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CLERICAL NEWS. The Very Jtev- the f)e#o of Christ dbntch, Oxford, to the valj»ablie-J)etu»ery of Durfiim^vacalt by tha death ot Eart Corn- waltis *'6d Sishrrp of Lichfield aud Covenity.- The Rear, A. Grayson, M. A. Fellow of Queen's GoJkg«t Oa/ord, presented to the PHnct^WlMjr; l'od Hail, together will) the VicaragC fpr aiid Hunts,; pairong, Fellowt of that Socioty.-The Rev. J. F. Do re- ton^to tbf valuable andwuited Rectories of Mells an Leigb, Somerset.—The Rev. Charles Baid- ley, of HtgJh Wycoatbe, presented by the Lord ski Ir Bishop of Gloucester to tbe valuable Rectory of Glassbu.ry,. in Brecon shire— -The Rev. Mr. Thurgar. pt Norwich, elected Curate of High Wycombe.—The Rn. Edwin Edwards', A B. to the. Perpetual Curacy of Ashfield-with-Thorpe, Suffolk f patroo, Lord Henniker.. ■ Am MAJIRIBD.—At Mary-lc bone church, the Rev. Henry Pepys, Rector of A s- pandeBj Herts, and ot Mort, Essex, son of W. W. Pepys, Bart, to Maria, daughter of the Right Hon. John sum, CtiSiievMBK DKCEXSED.—Lately, the Rev. Thetaai Cotterill, of St. Paul's Church, Sheffield, leaving. a wife and five chilren totally unprovided for. Op thi* dttcovery, noeetios of gentlemen wa; convened for tht purpose of a subscription, and there is already raited Upwards of 2n00t— At Clifton, aged 71, the Rev. Thomas Grinficld, brother of lhefateGeneral Grinifeld.—At Wink field, in bit Slit year, the kov. George Boyce, oiorc than 50 years Curate of Wtokfield, aod Master of the Grammar Schools. andbrstood that^.anottjer *e,aimeut of foot will bn rai»"ed forthwith,Jo be-na'Ded *l\e 6Gti),' J and (hat three rnorfe regiments of inUotry wii! be rained io March. It is said that mo-it r.f ihe of- u i HI c d. It is rsported that the Reverend 'he Dean of Christ Church is to -succeed to the Deanery ot Durham tile Bish'r/p of C!i>S'er to. he transla- ted, to that' orhitcfifi^ld aoii Coventry and^the [-I,)". anti Rev' Nlr. (,ust, or:ihe Dean of Wor- cester, to be the Bishop of Chester. BAi,ii,,s.-Otie of the late caiididities for the office of.Gaoler, stated, in his Circular Address, that attention to ftU family had induced hiin to quit the utilitary service, and embrace ttig rs- poi;e of the half. pay its!ablishmen t The Chinese frequently go out shooting as we do, with guns; but as th.ey are in general very saving of powder, they employ less ex pensive methtfd of killing saiall game. For this purpose tliey employ a cross-bow, with which they dis- charge balls of clay, coated with bee* wax. Hunt was, at an eariy ho>tr Wednesday morn" y int. rdmoved fri)iii Ilfteif,ird gnol in the custody of Mr. Wilson, wtrd carried to Woolwich, where he was cousigued to the officer in charge at the hulks. CONTENTS OP THS ROYAL Lintt&t .ty OF PARJS.-—This library, in 1791, contaired only 150.000 Vylomas. &t present, it comprites 4»0,00(>> la 1783, t|tvarB wer^ only 2,700 port- fo1 i<> of engravings at present there are 5,700. 6,01)0 French works'H.000 foreign, are added id it annualfy f«so! tha-t, I)robability, this magnificstit establishment, in tha space of 50 yeiiri, will doubla its litarary and scientific treaiiure ■ h had been committed fof -.stealing whsat at. Westminster, effected hit escape, while i y to gael. The two constables were rather economical, and hl. ifl|t hired a horse, between them, they agreed to ride eyd tie." an arrived at Burden s Ball, the prisoner refused to walk, and, complaining of being tjred, it was agreed that be should mount the horse &nd ride the three remain ing mjles. He had no. sooner m90l,"<' ^be horse than he set off at fall gallop, luid hat never since been heard of. New churchet weeM rising in abundance in the new and most popnlous parts of the metropolis; but in such of them es we hava seen, we must confess there does not appear to be sufficient (reeaccomlliodadali08 assigned to the middling and lower ranks of the commenity. If no one is to go to churcb who canuot afford to pay from twt) to TEII GUMEIASFA YEAR for a pew, persons ttuts excluded wiil G^ EI#EWHERE, or A «BRTAIX CU-RE FOR THE STONE OR GRA- Ygx..