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I' ..... BANKRUPTS. 'V;


I' BANKRUPTS. 'V; JHWkieroo, Noribainptonihire, sleton,;c&r,pea far, WHliiinr Odfc^»«et «f; Darkb»«»»e An Bil.lings., -'eatet>ictwall« r -■ .«;vc Charles W ellh" Moitfooiftyehire, JoeiwfeVt^rjftiioti C<*rnw»u, w«tch«»t ^ktubMie* Lart)tiury,1 j>ro.k^f Wobd road MiII, iJrl. Laiicasbite. Ato ".s lot P, II. Sutnpioti, aod R.A.Smith, J''3t)^el^^an«ffetar«ra of inetal Warce A.,d.ate«»by,. Maachest«r, grocer Sa^ue^vP^unii$beP}on Mailbt, SoaerMtshire, 'grower ^,oh% ^ro*th?r,ji«i». Wakefield, Y orkthlfecor.n r.r;'la<?ti>if ■■■'•• Edward Joofl* and John Norris, of Badge row, statioji^e|» ;■ W. Earner, Dorset oietvs West, Portman square horse dealer • t. G. Budd, Holy Bust place, Bethoa! green, calico .dyer Thomas Freethy, Acton, Nliddleiiir, carpenter William Dew, Praed street, PaddinitOD, ItOOt- mason pamd •Ijlojft). Bankside, Salt tbthrt" thnblr. 13 1v.. Jetepiy*; fafe of Surrey etreet-V Btackfriars* road, Imen draper T. Berry, Broad court, Watbrdoif; wine Md por- [.. ter me rchant Samuel Ray, Skin market, Stotte eod,'8oeth- í. warkj. builder.. "t' _O_ >: A h ill idlo have occurred between a priucipal Manager of one of the Theatres Royal and a DranJiitic wriler on the suhject of a long extieeted tragedy, which is likely to produce a very interesting atnl rurious statement both to the Theatrical anJ Literary world. In tilo trial of lost, ifi, tile Court of Kiog", Bench, iu. whicl) a Fl<.rifla rner- thikut soughtto recover from Sir A. Cochrane and Sir Gsorge Cockbtirn the value of slaves which had escaped on board his Majesty's ships under their command, the Judges Bailey, flolroyd, and Best, decided, that the action wa» not maintainable, the slaves being- as free, as if on English ground, the momeut they took refuge, uiular tlie British flu, Slavery,(said Nlr. Jijstice liest) is the crime of the uation and every iiidivitlitil of the Dation ouglit to conlnbate his d!rt¡¡ to put an end to it." ;r f DoMifnTB5-^Oii the night of SundilY Hilt wife of a merchant in HCISUIKI-street, was *-ittintc with 40 iufan t chi it tr iioti, he7r knee, at a smu 11 dis- tance'from the frre, which unfortuuately carwe in contact wifb hef'tilothes, and wnveloped her in flames. Her husband and.rhe restoUhe family y .er,oJ'llit'ln'e"tiø-. aind,filarme(i no lesj for the safety of hef ?ts#ti)Ies» =iufarrt than haiself, litis jrunhed shrieking froio "the house in, state of iita approaching klarttstw distraation, iow<rrd« the door of another luprchant immediately con- tiguous. Thjfre happaued to be none save the merchant's .datightar within at the tune, who having beard the sUrwks, and imajiiilue theai ;to.p:.o««ftd from any other cause, fa«t«ued itie d'oor on the losifie, appreheiiiive, While alour, Of ber own security. Ou hctaving tnore distinctly' itte t)e 0()e la/ileuiable cries of the poor woman, however, who had now approached the door, She was in- gpop, kig 0p3 ieeiag or duced to Qpew it, and oii seeing her dreadful siKHHiion, with imtMiimbie prtttttCtt of mind ire- collected of having read shortly before in a newspaper, that, in these cases the most effeC • tual method oi siuoitiering ihe tlsines wil io wrap the person closely round Willi some cover- ing, so as entirely to exelude, "nd consequently prevent the operation of external air upon *Hich sbe dragged her into tbe room, and I baa- her down upon the coepot- tolled it tightly about her, by which means the flames were speedily extinguished. She then hastened into the spirit cellar, and bringing from thence some Whjsky anointed with it the scorched parts of her body, which is said to be an excellent remedy in cases of burning. The moment the unfortu- nate sufferer was recovered, so as to he able to speak, the first words she uttered viet-i friatit Axclataat,iout cotita(uinc the fate of her infant, which, she said, she had left upon the stair be- fore the nierchaut.'a door. The lady flaw to the spot, where she found it accordingly, safe autl uninjured the mother having still contrived to keep it at tuch a distance from her persoft, as to avoid the coulUgration with whieh she was sur- rounded, till,- finding that no longer practicable, she had been obliged, as the Qo'y expedient, to leave it npou the stair. Tha poor womao has suffered severely, but we are bappy to state, that hopes are entertained of recovery.— pNore— .in all cases of burning, cold water is the best im- mediatt remedy, and avoid oil beyond all other :J



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