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WANTEI), A MASTER, to Superintend the NATION- AL SCHOOL at LLANYSTYNDWY. lie Salary from o £ 35 to £ 40 per Annum. None need apply without proper Testimonials scharacter and ability. T OTTPRS postpaid, directed to the Rev. JOHN ■Jvvi'i-iN Pwllheli, will be attended to. ANGLESEY. To be Let by Auction, M Ccfiiycwmmwd, in the parish ofUangristiolus, in the county of Anglesey, on Friday the '27th (lay of February, \S2i,snbject to conditions then produced— :*? a T T THOSE FIELDS, situate lying and bein°" in the parish of Llangristiolus afore- h e said county, called and known by the said, ni \E'R CEFN, and containing by sta- name 01 Acres, or thereabouts, of good tute measure, Pasture ^ntj'l0Se FIEI,DS,situate in the parish in the said county of Angle- ofCerngce cAE UCHA and LLAINIAU SeyTTTRE IIARVEY, and containing by statute SQUL -IQ Acres, or thereabouts, of pasture measure, 1 L «hove Fields will be let from the said of February, to the 13th day of No- u nrft. and are most conveniently situated Ve"lP New Post Road leading from Holy- head to Bangor Ferry ani within one mile and half of the town of Llangefni; well worth the f ttpnti n of Graziers; the land being of most '!vfallent quality, and each Field well watered, *'nd will be let either in Lots or together, as suits the convenience of the bidders at the time of letp"F'further particulars, apply to Mr. WM. -PBIFF'TH WILLIAMS, on the Premises, or to M. G. B. RoosE, Solicitor, Amlwch. St. David's Day. CYMDEITHAS FANGOR, MAWRTII 1, 1S24. Y' N gymmaint a bod torri tai, lladrad a Throseddiadau eraill, wedi eu gwneuhur vrn Mhlwyfydd Bangor, Llandegai,^ Uanllechid, vn Svdd Caernarvon, a darfod i'r Troseddwr yn fynych ddia«|c feon o aliinUdwyn y cy fry w ddrwg wei.hredwyr i dder- byn barny Gvft-al,h. RHYBUDD YW HWN. E,„ cma «I' :EHWaU y rnal sydd yn canlyn, Trig- lion v Plwyfydd uchod, ag eraill wedi ymrwymo ■ wne'uihur ein gorau (u agat ddwyn i'r Gosp a Leddant bob gyfryw rai a wnelot unrhyw Ladrad ar ein Heiddo, neu a fyddom yn euog o'r Trosedd- iadau a enwir yma. Ac fel y gwnelem hyn yn •■well? durfu i ni gyttuno, i roddi y cyiryw Wobrau ac a bennodir rhagllaw, i unrhyw un a ddalio, neu a fvddo vn achos o ddal aco gospi dynion euog o'r Troseddiadau sydd yn canlyn. £ S. D. Am dorri Ty 3 3 0 Am vsDeilioar ben ffordd fa wr. 3 0 0 Xmladra..aCettyl neu Gasseg. 2 2 0 A m ladratta neu Anafu, Buwch, Llo, Dafad. neu anifail arall 0 10 6 Am dorri Coed, Cahghenau, a Planhi- a-ion Coed byw, mewn Cloddia ar fsth Droseddiadau 1 0 Am la ratca neu wneuihur Niwaid i A Fenn, Trol, Aradr neu unrhyw ger AmlS«a MoSynrneu Aderyn dof, 0 10 6 Am dorri Perllan neu Ardd 0 10 (> aS ladratta Yd, Grawn Gwellt, neu Wair yn tyfu neu wedi eu casglu y'nghyd, Po(atws, new Faip. 0 10 6 Am dorri neu ladratta Llidiari, Cled- ren, Post, neu unrhyw wai'h Haiarn yn perthyn iddo 5 0 0 Ac am unrhyw drosedd neu ladrad na phenuod- wyd o'r blaen, y fath wobr ag a dybio y rhan f,yaf o aelodau'r Gymdeiihas yn gymmwys ei roddi. —— BANGOR PARISH. flight Rev. Lord Bishop of Bangor, G. H. Dawkins Pennant, Esq. Rev. the Dean of Bangor, _1Ur. Thomas Ellis, Mr. Cotton, Mr. Homer, Mr. Kyffin, Mr. R- Williams, Mr. Price, Mr. Ellis Roberts, Thomas Jones, Esq. Ri-yntirion, R. R. Mealey, Esq. Doctor Mason W. P• Poole,Esq. John Price, Esq. Admiral Crawly, Benjamin Hewitt, Esq. Mr. Jackson, Captain Taylor, G. P. Harlow, Esq. Doctor Pring, Thomas Jones, Eyq. Cromlech, John Hughes, Esq. Dtp■ Reg, Mr* Roberts, Surgeon, Alr. John Williams, Pantrhudderch, Jtlr. Broster, North Wales Gazette, Mr. Rasbrook, Mr. Williams, Castle Inn, Mr. Edward Parry, Trcborth, Mr. R. J1. frrifjilh, Groccr. LLANDEGAI. James Wyatt, Esq, Lime Grove, James (rreenjiela, Esq. Brynderwcn, Samuel Worthington, Esq. illr. it. Thomas, Aberccyin. ABER. Mr. JlcymUls, L. U. uobenJ, Esq. 