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UHHF—in II in) a iijtHIMiHant TO DRUGGISTS. TO BE SOLD, THE WHOLE STOCK OF DRUGS, Che- micals, white Glass Bottles, Drawers, and all other Fixtures, belonging to an established Shop, in a Market Town in the Island of Angle- sey, at a fair Valuation. Any young Man having a few hundred pounds, would find this a profits- ble concern. The present occupier having othre engagements, cannot attend to if, is the reason of his patting with it. Apply to the Printer of this Paper, if by let- ter, post paid. WILLIAM VICKERS, ESQ. (Late of Llanfawr, deceased) LOST OR MISLAID, THE CODICIL TO THE WILL OF THE LATE WILLIAM VICKERS, Deceased. Any person finding the same, and bringing it to Mr. BEASLKY, Dawson-street, Dublin, within six months from the date hereof, will receive One Hundred Pounds Reward, Or FIFTY POUNDS for any private informa. Cioo, which will lead to a discovery of such Co- dicil. Jan. 30th, 1824. ANGLESEY. To be Let by Auction, At Cefnyavmmwd, in the parish of Llangrisliolys, in the county of Anglesey, en Friday, the 21 th day of February, 1824, wibject to conditions thtn produced- ALL those FIELD?, situate lying and being in the parish of LiangrUtiolos aforesaid, in the said county, called and known by the name of CAE'R CEFN. and coutaining by statute measure, 45 Acres, or thereabouts, of good pas- ture Land. Also, all those FIELDS, situate in the parish of Cerrigoeinwen, in the said county of Angle- sey called CAE A UCHA, and LLAINIAU SQUIRE HARVEY, and containing by etalule njeasare, 30 Acres, or thereabouts, of pasture The above Fields will be let from the said glib day of February, to the 13th day of No. mber next, and are most conveniently situated *e t{ie j^ew Post Road leading from Holy- head to Bangor Ferry, and within one mile and half of the Town of Liangefni; well worth the attention of Graziers the land being of most quality, and each Field well watered and will be let either in Lots or together, as A Suits the convenience of the bidders at the time of letting. For furtb Particulars, apply (0 Mr. WM. GI11FITIl .1LLIA1\1S, 00 the Premises or to :Mr. G. B. Roorit, Aralwch. -= "NEB^OUS~COMPLain TS AND DEAFNESS. The Institution for the Sale of the Reme- \edyf°r DEAFNESS, and Dr. §mith s Restorative Nervous Drop s 63, Edgevaare Road, near Queen-street. London. t:t sMITH's RESTORATIVE NERVOUS U nR0/S/ ™*8e Dr°P« "• » most excel- Remedy for Nervous Complaints, narticu- JJy LOWNESSIOF SPIRITS, TREMBUNg ggBILlTY, GIDDINESS, an OPPR ESS I ON sense of weight at the STOMACH, INDI- GESTION, and WIND, succeeded by NElt yOUS HEAD-ACH E, PALPITATION of the jjEART, FEAR, DIFFIDENCE, LOSS OF Ap^JVS^va0nd whole tribe of NERVOUS .■^FFbCiiyws, which in many instauces ren- dtas lite truly miserable. This etUbraCsd M e ^igioe acts as a most powerful strcngthener of the I rfStfU), and will, to the no small surprise of the f p8tj«ot, soon rastore the unhappy, sufferer to a £ ,rfeet state of health, by removing the cause of V disease. Ladies of extreme sensibility of institution anp cel.oat. habits, will derive the i SjaW* b,De?1 b7 K, °f th*8e valuable 5roP«.which >li0 f'JShly recommended to per- lately Ire(! SP lately revered from any wines., at they will be found to strengthen the constitution. more i Than bark or any other medicine, (without the .ct danger|of taktnc cold, or the smallest inj«_ ,C o the constitution. These drop, ,re vJery « Tpasant to the taste, and are universally aWfcwed P K «h« cheapest and most efficacious remedy 10 B«? £ VOUS AND DEBILITATED HABITS diVcomed. Sold mi, at 63, Ed; Bn.tl M«r Queen str.cl, Loodovin bolil., 4,. f -Tile this size contaias the quantity of 6d* 8D? fid on« family ones 22s. and 38* by which there is A 00""derable saviagi, AUtt tbe whicb t .re Remedy fori 4 Deafness, &c. An effectual e.r. for De.Ce.. b«#n unknown to medical science- noAirwESS. tors or the REMEDY FORDEAFWK. NOISES in the HEAD, and DISEASES or me EAR, are. however, happy to auooiwce: merous iostances of lis pre eminent e™c » be seen, io restoring persons who bad oe < flicted from 10 to 20 years, and near 10 yun of t Ilg" after basing been given over as incurable by i the tnool eminent Surgeons and Aurists; and for the gatislaction of the public, references