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Family Notices

Family Notices

BIRTH. On the 10th lost. at tvu seat m thi« couuty, the lady of Sir Joseph Huddart, of a iOD., MARRIAGES. Yesterday, at the Cathedral, in this city, r. J. Jones, Srhoolmastar, to Hwjnah, Jpungisl daughter of Mr, E. Evans, Braxier of this city. On Monday last, Mr. Jolin W illiains, of Llso" rwst, to Mrs. Anne RowUnds, of this city. At Amlwch, on Tuesday, the iOll)lil)"t. Mr. of ttie. brig Aenffi, to Anne, second daughter of Mr. Williaiu Morgan, of the same place. At Holywell, on Thursday, the P'h inst. by' the Rev. J. Jones, Mr. Thinim Jones, printer, of the rormet place, to Miss Mary J'»oies, eldest ,.datigbifsr, of Mr. K, Jones, iron fouueter, Green- fieJq., DEAT [IS. On Monday tasf, af'er a longo and painful ill- ness, W. Majendie, E«q. Captain in hi* Majasty's' STth Regiment of Foot, lId eldest son of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of this Diocese. On Thursday, the 5th inst. Miss Morris, of Es- I girHjfirin, Mieritfnethshire. L At Dotgelley, on Thursday, the 89th of Jan. Rjchard Matthews, Esq. ofc" Esgirlii«ri«, M"l'i- onethshire. On the ftih ult. 'h L >ndon, Mr. Hen. Evans, of Machynlleth, On Sunday morning la«t, at-Rhos Farm, near Couway, Thomas Ellis, E«q.-ragentleman who^ extensive benevolence rendered him universally beloved, and if) whom the poor of the neigh- bourhood have sustained an irreparable loss. On Sunday las^i at Cefn, near Wr«xha(n, Mirs. iKenyon, wife or G .K-ellyo.R.q;,)O,1 y.1( i fe,óf -it price, Eiiq. i *?*!■ Yi^tre'int'e birtb^od, and .uioerIi!Í"fBIII.Hý JlÕ,:d!iI., plore their loss, ■ » r On thfeid initt. after a [brief »wd witft^ Attt a straggle, in the 90th year ot bit age, John Phillips, Esq. for a long seriesof yearsama^, gistirate fnr the counties of Lancaster a l/liesien On Friday, the SQth all. iii hit house ia fiir. mingham, the Re*, Jfienry T»f^¥« D* *5,* 4if3» m»e of the Ministers of tha Westeyan Metho- disrs, of I)iriivinghafn. When in the very prune of tlife^ Dr. Taft relinqitisbed «he piautica of Plvystp, to which he had been regularly brpught irpi aud io which he bad acquired considerable repatation. j ■■■ On: the il»th of Dec. last, at Ki»g«te«» Jamai- cat *fi th» yellow fever.; Lieutenant ito*\ant|; Eiiwwd Cottoo, of the 4)6 or King s »wo regAr. mm Fopt, sbii Of tteory CaUeley CMt^ id E#q. ftfld Aide de Camp to Srr John Ke»ne,K. C. Bw Coininaader of the; korce»; on that Sia- ttoR. t nit. lb-the 76th Of Ms age, John JonPs, bat Ved w.|,l wyd, B",a» *l«"°»«^s.h'r? tf a ge«tleman highly esjeenied, and respected b, » i«ertii«* neiChboarbo6d will be long felt and de- Ooi.Sunday .ge'onighft Mr. Charles^Etchells, hatter, of Union »treet, Stockport. His death was awfully sudden; he bad tteeo in a chais^ to Glassop, tnia*e bls^^son to school, and returning hoawift the eveningT»ecan»e anmell. and (lied al- most immediately ot| beiog removed frpm the ^arfiatte into the boiis0« ••• in his 25th jear, of a ditc t, J) ratMttlKlHW, Henry Tbomsi, of Upper Dosring, kag its the county of Flint, Elq. Oa Friday qioroing last, tb. remf" of this genititbiko (baviag pas. geil tb« otghc at the Hotal ia Chaster, ou their, wMfcfr»m, Bath,) proceeded for informant- ig. the b it ford, near HoJjrwell.

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