'The MEMBERS are rqnesed 10 mee' I 'it- J Al'lvSON'S, Bangor Ferry, on SATLT!i- Y. 'he FI RST diy of MARCil.uex'.—-Dia- 1101 ai Tin-ee o'clock. l/Tsi* ABk'EXTEES PAY US. EACI1, TO DRUGGISTS. I' TO BE SOLD, Ii, THE WHOLE STOCK OF DRUGS, Che- N micals, White-glass BOTTLES, Drawers, and all other FIXTURES, belonging to an Es- tablished Shop, in a Market Town in the Island of Anglesey, at a fair Valuation. Any young Man having a few hundred pounds, would find this a profitable concern. The present occupier having other engage- ments, cannot attend to it, is the reason of his parting with it. Apply to the Printer of this Paper, if by letter postpaid. BRITISH Commercial FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY,, CORNHILL, LONDON, For the Insurance on Lives, the Purchase and Sale of Annuities, the Endowment of Children, 6fc. fyc. A-c. INSURANCES on LIVES effecteci Fifteen per Cent. below the Rates demanded by other Offices. Annuities granted on Terms particularly advan- tageous to the Annuitants. Small Sums of Money received and returned, with interest, when demanded. Endowments for Children effected on liberal Terms. Full printed Particulars may be obtained, gra- tis, of Jtfr. Richard Poole, Carnarvon. ltlr. B. Roose, Amlzsch. Mr. T. Roberts, Post Office, Conzsay. Mr. J. Hughes, Attorney, Rancor. Mr. John Jones, Beaumaris. Mr. Bird, Post Office, Holyhead. And Mr. Thos. Goddard, Carnarvon, AGENT FOR NQRTH WALES, _.S!' Albion Hotel, BANGOR. THE under-mentioned Royal Mails and Post Coaches, arrive af, and depar; from, the above HOTEL, daily. Royal Mail to Spencer's Royal Hotel, Holyhead, every Morning at 1 o'clock. Royal Mail to Spencer's Royal Hotel, Holyhead, every Morning at 3 o'clock. Rcyal Mail to Pwllheli, Every Morning at 6 o'clock, through Carnarvon and Clynnog, and arrives at the Crown and An- chor Inn, Pwllheli, at 11 o'clock, and returns the same Evening in time for the Chester and Lon- don Mail. Royal Oxonian Express Post Coach to London, Every Morning at 7 o'clock, through Capel Cu- rig, Corwen, Llangollen, Chirk, Oswestry, and arrives at the Lion Inn, Salop, by 8 the same Evening, where it remains two hours, and ihen proceeds on to London, by way of Wolverhamp- ton, Birmingham, Oxford, and arrives at the Bull and INIoii,h, Bull and Mouth S'reet, London, by 8 o'clock the following Evening this is the most Expeditious Travelling between Holyhead and London. By this Coach it is op ional wi h the Passenger to sleep at Shrewsbury, and pro- ceed on the nex* Morning by the UNION POST COACH. The Pilot Post Coach, Leaves the Goat Inn, Carnarvon, every Morning tpr the above Hotel, and returns in the Evening. Marquis oj Anglesey Post Coach to Holy headt Every Evening at four o'clock, and arrives at SPENCER'S ROYAL HOTEL at 8 o'clock tiie same Evening. The Aurora Post Coach to Chester, Li. ierpools, and Manchester, Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at nine o clock, through Conway, Abergele, St. \saph and Holywell, and arrives at the Feathers Inn' Chester, by 8 o'clock the same Evening. The Aurora Post Coach to Holyhead. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Even- «n?