to per- t! sons of raofe and the highest respectability, can be I'iven. The Medicine does not occation trie lealt paitiorincoovenience. In bottles, lis 12s. and 3'i«. This size coptaint the quantity of four small ones, by which there is a sviog of I Is- Those Persons who may wish to state their rase, by enclosing a remittance (post paid) will have a supply of medicines forwarded, with every led, information requisite. Mechanics and working people are admnted patients by paying a small sum weekly. To prevent '"e Public from being de- ceived by spurious imitations, these Mei'-icioes can be procured only at 63, as above, where all ordert and letters are requested to be directed. ( £ g" No letters received utiless post paid. gn,;mr¡ V r • • I. NOTICE. rriHE TIMBEtt on Bettws Fawr, Plas Hen, j Jand Glyn Farms, advertised to be Sold by Ticket, is disposed of by Private Contract. BANGOR AND CONWAY. ').. 1 dN TlJESDAY, the 17th Instant, precisely U at Six o'Clock in the Evening, will be held in the WATERLOO ROOMS, the Annual Ge- nera! Meeting of the I Auxiliary Bangor Branch Bible Society. And on the following Day, a timilar Meeting at CONWAY, at Eleven "'Clock in the Forenoon, at which Meetings a Deputation from the Pa- rent Institution will attend, who will address the Aleetings on the occasion. ROBT. HUGHES, ? Secre<ar5(!, RICHD. HUGHES, T.RAND THE FARMERS FRIEND, on Ifozc to protect your Fozol-home. ONE morning a fox to an out-house hai pass'd, Where stood a bright BOOT by the Blacking array'd, His motions and form that minutely pour- traj'd, And struck the despniler of poultry aghast ,For one of his fjljows, with fearful presage His shadow appear'd, thus el)(rapl)ld in a cage. Then circling I ht! I JO()T round and round all he Even so in the Blacking his orbit was trac'd Dach action and gesture reflected were met By similar movement and look in the Jet;— 'Till utt'ring at last, of condolence, a crv— Cocks, Turkies,. and Hens, Geese, and Gojlingi reply, Invoking assistance with dissonant scream, Now rous'd into dread from security'g dream. Sly Reynard not waiting the en'my to meet, Resolv'd on a timely and prudent retreat But gen'rouily thjnking he could not do lest Than aid the escape of a friend in distress, Seiz,il cage and Jtha cagedt and the mirror-like IlooT Bore off in despite of the Farmer's pursuit. Who saw, with surprise, in this curious transac- tion, A source than his fowl-house of greater attrac- tion The J»tr~that tbe-for plac'd in proud eleva- tion, Aod stopp'd, opportunely, a deed of ipoiia. tion. In Yorkshire, near Ripoa, this incident strange Occurr'd very lately,-where still. say the farmers The BOOTS of resptendancy act as disarmers Of secret marauders-effecting a change Of manners or morals as accident backiog The vlsious created by WARREN'S Jet Blacking. ■ T his Easy ShÙlÏng and Brilliant Blackingy PREPARED BY 5I.. 30, STRAND, London; Bangor. BROSTEIl Pfolllleli WILLIAMS HUGHES Denbigh EDWARDS „ DESMAN Llanerchy-) Beaumaris BROADHEAD medd. FORSYTH PARRY ROBERTS Llanrmt.THOMAS ^,°NES EDWARDS n«,i t "RIFFITH Conway GARNER Hodedern.. ROBRRT3 ROBERTS Carnarvon OWEW JONKS JONES Abergele.ROBERTS ROBERTS HUGHES DA VIES ARRY St. Asaph..1) x VIES 1 7 £ Ub,fS OWEN Atnlwch.R0BEI{TG HUGHES H i i T Roy-SSTON ROBERTS Holy head,. JONES ORILIQ OWEN Llinsaintf. WILLIAMS HUGHES Bala DAVIES RICHARDS [Chester POOLE And sold in every Town in the -Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, 6d. IOd. 12d. 18d. each. Also PASTE BLACKING in Pots,6d. 9d. 12d. and iSd. each. Shilling Pot of Paste is equallo Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. Ask for WARREN'S Blacking, ANGLESEY. On Tuesday, the 17th day of February, 1824,precisely at 11 o'clock at noony WILL\BE HELD AT LLANGEFNI, The Aanual General Meeting of the Anglesey Auxiliary Bible Society.. HOLLAND GRIFFITH, ESQ, IN THE CHAIR. (In the absence of the President) The Blc-st Noble the Marquis of Anglesey. At which Meeting a Deputation from the Pa rent Institution will attend, and others from Dubliu and elsewhere, who will address the Meeting on this occasion. N. B. Seats and oifier accommodations will be properly arranged. ROBT. PRICHARD,? HUGH EVANS, Secretaries.




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