—Take » large handful of the fibres of the garden teeks. pot thereto two quarts of soft water,.Jet them be closely covered, and simmer Rently over TH,« fire TILL reduced to one, then pour IT off, and dri.ok a pint in (he course of the day, taken in equal proportions morning, noon, and NIGBT. THI* IT A. sufficient quantity for man or ,.()m& i WATERI.OO.- The Government of the Ne- theTlands is about to er«ct a magnificent Monu- ment on the plaing of Waterloo, in commagoors. tion of the victory obtained there by the allied army, under the command of the Duke of Wet. lington, iu 1818. Messrs. Chapel and Co, have entered itfto contract for the due execution of the same. The cost wilt be 129,000 guilders, between eleven and twelve thousand pounds sterling.— I The coloisal IiO," of cast metal will weigh up- "ärag"H hn hundred tbo.laodpoaDds. "J" 'I' By the annual report, Of (he proceedings of 4H« Socitty .for PROMOTING Cbristjin Knowledge, whicti: is iu»t published^- it; APPEARS that the whole number of Bibles, Common Prayer Books, | and OT^ER books AND tracts, distributed between the auslit ie .April* I.S22, A^D April 1823, amount ;to 1,400,711. The. receipts of, The present year amount TO,S £ A6»S94 I2s. including the following legacies to the Society -.— From Mrs. Elkins -03500, Henry Sheppard, Esq. = £ 1045, Mra. Mary Frost, £ 522 10s. Mrs. Mary Milles, &0.0i, Rev. I, Dr. Cooper of HEREFORD, 25.01. Nfl. Mary Bar. tl)u iool.-mild Mrs.-Sar;ih H-ayter, 1001. The re- port also state*, that to aaark their affeationata veneration for the memory of the late Bishop of Caloatta, the Board hat resolved to place the sum of 6000L at the disposal of the Incorporated Society for tbe eropagation of tbe Gospel in Fo- reign Parts, for. the purpose of endowing five reign Parts, for. the purpose of endowing five scholarships, to be called Bishop Middleton's Seholarships, aod of affording a salary for a Ta- mul teaobar IF the Bishop't College at CaN eutta. Oa" Monday mfHrniag last, at sun-rise, onr ac- tive police officer (says the Reading paper), Mr. HOLYLAND^F^NAS^ BY » posse «F consta- bles, executedA'irtrcfi warVaht at a « &acfr i/UM,' or !odci"<'h')'e ia H oirier. ls*iaile. The scene which PRESENTED itself wat most curious F tome were in bed, others occupied in the affairs of the toilette, othert it- breakfast, and othert aboat starting to resuinethe labours Oftheir rocition., Some who BAD for years occupied roomt in the hotise,^AUD others to whom no suspicion attached, were saffered to go at large; but thirty-two 'AmOng whom were half a dozen re- puted thiavei, who compoied the bulk of this O)ir- 4 Beggar's Opera, were taken into custody, aod conveyed before the Magistrates, On searching the pretin'nes, TB^TA were found silver plate, some article* Of jewellery, A pinchbeck watch, costly ladies' dresses (supposed never to have been WORN,) DIMATK and diaper table linen of the best QUALIFY, ,ON,E remarkably fine shirts, gentlemen"* weart°g apparel, a barometer, and a timepieee, TOTTKING altogetbtr between five aod six hundred articles. The inatter of the house (Haley) and his wife hav# absconded. Method ef Restoring Life to the apparently Drowned.—CAUTIONS.—Avoid all rough usage. Do not BBLD up the body by the feet. (By these abtflfd practice«, hundrtdt of lives are an- nual iy sacrificed.)- V Do not Mill :*be body oa caslct, or rub it4wilb salt, or spirit», orcapply tobacco, Lose not a motnent. Carry the body, the bead •nd shoulders raited, (o tbe nearett bouse. Phtce itln e watm room. c Phtce itln e watm room. Let it be i6s1antly stripped, dried, and wrap- pad in hot blankets, which are to be renewed when fecettary. Keep the moillh, nostrils; and tbe throat free ["aod'elean.1 f; :"■■• v: Appty warm sulvstances to the back, spine, pit 1 of the Itodiachi arm pits, and.soles of the :feet- rub the body with heated flannel, or warm bands. ? Attemprto restore breailring, by gently blow, ing with bellows into one nostril, closing the moutft AND the other nostril. Press dciwo the breast carefully with both bands, atld then allow it to rise again, and that imitate natural breathipit. Keep "ptb" application of heat. Cofitmttethe H»bbjng, and increase it when life appears, and then give a In spoonful of warol wateir, br i^l fery weak wiue, or spirits aud warm water. PERSEVERE fot aix hours.-Send qu'ckly for Medical Assistance.


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