|S n f ?'cl°ckl ,hrouSh Llangefni, Gwyndu, eirLf(1 arrives at SPENCER'S HOTEL, Holyhead, at 8 o'clock the same livening. Royal Mail to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, Every Evening at 7 o'clock, through ConWav Abergele, St. Asaph, Holywell, and arrives at the Feathers Inn, Chester, the following Morn- ing at 4 o'clock. ° C;;I?1 Coaches leave this Inn daily, to all parts of the Kingdom. Royal Mail to London, Every Evening a- 11 o'clock, through Salop r, Wolverluunp on, Birmingham, Coventry, St. Al- ban's, a,,id iiri,ive,a, t'tie Swan wi'h two necks, Lid Lane, London* direct in 30 hours. I Fly Van to London. Every Monday and Thursday Mornings, at seven o'clock, through Salop, Wolverhamp on, Bir- mingham, Coventry, and arrives a' the Cas le and Falcon. Aideisyii e S'reet, London, ip 3 days. WILLIAM VICKERS, ESQ. (Late of Llanfawr, deceased) LOST OBMISLAIO. THE CODICIL TO THE WILL OF THE LATE WILLIAM VICKERS, deceased. Any person finding the same, and bringing it to Mr. BEASLEY, Dawson-street, Dublin, within six months from the date hereof, will reeeiye, One Hundred Pounds Reward, Or FIFTY POUNDS for any private informa- tion, which will lead to a discovery of such Co- dicil. January 30th, 1824. A NEW^ATER? OR, SECOND EXPERIMENT. A Monkey—who shaving first tried, on himseJJ, And culling his jowl—the mischievous elf llesolr'd to embrace opportunity pat, And operate next on the beard of the Cat! The place of a Mirror adapted to suit, There stood in the room then a high polished Boot, In 1171ticit Warren's Jet, of pre-eminent hue, Display'd the fine forms of refection to view. Now seizing poor Puss, to the bright Boot he bore her, The Monkey, her shadow then gleaming before her, her struggles with chatter and blows, Her phiz while he soap'd,ji'om her ears to her nose. The Cat, thus essaying in vain at resistance And mewing, in pitiful plaint .for assistance, With wonder the same operation now saw Performed in, or shewn by the Jet oj eclat! Inji-ottt of the Boot then, as if to explain it The method of shaving, how best to attain it, The act interspersing ivitlt grim and grimace, The Ape clear'd the Cat of each hair_on her face And strange though it seems, yet the frolicsome df Was much more successful with puss than himself" The Shaver adroitly concluding his scraping, The Shav'd with the loss of her whiskers escaping The Monkey, in triumph, the Parlour now sought And Cat and bright Boot to a company brought, Who saw what this Barber had then been about, And hail'd his essay with a rapturous shout Of mirthful sui-prise-the strange incident backing, The merits of Warren's unparalVd Blacking. This Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking, PREPARED BY Robert Warren 30, STRAND, LONDON: AND SOLD BY Bangor. GRIFFITHS HUGHES Beaumaris, BROADHEAD ROBERTS PARRY JONES GRIFFITH Bodedem. ROBERTS Caritai-con..OWBN JONES ROBERTS LLOYD PARKY TUFFS Amlwch. ROBERTS ROYSTON Holyhead.JONES OWEN HUGHES RICHARDS Pwllheli.. Denbigh Llanerchy- > medd. ) IJanrwst con)t"a,y Abergele St. Asaph. Holywell Llansaintfd, Bala Chester WILLIAMS EDWARDS FORSYTH THOMAS EDWARDS GARNER ROBERTS JONrS .ROBERTS HUGHES DAVIKS DAViES OWEN HUGHES ROBERTS MORRIS WILLIAMS DAVIES POOLE And Sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, Cd. lOd. 12d. and ISd. each. Also PASTE BLACKING, in Pots, 6d. 9d. 12d. and ISd. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. (pfr ASK FOR WARREN'S BLACKING. I

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