocks into the breakers to attempt to catch it, but tried in vain. We were now compelled to quit our station, afs we were completely surrounded by the flowing tide, and our anxiety of mind prevented our noticing our danger, and two men very narrowly escaped being carried off by a great wave which went completely over us, but we held one by the other. The poor crew now seemed distracted, as all was apparently over. One man now appear- ed undressed and was seen to throw himself over, but sunk to rise no more. The tide having now raised the vessel, and & part of her cargo floating about, she came much nearer to another great rock we got upon, when after a number of unsuccessful attempts, at last with great danger c we succeeded in catching their line, to which they fastened a strong rope, which we drew on shore.— Proper directions being given them to have their rope in readiness, they were to tie a man around his middle, atid we to drag him ashore, but they were so distracted that the rope got entangled, and they could let out no more. Mr. Simpson, the a°-ent at Penrhos, on this sent up to the house for ropt^ and while we were-tying them together we sa-w one niam rope, hold- ing fast legs arid anns, and so moving slowly on, arid to the surprise of all, who kept encouraging him to hold fast and he would be saved, did arrive safe on shore: another follow- ed his example, and also arrived safe, but no more durst undertake the dangerous attempt. By this time we had got our ropes ready, and giving pro- per directions, a third was safely dragged through the heavy breakers on shore; a fourth immedi- ately followed him.; a fifth was now fast, and only left, the vessel, when we perceived a sixth close behind, which two as they (through more difficulty than the rest) reached the shore, a dreadful crash ensued, which shivered the vessel to atoms and stunned our ears. The six men who so narrowly escaped a watery grave were hu- manely taken to Penrhos (the seat of Sir J. Stanley), where every perparation had been made for alleviating their distress, and by about mid- night they seemed tolerably well. They had left Cork that morning, with a crew of eight men and eleven passengers, who consisted of a Mr. Church, half pay in the army (this was the per- son who attempted to get on shore, being an ex- pert swimmer), a sergeant, two men and their wives, and small children, who all (with two of the crew) perished. Eleven of the bodies have since been found. IVG.



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