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TIis JSaje'tv sumcielltly recovered of j tlie gout tf» attend thp. Palace Cttlfpd Sunday*—Minis«( rs lield Cabinet Couu- ci's. both Saturday and unday-the de- liberations of gvesH length.—Mr. Canning Lad a RtitTiPnuis prut v to dinner Sunday.- Prin« p! keono'd and the Duchess of Kent at the Italian Opera Sit t u r(I ay. I tumours brought from in !;uid,that the Lord Lieut. Marquis VNel!es!« y, will shortly make rootzi for Duke of Buckingham Many important notions given notice of already in (I Chief Justice Abbptt has refused the Witiafield expected to have one of the vacant Mas- tl rship? in Chaiccry, and Sir GifFin NVil-, son to suceeli Mr. W. as Welsh J udge.- Among other numerous promotions in I Gazette Saturday, are the foll,owing:- Lipnt. Get). Sir Gordon Drummcnd, to be Colonel < 7 Ut Foot Wde Gen. Dun- das deceased 1/ieut-Gen. Sir 11. ;K^ Cambell, to be Colonel of Dr*n- mond and Mnjor-Geii. Joseph Full>r» 1n be {ol of 0(jt h Foot, a new regiment. -11. W. V incent, Esq. to ha'Ki.ng's Jte- piembnin'-cr iu the lvxchequer,^t'ce R%ht lion. Mr. Steele, deceased-Duk^ of 'J?edford ;wt, 9 to bave twic a paralytic .nfiVction lately —Congress of the Lasted States about to raise very;ma •terially «he import duties on British Jatid other manufactured goods.— Marquii La Tayette having expressed a wish fo^vislt. tlie United State?, the Americans bout to encl a national ship to i ouvey hfm to and from Greeks continue snccesful-Pntras offers tO Capitulate.- Two daughters of Sir Robert VV" i Is on, re- turning from Frullce to England, stop- ped at Ca la is at the moment of their em- barkation, and their baggage searched, bv order of the M'nister ot Police;—flis Tvlaiesty has consen.ed to become Patron of the Norwich Musical Festival.;—The anecdotes lately current of what occurred fit the Pavilion between the. King and Rossini, positively contra(iiett, .d.Ma. dame Cataiani engaged to sing at Orato- rios in Lent, to be given at the Oprra House.—A lively nud spirited farce, call- ed the Poacht i-s" produced at Co-vent Garden Friday night, and received with uncommon applause.—"Court of King's Bench last week made the rule absolute against proprietors of Reat. John Bull newspaper, for libelling the Bishop of Exeter-the libel acknowledged to be dic- tated by a Clergyman, against whom pro- ceedings had been instituted ju .tlie Ec- clesiastical ( ou rt.—Cousiderabll (^actua- er,4bl tions in the funds last -wecj4-?-ia:rge or- ders from the country to sel.l.' depressed the Threes at one tlmi4'to-89-|—lejft oif Saturday at 90| —a rumAjtjr^fet|^})|?&nk 2 mean to lower their, rate p/^riiscount to 3 per cent.— some plan to reduce the Old Four locked for (!ify..L4iltle doing in F o rei g n Funds.— Figure of Speech.—Mr Ilaldimand, dining with some Ipswich electors in town last week, is reported to -have said, that 11 lie would hot desert tlum to the last shilling of his means.— Shares to ;wr>oui>(. of. t4t)001. subscribed in four days at Leeds, to establish a Gas Light Company—the London Portable Gas Company stated to make 100 per tent, profit.—The flourishing state.of .Manchester ascertaitiabl,(-! ,from the fact, that 16,OCOZ. is subscribed to the Lite- rary and Stientific Institution of that town—Mr. Haywood, a banker, gave 500/.—Sir Thomas Law^e ace, hassenla -douation of 50Qgs,—At Manchester within last three months, the returns of the Co- roner give no less than 29 deaths owing to drunkenness, and 26 from drowning, caused by-the effects of intoxication.—An Association reported to. be formwjg in Scotland, for the purpose of ?>■ defending" the liberal press when arbitrarily prose- cuted*"—Corporation of J^e'eds aisa.li,-i prove of races being established in their neighbourhood, believing sodh recreation .{"whichGovernment,patronises^ injurious? to the morals and industry of the people A trial of Mr. Owen's systMtn'CQmmenct-d at the parish of Dalzell, SqoV4and.—Rev. Mr. Colton reported to bave arrived in Afnerica.-Orator Hunt mukit g f 41, With his roasted corna u J'follóW'ig girc1ta!J. J!1'P' for preparing it Take a commOfe(ryli|g-p;,n, putinto -it a small piece of lafd or butter, as bio as a marble, and therfa quantity of rye, and keep it over the tire, stirring it with a spoon, to prevent iis burning, until it become of a good brd'vn colour."—P. S. Buisinne, Esq. found gmilty at the Cape of embezzling the public money. has been !• elite need to transportation from the co- lony for seven years.—Manufactory of Spitalhelds, burnt d<>w u "fr.dav morning ■—10,.00Qr-s worth of property' was de- stroyed.—A man named Gray, cf gentle- manly up pea ranee, in cuvt txij at :Mary- le-bonne- Office,: xlisrged w itii swintiHiig, by a Mrs "eA Y, Cradock, wi!h w-h«»n» he lued — ilie oflice vv ;cj CTOwded W-t< h i rn(!esnie n .who, had givee tiiem credit— Grav is rpn;anded A gardener of Kuaresborough, suspected to have been way-laid ami murdered Monday ni^ht iasr, on his ,m .6ty frofii lced-, ii,her-, i, had re- ceived pocket book picked up in a wood, and his handkerchief aod knife the same spot—Prigg has been mis-


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